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Heavenly Signs: Powerful Solar Outburst Taking us One Step Further

Photo By Frank Olsen, Norway

Heavenly Signs: Powerful Solar Outburst Taking us One Step Further

By Hwaa Irfan

The celestial arrangement of the Harvest Moon and the shifting of adated terrain with Sun in Libra in opposition to Uranus in Aries and squares Pluto in Capricorn recieved reinforcements on September 30 2012. That reinforcement came in the form of a strong (Kp=7) geomagnetic storm sparked by a CME impact on Sept. 30th. The visual affect were the Northern Lights made visible in the U.S. [Michigan, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Ohio, Montana, Minnesota, Washington, Idaho, Illinois and South Dakota.

Our Sun releases a massive amount of radioactive material that moves at 1 million kilometers per hour. It only takes up to 3 days for a coronal mass ejection to make tht long distance journey to ou Earth with its srong magnetic field.

Becoming a concern to governments, the output from an Sun can upset man-made advances in technology, cause blackouts, brings down systems, produce electric currents even when a disconnection has been made. It can also have a negative impact on satellites… one wonders if HAARP is at a loss when it comes to our Sun!

Concern towards the current solar outbursts was raised as an alert by NOAA on Oct 01 with the CME initially designated as K=5/G1, to a K=9/G5 – G3 is strong. The alert pertains to the impact on man-made systems i.e. power systems, space-craft, earth-orbiting satellites including GPS, navigation, and radio high frequency.

Any electrical current from our Sun, affects the human body’s biomagnetic field, and of course it does, for what would plants do without photosynthesis.  The equivalent organic instrument within the human brain is the pineal gland – a photosensitive organ. It has been established that the Schumann Resonance has frequencies that overlap with the human brain.

The effect on each person can be either positive or negative depending on the level of centredness – balance within a person. That can rip anyway within the current celestial agenda as the soul of our consciousness, the Sun opposes Uranus, The Awakener. The impetus is to learn from that which conflicts. What no longer serves a nurturing purpose will come to an end, leaving room for growth to take place. We are being given the choice to express our true individuality through a process of contemplation, and to stand up for one’s true purpose in life or to continue to bury our heads in the sand and suffer the same patterns that we have been overexposed to for far too long.

Global Coherence Initiative reports on findings by Burch et al. (1996) and Rapoport et al. (1998) that reveal how melatonin levels are reduced during increased solar and geomagnetic activity. Findings from Bartsch et al., 1994 show the affect of lowered melatonin levels as cancer, neurological disease, acute heart disease and heart attacks as well as accelerated aging, but this is for those who have a less positive attitude towards themselves and life one adds. The norm is when light is not present as when the sun sets, the pineal gland shifts gear and produces its primary hormone melatonin in larger quantities until it peaks from 2 – 3.00a.m in the morning. The only other time that melatonin is released is during relaxation, and meditation.  When sunlight inhibits the secretion of melatonin from the pineal gland, it activates the hormone dopamine and the magnetite crystals within the pineal gland which is enhanced through prayer, intense meditation, visualization, and chanting – all forms of physical purification – but that requires a balanced disposition. But when melatonin levels drop, serotonin levels increases, which usually takes place in the period of the awake cycle, daytime!  So what is happening when one gets imput from CME are lowered melatonin levels (which normally increases at night), and lowered serotonin levels (which normally increases in the day). This altered state, one experiences during the fasting month of Ramadhan, but its benefits are dependent on the general well-being and readiness of the person to take it forward to a greater awareness. Negative emotions only serve to undermine that process, the problems of which can become manifest during a strong CME or solar flare.

Scientists have long established that the radioacive outbursts from our Sun relates to an evolutionary process here on Earth, with new life forms appearing, and sometimes the passing on of established life forms. Dieter Broers describes thehigh solar-geomagnetic activity as a catalyst for new neural pathways within humans. New impressions to the human brain stimulates new neural networks. Regardless of the intentions and activities of the global elite for their fellow commoners, assistance from on High through celestial arrangements are influencing brain patterns, and body chemistry for those who have made that choice whether consciously or subconsciously. One can already witness this evolutionary process in many of the children coming into being in this time, whose abundant energy, and answers are more attuned with the Arts in all its forms, yet refuse to be judged by those who do not know them. It may very well be that these children are the very reason why they are being drugged up through vaccines, through hunger, and questionable new mental health definitions, the modern day equivalent of King Herod’s genocide of the children of his time! For the elite have much more information at their hands than they make available!

A 6-Year Old’s Vision of Community

A short clip of a 6 year old sharing her concept of a community she will have when she grows up, based on Gift Economy. Unstaged, unprepared, just straight from the heart…

Adam, age seven was asked to create a grid.


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A World Where Only the Elite Have the Right to Make Decisions

Since the German Constitutional Court ruled agains the people on the unconstitutionality of Germany’s right to bail out other countries, there has been an all out drive towards the United States of Europe – one government, one army, one law rules all, and the more centralized we become the fewer liberties there will be…



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Private Security Firms to Track Offenders?

The Scottish Government awarded a five-year, £13 million contract to G4S. This seems a bit strange because:

  • There has been an attempt to reduce costs, by cutting the police force, especially since London riots
  • U.K. police force has been carrying out a series of pay related strke actions
  • G4S is a zionist operation that was ‘introduced’ to the U.K. for the London 2012 Olympics… the beginning of the militarization of the U.K!

A Scottish Government spokesman said a multi-agency panel had found G4S provided the best value in terms of both quality of service and price. That’s funny, because G4S security for London 2012 was flawed from day one to the point that an undercover journalist could join G4S to reveal the flaws themselves.


More than 80,000 protesters marched through central Paris on 30 September, chanting slogans against imposed austerity and belt-tightening policies.The demonstration comes before the French parliament’s debate this week on a European fiscal treaty. The treaty will help the establishment of European Stability Mechanism bailout fund.


From 2013, three quarters million Danish families will be taxed when buying firewood for their fireplaces or wood-burning stove. Affecting 750,000 homes this will also apply to biomass fuels.


“’Almost 20,000 children are spending the night in homeless shelters in New York City, according to new data, an increase of 24% since July 2011 according to the Coalition for the Homeless. 65% of homeless families seeking admission to shelters are being turned away.

The US ruling class, first under Bush and then under Obama, responded to the crash of 2008, which was the inevitable outcome of the financialization of American capitalism, by handing over trillions of dollars in public funds to the banks. The aim was to reflate the values of financial assets in order to maintain and increase the wealth of the financial aristocracy.

World governments have followed suit, with each bailout of the banks accompanied by an ever more ferocious attack on workers. Everything must be cut: wages, pensions, health care, education—everything, that is, but the wealth of those responsible for the crisis.” – Andre Damon



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