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Lebanese Army Intercepts Weapons Bound for Syria*

Lebanese Army Intercepts Weapons Bound for Syria*

Lebanese army has intercepted a vehicle laden with military equipment which was destined for the anti-government insurgents in Syria.

The army said on Tuesday that the vehicle was seized at a checkpoint near the al-Qaa border crossing in east Lebanon. Five Syrian nationals, who had been illegally residing in Lebanon, were also on board.

The equipment seized includes hand grenades and communication hardware.

Since the beginning of unrest in Syria, Lebanese army has seized a large number of consignments of weapons and ammunitions bound for insurgents in Syria.

In April, Lebanese authorities held a Sierra Leone-registered ship, which was carrying weapons for Syrian insurgents.

Damascus has repeatedly said that the arms used by insurgents are being smuggled from Lebanon into the country.

Meanwhile, a Lebanese national, one of the ten Lebanese held hostage by the terrorist [Saudi-U.S created] Free Syrian Army, has been released.

Awad Ibrahim is currently in Turkey and is expected to arrive in Lebanon within hours.

At least 11 Lebanese pilgrims were kidnapped by FSA on May 22 in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo as they were on their way back home from a pilgrimage in Iran.

Ibrahim is the second Lebanese hostage to be released and some reports say that he was freed due to health reasons.

Meanwhile, according to the Sunday Times, Israel is planning to permanently station a submarine carrying nuclear cruise missiles in the Persian Gulf. In their undeclared was, Cameron’s government is to use £8m of British tax-payers money, while many go hungry, and 300,000 children who are legible for free school meals cannot the stigma, to finance Syrian rebels-terrorists.

Britain was one of the first country to get involved inside Syria that has led to the killing and torturing of civilians, and destruction of the country’s infrastructure.

PressTV reports, Claude Moniquet, former member of the French secret intelligence service, revealed the role of the western countries’ intelligence services in arming terror gangs in Syria. Moniquet said that agencies including the UK’s MI6 and French intelligence services were all involved in smuggling arms into Syria.


“£8m more UK money for Syrian insurgents.”

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