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Soul Loss: Are You Suffering!

Soul Loss: Are You Suffering!

By Hwaa Irfan

In ancient traditional practices, soul retrieval is achieved by a skilled practitioner who goes on a spiritual journey with the client to where the client as separated from their soul/left their soul behind. There is a clearing of negative energies that do not belong in your personal space. Once that clearance takes place, there is room for light in one’s life, and light attracts light making a positive turnaround in one’s life. It is a journey that requires honesty, and no more deceit at any level of one’s existence. In Latin America, soul loss is known by another name “Susto.” It is considered that the best place to undergo soul retrieval is the home, and/or a sacred place or place of worship. Cleansing techniques and prayer are some of the tools used to retrieve the soul.

To the traditional Zulu, a person consists of the body, the aura, the Law, and Uqobo/essence. To the Nupe, a person consists of the body/naka, soul/rayi, the shadow/fifingi, and the personal soul/kuci. To the Yoruba, a person consists of the body/emi. the soul/ori, the mental body/iye, individual effort/esè, the shadow/ojiji, and the heart-soul/oke. Amongst the Bantu-Kongo, the spirit/ntu exists at all levels of the human make-up, and these vital forces exist within all creation, whether human, animal or object. When as animal is killed amongst the Dogon, this vital force, in Dogon the nyama is released and the hunter must protect himself. How exposed have we been with the negative release of this force from all life forms, the death of which has been unsurmountable in the 20th and 21st century! To the Rastafari of N. Carolina, U.S. these energies or vibrations permeate all reality, even our food and clothing, and to maintain the positive vibrations from God/Jah, against the negative vibrations of this world/dunya one has to emanate positive vibrations/energy – one of the calls of the Universe on humanity for 2012.

The multidimensional aspects of man, are healed through traditional practices using the herbalist, priest, psychologist, mediator, healer, singer, musician, and dancer, for example . The basis of Bakongo healing is the abnormal flow of the body’s energy, and thus the decrease in one’s ability to self-heal, a concept which underlies Vibrational Medicine/Energy Healing, affirmed previously by Einsteinian perspective that all humans are networks of complex energy fields that interface with the physical/cellular system. The, slow move towards such acknowledgment can be witnessed in allopathic medicine today through the adoption of homeopathy as a reliable and cost effective form of treatment with no side effects, and the integration of nanotechnology in pharmaceutics, though the basis of the modern medicine approach to man as program that can be manipulated or a vehicle with a replaceable part is faulty, and has led to fatalities although the principles of nanotechnology arises undeclared from the challenges of  homeopathy. Other aspects of the human body as a complex system of energies have also been recognized by using oriental dancing as a successful form of fertility treatment. Spatial sacred geometrics is at the core of the traditional art of oriental dancing, which was primarily done by women for women.



Martin, D. “Pan African Metaphysical Epistemology: A Pentagonal Introduction” Department of Pan African Studies University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky.

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Follows is an extract on Soul Loss…

Among the traditionals, soul loss is regarded as the most serious diagnosis and the major cause of premature death and serious illness, yet curiously, it’s not even mentioned in our Western medical textbooks. The closest acknowledged context is “He/she has lost the will to live”.

In Western society, soul loss is most easily understood as damage to a person’s life essence, a phenomenon that usually occurs in response to trauma.

When the trauma are severe, this may result in a fragmentation of that person’s soul cluster, with the shattered soul parts dissociating, fleeing an intolerable situation. In overwhelming circumstances, these soul parts may not return.

The causes of soul loss can be many and varied. There may be traumatic perinatal issues that happen around the child’s birth experience such as arriving into life only to discover that they are not wanted, or that they are the wrong gender—they’ve come in as a girl when everyone was hoping for a boy.

Soul loss can also occur when a child is mercilessly bullied or teased at home or at school, day after day, or when a young person is molested by the one who is supposed to be caring for them. When someone has been raped or assaulted, has suffered a shocking betrayal, a bitter divorce, a traumatic abortion, a terrible car accident, or even a serious surgery, soul loss is assured.

Many of the young men and women who were sent to war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Viet Nam, Korea and beyond, came home personally damaged because they had suffered terrible soul loss. Our medical specialists labeled their disorders as post-traumatic stress syndrome, but they had little to offer these “walking wounded” in terms of true healing, and many who survived are still deeply traumatized at the soul level by what happened to them in war.

