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Heavenly Signs: The Harvest Full Moon 2012

Solstice lunar eclipse 21-12-10 from U.K. by Luke-Broom

Heavenly Signs: The Harvest Full Moon 2012


By Hwaa Irfan

The Harvest Full Moon is the full moon closest to the autumn equinox (22 September in Northern Hemisphere) will take place around September 29-30 this year. Also, known by other names including Ayam ul Baydh in Islam which takes place every month on the 13, 14, 15 of the Islamic lunar calendar. The full moon rises three days in succession, brightening up the skies from sunset to sundown, but with the Harvest Moon this happens at the same time instead of getting later each day (3:19 on September 30 UT). Instead of rising at sunset, the Harvest Moon will ascend in the east soon after sunset closer to the horizon than usual. Because of its close proximity to the horizon, the Harvet Moon appears bigger, and orange in color.

In the days before electricity, and industrialization, the brightness of the Full Moon served to help farmers during the harvest as daylight grows shorter as we approach winter.

The Moon in general has a causative effect on our instincts. The Full Moon is a time of reaping in general, when we are more likely to think before acting as karmic patterns come to the surface. However, with Aries entering the Harvest Moon on 29 September 2012 impulse is present, and that impulse is not just on a personal level, but also on a global level, which can either be destructive or inventive. This will be happening as the soul of our consciousness, the Sun enters Libra opposes Uranus in Aries and squares Pluto in Capricorn. That is all the cardinal signs, which can shift the old terrain which are used to from under our feet!

In ancient Egyptian times the harvest was weighed when the Full Moon was in Libra – the fruits of our labor. With the soul of our consciousness entering Libra, there is a need for cooperation with high ideals. If we do not rise to the occasion we fall prey to indecision, dependency, laziness, and self indulgence. Cooperation in U.S. terms means giving up one’s independence, which is not the true meaning of cooperation, for cooperation is mutual respect. The Sun in Libra is calls on our higher selves to realign our thoughts and actions for positive change, both on a personal level and a socio-political level. To do this it will help to focus on what matters the most!

At the same time the soul of our consciousness opposes Uranus, The Awakener, insisting that we see what we need to learn from that which conflicts. What no longer serves a nurturing purpose will come to an end, leaving room for growth to take place. Find ways to express one’s true individuality through a process of contemplation, and to stand up for one’s true purpose in life. In other words, it is a time for breaking free from chains that bind, both on a personal level, and a domestic level. The Heavenly Signs throughout 2012,  have insisted on this change, so for those who hang onto to old unsustainable patterns, it is time to let the Laws of Nature help us to reclaim our lives. This is exemplifed by Sun squaring Pluto as part of the impulse will be a need for personal freedom, which opposes a one government world, where centralization of all systems means one rule for all! The process of individuation can mean problems in social group settings, but this also challenges the group mindset that replicates a one government world. However, as social beings we nedd to think before we act, as there is room for both individual expression and personal growth. This is echoed by the Harvest Moon and the Sun, both of which square Pluto in Capricorn so watch out for those emotional tugs-of-war. Aries is about self-assertion, but Libra is about compromise! Do you think our world leaders can learn that too! Faith and trust that through His Universe, we can face the tests that life has to offer, for those tests are our teachers if we can meet them with open arms, and without conditions. There are many influences at play besides those mentioned so it calls for self awareness, which is helped by slowing down, and bouts of contemplation. This allows for the body-mind relationship to realign, and to work together – an act that is assisted from the tradition of fasting on the bright days, Ayamul-Baydh. The cardinal cross means motivation, revolution, not just on the public level, but also on the personal. Like the hoe that breaks the gorund to prepare the soil, we too have place closure on what is no longer beneficial to our personal growth.

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