A World Where Only the Elite Have the Right to Make Decisions

A World Where Only the Elite Have the Right to Make Decisions

Since the German Constitutional Court ruled agains the people on the unconstitutionality of Germany’s right to bail out other countries, there has been an all out drive towards the United States of Europe – one government, one army, one law rules all, and the more centralized we become the fewer liberties there will be…



Take from the Teachers and Pay €8mn to Syrian Rebels!

“We need to think about how to restore our statehood and our sovereignty. That is impossible in a federation. The EU should move in an opposite direction,” Václav Klaus said to the Telegraph

Private Security Firms to Track Offenders?

The Scottish Government awarded a five-year, £13 million contract to G4S. This seems a bit strange because:

  • There has been an attempt to reduce costs, by cutting the police force, especially since London riots
  • U.K. police force has been carrying out a series of pay related strke actions
  • G4S is a zionist operation that was ‘introduced’ to the U.K. for the London 2012 Olympics… the beginning of the militarization of the U.K!

A Scottish Government spokesman said a multi-agency panel had found G4S provided the best value in terms of both quality of service and price. That’s funny, because G4S security for London 2012 was flawed from day one to the point that an undercover journalist could join G4S to reveal the flaws themselves.


More than 80,000 protesters marched through central Paris on 30 September, chanting slogans against imposed austerity and belt-tightening policies.The demonstration comes before the French parliament’s debate this week on a European fiscal treaty. The treaty will help the establishment of European Stability Mechanism bailout fund.


From 2013, three quarters million Danish families will be taxed when buying firewood for their fireplaces or wood-burning stove. Affecting 750,000 homes this will also apply to biomass fuels.


“’Almost 20,000 children are spending the night in homeless shelters in New York City, according to new data, an increase of 24% since July 2011 according to the Coalition for the Homeless. 65% of homeless families seeking admission to shelters are being turned away.

The US ruling class, first under Bush and then under Obama, responded to the crash of 2008, which was the inevitable outcome of the financialization of American capitalism, by handing over trillions of dollars in public funds to the banks. The aim was to reflate the values of financial assets in order to maintain and increase the wealth of the financial aristocracy.

World governments have followed suit, with each bailout of the banks accompanied by an ever more ferocious attack on workers. Everything must be cut: wages, pensions, health care, education—everything, that is, but the wealth of those responsible for the crisis.” – Andre Damon



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