Symptoms of Soul Loss

Soul loss is easily recognizable if you know what you’re looking for. Here’s a checklist of some of the classic symptoms:

  • Feelings of being fragmented, of not being all here.
  • Blocked memory–an inability to remember parts of one’s life.
  • An inability to feel love or receive love from another.
  • Emotional remoteness.
  • A sudden onset of apathy or listlessness.
  • A lack of initiative or enthusiasm.
  • A lack of joy.
  • A failure to thrive.
  • An inability to make decisions.
  • An inability to discriminate.
  • Chronic negativity.
  • Addictions.
  • Suicidal tendencies.
  • Melancholy or despair.
  • Chronic depression.
  • Perhaps the most common symptom of soul loss is depression.

In the early 1990s, Time magazine did a cover story on depression in America that revealed 60 million Americans were taking anti-depressant drugs on a daily basis, representing about 30% of our population.

Today that number is closer to 80 million, representing about 40% of society at large, and sometimes that number jumps in response to a national trauma. On the Friday following 9/11, a television newscast revealed that 7 out of 10 Americans polled were experiencing significant depression in response to the tragedy, an indicator of soul loss on a national scale.

Although the term “soul loss” is not familiar to most Westerners, examples of it are expressed daily in our language and descriptions of personal hardships. Media interviews and news reports include individuals’ comments such as “I lost a part of myself when that (trauma) happened” and “I have not been the same since.” When discussing soul loss with inquiring individuals, most everyone has a sense of having lost a “part” of themselves at some time in life, yet virtually no one has the awareness that the missing part(s) could be recovered.

They can.


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The Planet of Four Suns*

The Planet of Four Suns*


Astronomers have identified a giant gas planet, located just under 5,000 light-years away, that its sky is illuminated by four different suns.

According to the report published in Astrophysical Journal, the planet named PH1, after the Planet Hunters site, is slightly larger than Neptune and about six times the size of Earth.

Two US volunteers, Kian Jek of San Francisco and Robert Gagliano from Cottonwood, Arizona, discovered PH1 using the website.

The discovery was later confirmed by a team of space experts using the Keck telescopes on Mauna Kea, Hawaii.

The recently discovered planet orbits one pair of stars and is in turn circled by a second pair. As a result, a total of four stars light up its sky, the astronomers explained.
Systems orbiting pairs of stars or binary star systems have been found earlier, but none of these systems were reported to have another pair of stars circling them at the same time.


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Bankers Say Occupy Londoners are Right!*

Bankers Say Occupy Londoners are Right!*

Britain’s “Occupy Movement” has successfully attracted public support from among various ranks of the people worldwide simply because “they are right”, said a senior British banker.

Andrew Haldane, a member of the Bank of England’s financial policy committee, said the problems of the global financial system have been successfully popularized by the “Occupy Movement”, British media reported.

“The Occupy movement was both morally and intellectually right to challenge the international financial system”, Haldane said in a speech last night called Socially Useful Banking.

Haldane lauded the activists for holding sustained demonstrations in both the City of London and New York, which helped to bring about a “reformation” of the finance sector.

“Some have suggested … that Occupy’s voice has been loud but vague, long on problems, short on solutions. Others have argued that the fault-lines in the global financial system, which chasmed during the crisis, are essentially unaltered, that reform has failed,” Haldane said.

“I wish to argue that both are wrong – that Occupy’s voice has been both loud and persuasive and that policymakers have listened and are acting in ways which will close those fault-lines. In fact, I want to argue that we are in the early stages of a reformation of finance, a reformation which Occupy has helped stir”, the official added.

Speaking at an Occupy Economics event in central London, Haldane said that Occupy had been “successful in its efforts to popularise the problems of the global financial system for one very simple reason: they are right.”

Haldane’s comments were welcomed by Occupy activists. Ronan McNern, a spokesman for Occupy London Stock Exchange, said: “It’s good to hear more voices like Mr Haldane’s coming through. His comments are definitely welcome. They could have done something about this a lot faster.”

“If this is a beginning, there is a long way to go. Banking reform is only part of the problem. It’s a system-wide issue where certain people are profiting of other people”, he said.

Occupy protesters first descended on the London Stock Exchange on 15 October 2011, in a copy-cat demonstration of other protests around the world that called for action against economic inequality and corporate excess.


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Barclays Libor Case to Go to Trial*

Barclays Libor Case to Go to Trial*


By Matt Scuffham


Guardian Care Homes, a residential care home operator based in Wolverhampton, is suing Barclays for up to 37 million pounds ($59 million) over the alleged mis-selling of interest rate hedging products known as swaps.

