U.K. Shamed Out of a Free School Meal!

U.K. Shamed Out of a Free School Meal!


By Hwaa Irfan

This is just another clear example that citizens are not even up for consideration by the liberal technocrat government that was voted for one assumes! If David Cameron ever becomes interested in running a people’s democracy, he could spend a month with the recently elected President Mursi of Egypt, pop over to Alaska, and get a few tips from Gov. Sean Parnell, spend a year with President Evo Morales in Bolivia, and then on his way back home, spend a sedate 6 months in Iceland with President Olafur Grimsson. Of course he wouldn’t have time to run the country, but the commoners might not miss him much being the son of a stockbroker who just happens to be related to Queen Elizabeth II through King William IV.  Given that background it might of passed Cameron’s attention that there are starving people in his country.

Yes, there are actually people in his queendom without food, and some of those people do their level best to stay honest, and send their children to school. In what the Guardian is referring to here, are 300,000 children, who rather than take further humiliation, by hook or by crook would rather do without the stigma of needing free school meals – a meal that might be their only meal for the day.

Not that they are missing out on anything fantastic in terms of titillating the taste buds, and providing needed nutrition, but a meal is still a meal. By organizing lunchtime at school into school meals, pack lunchers, and free school mealers, one is only entraining the children to know what division of the classes means in everyday life. Point taken that Cameron might not be aware of something as insignificant as 300, 000 children who could without the embarassment of having a free school meal, which like most leaders of his ilke, kinds of disqualifies him as a leader of a nation.

Cameron may be benefiting much from his weekly ‘audience’ with the Queen, but what about the children! Basic math shows that these children will grow up to either despise his kind, or be honored slaves.

Unfortunately it has taken a study by the Institute for Social and Economic Research to bring this tragedy to light. Wholesome, nutritious food not only feeds and nourished the body, but also the mind, a far cry from the stuff churned out in supermarkets.  According to the report, schools are supposed to be enthusiastic about free school meals because of a pupil premium that amounts to £600 per child that goes directly to the schools to support the low incomed child.

Well obviously that enthusiasm is just not there, increasing the likelihood of falling through the safety net, and if a riot was to arise from that, then of course Cameron would repeat his automated response from the London 2011 riots, and say that this is “totally unacceptable!”.

“A hungry man is a stranger in his own country.” Imam ‘Ali abu ibn Talib.

Claire Rick of Children’s Food Trust commented to the Guardian:

“Research shows that when children eat better, they do better in class, and for many children their school lunch can be the only proper meal they eat in a day.”

This is a commonly understood fact, yet, it seems to surpass those that administer the free school meal process.

When the crisis happens, which it already has, a few words of condemnation, repproach, and we have got to do something about it will pass  to and fro, while amongst those deprived may lie the potential to do great things no matter how small to the benefit of society. Regardless, at least the powers that be will always have an excuse at hand as to why there is increasing literacy, school drop-outs, poverty, riots, ill-health, riots, crime, and whatever else they want to blame on the poor which will be speedily facilitated by a social services campaign that results in taking children from their homes!

Wait a minute, didn’ Cameron go on recently about solving world hunger or was that only in reference to the U.S. and did not include the U.K or the rest of the world!


Rock, L. “Thousands of pupils shamed out of free school meals.’http://www.guardian.co.uk/education/2012/sep/23/free-school-meals-stigma

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