“Today is a huge milestone with a trial now going forward to determine whether these financial products should be declared void,” Guardian Care Homes’ chief executive Gary Hartland said after the ruling.

The case could also lead to new revelations about the Libor scandal after Guardian Care Homes asked for documents relating to the affair to be disclosed.

The company says it should be fully compensated for its losses because the swap rates were based on the London Interbank Offered Rate (Libor). Barclays agreed to pay $450 million in fines to U.S. and British authorities in June to settle allegations that it manipulated Libor and other key interest rates. More than a dozen other banks are also being investigated.

The trial will be a test case for thousands of small British firms who believe they were mis-sold such swaps and raises the prospect of other companies linking future claims to interest rate rigging by banks.

“This legal battle will be watched carefully by the thousands of small businesses affected by mis-selling who may decide to take a similar route,” John Walker, chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses, said on Monday.

The country’s biggest four banks agreed in June to review past sales of interest-rate hedging products to small businesses and to compensate customers for mis-selling loan insurance after the Financial Services Authority said it had found “serious failings” in the way that they were sold.

However, the compensation scheme subsequently set up by the FSA, which allows banks to appoint an independent arbitrator to assess claims, has been criticized by businesses for being too slow and for lacking transparency. Companies also have the option of bypassing the FSA scheme and pursuing banks directly through the courts.

Guardian Care Homes, which operates 27 homes providing care for 1,000 elderly or vulnerable patients, says it has lost 12 million pounds after being sold two swaps in 2007 and 2008 against two loans it held with the bank that were worth a combined 70 million pounds ($112 million).

The hedging contracts tied in the company for 20 years even though the two loans, of 41 million pounds and 29 million pounds, were taken out for only 10 years and five years, respectively. To get out of the arrangement, Guardian Care Homes would have to pay break fees of 25 million pounds.

Barclays, which has set aside 450 million pounds to compensate customers mis-sold interest rate swaps, said after the decision that it didn’t believe the case had merit. It said the company had entered into the swaps with “sufficient understanding” as to whether they met its business objectives.

Britain’s financial regulator has estimated that about 44,000 interest rate swaps have been wrongly sold to UK companies since 2001.

The swaps were supposed to protect companies against rates going up by making their future repayments more predictable, but many borrowers didn’t realize they would pay far more if lending rates fell significantly and would face substantial fees to get out of the arrangements.


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Not Just About the Slave Wage of Mineworkers!

Not Just About the Slave Wage of Mineworkers!


By Hwaa Irfan

What is glaringly apparent from the platinum strikes of South Africa is that a struggle that was fought against with the blood, sweat and tears of a people, has been exchanged for power in the same struggle, the struggle against apartheid that has never left the country just as its twin remains in place in the far north in Palestine.

Oh, yes, the visible shackles have been removed, and as long as one can play a role that supports the system then one can move from no identity to some identity, as long as the pillars of apartheid remain unchallenged. It is an erroneous exchange for the 1922 white gold miners rebellion of Johannesburg  that chanted:  , ‘Workers of the World Unite for a White South Africa!’ or in African-American slavery parlance, the field nigger has become a house nigger!

On the shoulders of the African National Congress (ANC), Congress of SA Trade Unions (Cosatu) and SA Communist Party (SACP) a trail from the:

  • 1960 – Sharpeville massacre of 69 indigenous people for burning the apartheid regime’s racist passbooks
  • 1976 – Soweto massacre of 1,000 school children by the police and army for resisting the teaching of Afrikaans and taking to the streets.
  • In the 1980s – 1990s a series of massacres including the 1992 Bisho Massacre of 28 indigenous people who were shot dead by a Bantustan army.

All of those massacres led to the first one-person one-vote election of April 199, but if the US today is anything to go by, the vote of each civilian does not change the status quo, only the face of what fronts the status quo.

The trouble with South Africa is that it is rich in money-making natural resources. The trouble with South Africa is that the benefits of its natural resources like the rest of the world flows from the bottom of the pile up, and in the case of South Africa out.

Amidst ANC split between pro- and anti-Zuma forces, and power struggles spreading outwards, are the people who make the wealth themselves – in this case, the miners treated as a disposable resource as demonstrated by the  August 16 Marikana Massacre of 34 wildcat-striking platinum mineworkers (plus 78 wounded). Weeks following their families were searching for loved ones in hospitals and prisons receiving no help to find them. It was due to public outrage that eventually led to the release of 264 arrested mineworkers charged with attempted murder and murder under the “common purpose” apartheid law! What was left to charge them with once this law was ‘removed’ was illegal gatherings (still smacking of apartheid) and possession of dangerous weapons (sticks and machetes).

The “common purpose” apartheid law was used in the case of the “Uppington 14”, who were sentenced to death in 1989 for the alleged murder of a policeman in 1985 even though the trial judge acknowledged that they did not carry out the killing.

As for the tools of the state, the police armed to the hilt with machine guns, and massacring 34 mineworkers there was no charge! If this was a part of the Arab Spring or Afghanistan, there would be international outcry, at least publicly, but the elite whether in the Arab Spring countries or in the West share the same voice making the global desire for platinum more important than the people!

What was reported to have been televised live supports police claims that they only fired on the workers in self defence, but this does not reflect the whole picture. What was happening away from the camera was carnage by the police themselves! Listening to the voice of the people, Iqra Qalam interviewed one platinum miner, 27-year old Malusi King Danga.

“It was my first day on the hill. I was expecting the employer to address us. I was there for about five minutes and police started putting up the razor wire. People starting running and police fired a shot. I was running away to the informal settlement in the opposite direction and police chased me and said ‘Go back to where you came from.’ I ran back towards a second hill, a small hill. I was so desperate. I didn’t know where to go. Police circled the boulders. I ran up and down trying to escape, to take another route. We were trapped. I crouched and hid myself under one of the rocks. Then I heard the police. I heard a gunshot. An old man was hiding near me. His foot was exposed. I heard another gunshot and I heard him say ‘I am finished’. I asked him ‘Why do you say you are finished, Madala [grandfather]?’ Then I saw his boots were full of blood. The old man was shot.”

 “I heard a gunshot. It seemed like he [a mine worker] was running away. I heard a gunshot and I saw him fall face down. A third man raised his arms to surrender and police shot his hand and then his foot and he lost his balance. After the third guy was shot, I waited and I heard the policeman say ‘All of those on the ground, come out’. He said: ‘You with the shorts and striped t-shirt—get out.’ As I was coming up they kicked me in my teeth and one of the gold fillings fell out”.

Those imprisoned filed claims with the Independent Police Investigative Directorate, for assault and torture while in detention – lessons of apartheid!

 “…they beat us and they beat us. They said they were looking for a nail in the cell. We did not have one. While they were searching they found a cell phone on one of the guys. They klapped [slapped] him. They kicked him. They stepped on him. We were all there. They did this in front of us. What about his dignity? While they were hitting him, other police were laughing at him.”

 “Another guy washed his blood-stained clothes. He wrapped himself in a blanket. The police pulled the blanket off him. He was naked and they laughed at him.”

Meanwhile, the released mineworkers face court on 12 February 2013 in a fight to avoid being imprisoned.

Malusi turned to the platinum mines when his parents died leaving him as the main breadwinner for three younger brothers. In return for making ongoing profits the same people during the official period of apartheid i.e. the Oppenheimer, Anglos & Co, and Anglo American Platinum (Amplats).

Malusi receives slave wages; after deductions and levies with a take home pay of R3000 ($360) per month for labouring deep underground in appalling conditions. With R3000 (US$360), Malusi pays for university fees for one of his brothers, while the younger stay with him. Once all bills are paid, Malusi is left with R200 (US$35) at the end of each month.

Malusi works in the Lonmin mines, which signed a “peace accord” with the NUM trade union, Solidarity, and UASA (United Association of South Africa). Lonmin was losing around US$4mn daily, but worried about its profit margin Lonmin has refused to pay a wage increase that will add a US$30mn million to it expenses. Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (AMCU) refused to sign the peace accord, and they are justified as the same week that Lonmin conceded to a wage increase for 4000 Marikana rock drill operators, it cancelled short-term contracts of 1200 workers. Even if a decent wage is settled upon, what about the working conditions, where do the profits go, and why are the indigenous of South Africa not benefiting!

South Africa possesses 80% of world platinum resources. South African Cyril Ramaphosa is partner in Lonmin, which is one way of ensuring local participation in maintenance of what is essentially an outflow of capital. Ramaphosa offered US$240,000 of his company’s funds to bury the murdered strikers, but Lonmin refuses to pay US$30mn. Ramaphosa’s company Shanduka is paid US$360,000 annually by Lonmin for providing ‘empowerment’ consulting! Obviously that ‘empowerment’ is not for the masses or his recently purchased prize bull cow for U.S$2.3mn.

Platinum is classified as a strategic natural resource, with metals and minerals concentrated in a few countries. As such restrictive practices ensures control by the colonialists-globalists in the form of

quotas, export taxes, duties and charges and mandatory minimum export prices on a commodity that is needed in small amounts. These practices also ensures the flow of natural resources to producers in the West which will make high amount of profits from the off-spin products. The country supplying the raw material ends up getting very little in return while higher and higher export taxes are placed on them for a commodity that is in demand by the importing country!

Platinum is used in jewelry, laboratory equipment, resistant thermometers, dentistry, catalytic converters ; many electronics including computers, mobile phones, multi-layer ceramic capacitors, component plating, low voltage electrical contacts, and SED/OLED/LCD televisions and fuel cells.

The laws that govern South African platinum mining industry are:

  • Petroleum Resources Development Act 2002 (and subsequent Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Amendment Bill, 2007) the Mineral and Petroleum Royalty Bill 2008, and the Precious Metals Act 2005.
  • The Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act encompasses the Mining Charter. This sets out the rules governing the application for, and issue or transfer of mining rights in South Africa. It includes statutory provisions for Black Economic Empowerment and the increased participation of historically disadvantaged South Africans in the mining industry, and has yet to be applied!
  • The Mineral and Petroleum Royalty Bill (final draft released in June 2008) introduces royalties on platinum group metals production as well as other commodities. The royalty rate that applies to a particular company is calculated using a formula based on earnings before interest and tax. The royalties were due to be applied from 1 May 2009 but were postponed until 1 March 2010.
  • The Precious Metals Act makes a number of stipulations about the development, local beneficiation (smelting, refining, etc.) and sale of precious metals. Permits are required to refine and export precious metals. The written approval of the relevant Minister is required for the export of any unwrought or semi-fabricated precious metal.

So whilst there are no specific export duties or quantitative restrictions imposed on exports of platinum group metals from South Africa, there are a number of legislative provisions that might be viewed as restrictions on exports. Another method as witnessed by downgrading Iranian currency recently, is to keep the value of platinum low on the market, when the platinum group metals palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, iridium and osmium) are valued at U.S$1,000 an ounce, when South Africa produces 4.5-million ounces of platinum a year (75% of world mine supply) and four million ounces a year of the other PGMs. Someone is making money somewhere!

Then there is the disinvestment of the mining industry that led the industrial revolution, globally. Platinum mines are not immune from that.

Lonmin is world No. 1 platinum producer for Anglo American Platinum said it had resumed its operations in the strike-hit Rustenburg area.  The main buyer of platinum is the European auto industry, so while the economic crisis continues, demand will remain soft, and with the consequent threat that the major platinum mines will simply close shafts, an option that is limited by the fact that South Africa provides over 80% of the global supply! The same people who fix the price of gold, can fix the price of platinum!

July 2012, Anglo-American acquired a 40% stake in de Beers. Based in London Anglo-American’s portfolio includes iron ore, manganese, metallurgical coal, thermal coal, copper,  nickel, and platinum and diamonds which they are the world leaders in, but not providers of. In the U.S., Anglo-American own 44,026 acres of claimed land. Anglo American Mining and its subsidiaries more total land holdings (claims and patents) than over 99.5% of all other mining interests. It is a British multinational company with a market capitalization of approximately £31.2bn as of 23 December 2011, the 15th-largest company of any company.

  • Harry Oppenheimer is chair of Anglo-American Gold Investment Co, and Anglo-American Corp i.e. Anglo-American; and sits on the Barclay’s board.
  • Nicky Oppenheimer is current chair of DeBeers. De Beers was indicted in 1994 for price-fixing by the US Justice Department.
  • The Anglo-American Corp was founded by a group including Rio Tinto. N. M. Rothschild, is heavily involved with the boards of Anglo-American and HSBC (recently charged for money laundering).
  • Oppenheimer, Rothschild, RD, and Shell own BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Anglo American.
  • Anglo-American owns Engelhardt which has a monopoly over refining the world’s gold.

They can’t pay or simply refuse to pay the platinum miners US$30mn! With new innovations, though questionable like platinum-based nanostructures as electrocatalysts for low-temperature fuel cells, future investment in platinum mines is not the problem.

Deep held feelings have stirred amongst the patient people, starting with self representation by forming unions such as Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (AMCU). Along with that has developed a women’s mutual aid movement for the wives and partners of mineworkers and other women of the impoverished Marikana community. But this is not just a company issue, or slave wages, to right the problem, South Africa will have to return to the scene of the battle, apartheid itself, maintained by the global elite! If the future of platinum was so bleak as recently painted, then why is it the controlling entities do not give up the ghost, and allow for platinum to be nationalized or this is just a way of pacifying the natives!



Anglo American receives final regulatory approval for acquisition of Oppenheimer family’s 40% stake in De Beers”

Korinek, J. and Kim, J. “Export Restrictions on Strategic Raw Materials and Their Impact on Trade.” OECD Trade Policy Working Papers, No. 95, OECD Publishing. doi: 10.1787/5kmh8pk441g8-en

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“Who Owns the West.”

Peng, Z, and Yong, H. “Designer platinum nanoparticles: Control of shape, composition in alloy, nanostructure and electrocatalytic property.” Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Rochester, USA

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Flu Vaccines Banned in Six Countries

Flu Vaccines Banned in Six Countries


By Hwaa Irfan

Sometimes good things just jump out of the blue demonstrating the importance of trust and faith in the changes to come. And sometimes, those surprises arise out of governments.

Novartis flu vaccine side drip, and Flu Vaccine Amid, have been banned in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland as quality and safety comes into question. Despite assurances from Novartis, the Italian Health Ministry has banned 488,000 doses. The irony is that Novartis is based in Switzerland, where the vaccines have also been banned, but Novartis knew of the problem as far back as July i.e. the build up of residue or to be more precise tiny clumps of virus particles.

Reluctantly, Novartis agreed to suspend further distribution in Canada, where the flu vaccine is known as Fluad and Agriflu (Aggripal in Europe) and is currently under investigation. Novartis statement reads:

Patient safety is of the highest priority to Novartis. After consultation with Health Canada and as a precautionary measure, Novartis has agreed to suspend distribution of Agriflu and Fluad pending full review by Health Canada. Health Canada has not initiated a recall of these vaccines. Novartis is confident in the safety and efficacy of its seasonal influenza vaccines. For the current season, we estimate that more than one million doses of our seasonal influenza vaccines have been administered in Europe and no unexpected adverse events have been reported. In Canada, we have already completed 70% of the shipment for the season representing approximately 1.5 million doses. To date, no unexpected adverse events have been reported. Novartis will continue to cooperate with Health Canada to address any questions that they may have. All Agriflu and Fluad vaccines released to date have passed quality inspections. It is important to note that anyone already vaccinated with Agriflu or Fluad is not at risk.

According to Bloomberg, vaccines make 5% of Novartis’ total sales, according to a report by Helvea SA analysts including Odile Rundquist. Seasonal flu shots make up about a quarter of that revenue, the report states.

But are we lab rats or somebody else’s profit margin!

In 2010, Australia had to ban Fluvax, a flu vaccine produced by its own biopharmaceutical company CSL. A seasonal flu vaccine, Fluvax was at first suspended after 23 children in Western Australia were admitted to hospital with febrile convulsions. The number of children affected rose to 60 with side effects fevers, vomiting and febrile convulsions within 12 hours of receiving the jab.

In 2011, 131 Malawian children were under forced vaccination at gunpoint as a part of the Gates Foundation measles vaccine campaign.  Many parents fled the country to Mozambique in order to avoid the vaccine. For those who have blindly bought into vaccines as preventative medicine, the reaction to the vaccine is a primitive reaction, but it is a quicker response to an enforced program than that applied in the U.S. and increasingly the U.K. today, whereby one has to prove ethical reasons with documentation as to why one’s child should not be vaccinated. At least the Malawi children will not have to face being banned from school, or a parent losing a job, as is the case now, for refusing to take one of 21 vaccines as is the case in the U.S.

These two scenarios repeat themselves again and again!

Most honest and experienced health care workers admit to the fact that flu vaccines do not work, and affirm the findings in Canada whereby a flu vaccine causes the increase of flu outbreaks, not reduces them. Taking the risk is one thing, but blind belief will not protect one’s child when in 2009,  Kathleen Sibelieus, Secretary of Health and Human Services, signed a document that made officials and biopharmaceutical companies immune from lawsuits pertaining to side effects of the swine flu vaccine – a case of protecting the self interests of the financial elite.

 “Many countries in Europe are very angry about what the WHO [World Health Organization] did and how they decided to have a pandemic when there was just a mild flu; and this whole thing was in favor of those companies who had prepared the pandemic plans, and who only needed the judgment of the WHO to have them set in power, and to earn them money.” – Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, chief of health in the Council of Europe.

Novartis as one of two biopharmaceutical companies that were awarded the contract to produce the H1N1/swine flu vaccine. The clumps of viral proteins that led to a ban of Novartis flu vaccines, arise from adjuvants, and adjuvants have a strong link with life-threatening autoimmune disorders, including Multiple Sclerosis.

Adjuvant, MF-59, from squalene was used in the H1N1 vaccine. Squalene is a natural organic compound that was orginally obtained from shark liver oil. The MF-59 adjuvant was developed by Chiron Corp., a company acquired by Novartis, but also contains polyoxyethylene sorbitan monooleate. According to WHO squalene improves the efficiency of vaccines citing “MF59, an adjuvant produced by Novartis” as an example. Another example is the use of MF-59 by the U.S military complex in the use of bio-warfare under the Bush Administration.

Novartis uses MF-59 in their vaccines for both infants and the elderly – established as both vulnerable groups in their National Influenza Vaccine Summit of May 2012 – a summit for a naturally occurring illness dubbed as a disease that becomes more lethal to the human immune system because the human immune system has been compromised over years through dependency on drugs and processed-GM foods i.e. one of the conditions for not receiving one of 21 vaccines on the U.S. hit list!

MF-59 was introduced and approved without understanding of how it works or looking at the all round effect, not just the desired effect – real science! What as understood is that the body accepts it as native, because squalene is indigenous to the human nervous system and the brain. MF-59 has been shown to induce a hyperimmune response and induce autoimmunity = stress within the body, and as we knon prolonged stress leads to side effects. In the case of MF-59 prolonged activation of the brain’s immune cells, the microglia is linked to multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease. Prolonged activation of microglia can lead to inflammation in the brain. Despite all the pass marks, MF-59 has had in clinical trials, animal experiments at Sweden’s Karolinska Institute demonstrated that squalene alone can induce the animal version of rheumatoid arthritis. The Polish Academy of Sciences demonstrated that squalene alone can produce catastrophic injury to the nervous system and the brain in animals. The University of Florida Medical School demonstrated that squalene alone can induce production of antibodies specifically associated with systemic lupus erythematosus in animals according to Gary Matsumoto.

One of the key symptoms is a temperature/fever. The purpose of a temperature/fever is to fight infection, but what do we do, we lower the temperature/fever and thus increase the infection. Instead of turning everything into a disease, the flu virus is one illness that the herd immunization experts have to admit to as strengthening the immune response instead of killing the immune response with vaccines. Flu is only fatal to a percentage because of their state of health. Researchers from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases explored all deaths from illnesses that flu aggravates, like lung disease or chronic heart failure, they found that flu accounts for, at most, 10% of winter deaths among the elderly.

 “For a vaccine to reduce mortality by 50% and up to 90% in some studies means it has to prevent deaths not just from influenza, but also from falls, fires, heart disease, strokes, and car accidents. That’s not a vaccine, that’s a miracle.” – Tom Jefferson, head of the Vaccines Field at the Cochrane Collaboration.

More should be researched into that and letting the public know, rather than inventing more flu vaccines that do not work accept to make more profits, and to increase outbreaks for the next new vaccine.

Vitamin D activates the innate immune system, enabling the body to produce several proteins such which trigger cell activity and disable viruses.

Antioxidants also help – find out about your foods that contain natural antioxidants – there’s a long list including curcumin and grapeseed extract.

Fresh air also speeds up the recovery rate, instead of quarantining one’s self in an oxygen free room.



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Thiên Thủ Quan Âm (Thousand Hand Guan Yin)

Thiên Thủ Quan Âm (Thousand Hand Guan Yin)


From Alexandra


The amazing thousand Hand Guan Yin was a dance created by Chinese choreo- grapher Zhang Jigang. This dance was performed by 63 deaf, and mute dancers of China’s Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe.

Because they could not hear the music, there were 6 directors in white cloths helping them to stay synchronized with the music.


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Heavenly Signs: New Moon in Scorpio and November 2012

Heavenly Signs: New Moon in Scorpio and November 2012

Earlier today, the new Moon passed in front of the sun, slightly off-center, producing a partial solar eclipse and a fantastic crescent sunrise. By Dennis Put in Maasvlakte, The Netherlands

By Hwaa Irfan

This is one month that keeps presenting itself in various forms. Looking closer it is yet another step towards a difficult transition, as sparks fly between those in want of change and those who want more of the same.

Those who want more of the same, especially those within global governance have been warned and know that times are changing beyond their control. The memories that light the corner of their eyes, are increasingly the suppressed/falling tears of those who want real change, who can’t take it anymore, who know that we were not mean to live like this entrapped in their illusions.

A New Moon is expected to occur in the constellation of Scorpio on 13 November, with the New Moon welcoming the month of Muharram, the beginning of the new Hijriyy Year (Islamic year)maybe on 15 November 2012.

The New Moon expresses itself in human terms as spontaneity, instinctively, and pertains to society/social. The constellation it is in reflects the emotional concerns, and karmic patterns that are now coming to the surface. The emotional waters are emphasized with New Moon on Scorpio because Scorpio is a water element. It charges the New Moon with intuitive energy, courage, and resourcefulness. But if we are in the negative mode, what will be charged is deceit, possessiveness, resentment, and hence vindictiveness.  But on the Scorpio is about death to what we hold onto to give birth to a higher order of things – the theme of 2012, our Awakening!

Who wants to Awaken to that which they have no comprehension of? Is it really better the devil you know!

Those who recognize the futility of what has been, who have been exhausted of self worth by what has been, have suffered immeasurably by what has been, have realized that the illusive cloth of happiness has been but for a few, and not for the many, and have chosen to live outside of this illusion!

The New Moon in Scorpio provides the opportunity to die to old stagnant ways, and to be reborn anew with the intuitive courage of the New Moon, and the death of the ego form Scorpio, and transformation. What is good does not come easy, as November will be intense with the closeness of friction between opposites on a personal, societal and global level. We have been asked to face our own miscreations throughout 2012, and this November, that confrontation is no less in order to for a thorough cleansing of the souls to take place with no more room for denial. To help face this inner journey, Mercury will go retrograde from November 6 – 26th making important decisions, new beginnings, and transactions difficult around the time of the U.S. presidential elections.

The importance of the period is emphasized by a total eclipse of the Sun which is expected to start at 19:38 UT November 13 in Indonesia,  and is expected to end at 00:46 UT November 14 in South America, but comes into alignment over Hawaii’s Maui Island.

Visible over parts of Africa Australia, Pacific, Middle East, New Zealand, South America and Antarctica eclipses in general represent change – once again the 2012 influence is emphasized.  With the Sun in Scorpio death of that which is no longer sustainable is emphasized once again including emotional patterns that we keep repeating lifting the veil of forgetfulness to remembering who one really is. The way forward will only be blocked by rejecting our true selves. With acceptance, it becomes easier to reject what is wrong in our lives, and to build a new foundation of integrity – It’s a time for clearing out unneeded baggage.

In other words, November will be an important turning point, a transitory period that will sift the chaff from the wheat. For those who remain addicted to the matrix, this will be a very difficult time indeed. There will be much confusion for a society that has been nurtured much on spoon-fed information,. Part of that confusion arises from what we always thought would be, will crumble before our eyes, along with the illusions we have about ourselves.

For those who trust the changes to come, the confusion will be less, but much depends on how much we have learnt to transform our own miscreations, which in itself can be a disorienting experience. As many children have been born into these times with the built in capacity to stay at a distance from those who do not see them (that is accept them as they are), it is a valuable skill to have in these times when it comes to finding real support.

As such, emotions will run high, both personally, and socially, and just as global governance has been preparing for social unrest, and have been phasing in martial laws under our noses, we should try to prepare for our needs where possible as we approach November 23, when Mars moves into Capricorn and squares with Uranus which in turn goes retrograde in Aries, a period that the Qur’an warns us when we should stay in our homes.

November 22 the Sun, our individuality passes into Sagittarius  where if we have submitted positively to the previous influences, our eyes will be open, minds clearer with a new release of energy and awareness ready for some expansion one step, at a time!

Another eclipse, a partial lunar eclipse with the Full Moon in Gemini takes place in November 28 with more sudden surprises with a kick to the rear end of limited attitudes, allowing for a release of deep seated fears and anxieties, For many of us, that will take the form of a shock to our comfort zones to form a crack in the barrenness of rigidly held beliefs with Venus (values and unconditional love), Saturn (personal and societal structures) and Mercury (mind and communication) all present in Scorpio.

As everyone will be affected (positively/negatively depending on where they are at, be kind!

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