European Descent into a Policed State!

European Descent into a Policed State!

Since the first 9/11 false flag that resulted in the demolition of New York’s twin towers the progressive implementation of laws stripping the ordinary American citizens of their rights has been considered successful enough to implement elsewhere. When eyes were focused on a false flag event at the London 2012 Olympics, this is one person who believed that a plan was happening under the watchful gaze of many. The omnipotent presence of world leaders and the elite under the wings of Queen Elizabeth, raised much suspicion with an opening event that glorified what has been in fact a glorification of the elites restructuring of global wealth to sustain their control i.e. the world since the Industrial Revolution. What was taking place had already happened by the time of the opening event, the militarization of the U.K., in the form of a previously unknown security force which proved incompetent at the time, the zionist G4S, which has recently been awarded a £13 million contract in the Queen’s beloved Scotland, by the Scottish Government to ‘act’ as a policing force to track offenders. In other words, Scotland is to be the first phase of the process in the U.K., in a country where the police force has been consistently downgraded, reduced, and found wanton through strike action. This does not hold with a country that is going through a serious debt crisis, growing food banks, to pay more for a private security firm to police society, when less has been paid to their own police force.What has been happening to Muslims, to African-Americans, and to Americans in general, has warned is now in process to happen to the rest of us commoners.

The FEMA detention camps where any American citizen can be held in cognito, with Guantanomo as it’s pilot, is what comes to mind as the British government attempts to put into motion secret courts. These courts are not for political detainees, but for civil cases.  The victims of these courts will not get fare judgement or be allowed to hear in order to defend themselves against MI5, MI6 or police accusations.

The Queen’s recent comment on Muslim cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri proves that the royal family has never been on the sideline of British politics both domestic and foreign as revealed by British Prime Minister David Cameron gloating about his weekly audience with the Queen where he gets up todate information on foregin affairs. There is more to this woman than the harmless old lady image. The fact that she expressed forceful views enquiring why al-Masri could not be arrested for what has been deemed as anti-British views only points to the basis on justice to come, and not just for Muslims.  This has brought attention to royal involvement in the running of the country, with the Queen lobbying minsiters against unproved allegations against al-Masri, and as exampled by the government’s inability to prevent disclosure from departments on what are called “black spider” memos written by the Prince of Wales to ministers and officials reports the Guardian. This only questions who is really running the country!

Further developments include:

A national ID card, the scent of which smacks of streamlining for a one government world in the form of a cashless system. The ID card will allow for access to public services via a mobile phone and… wait it for, your social media profile to obtain tax credits, fishing licences, and passports for example which through a site will send a message to a government agency to authenticate the identity of the user.

Attaching any debt outstanding from one’s credit card to one’s mortgage, which will be rendered on sale of the property. If there was ever a time to stop using credit cards, it is now, because at what interest rate will it be done! This is to make it easier for credit card companies, and lenders to retrieve what is owed to them. They will be able to force the sale of one’s property in the form of a sale order.

Don’t Question the State!

Since Germany’s Constitutional Court’s rejection of the people’s call for the unconstitutionality of Germany’s bailout of countries, a galvanization process has been put in motion to silence any dissenters to the unification of Europe under one government, one system, and one law for all, which is what the European ‘debt crisis’ represents. As such, the U.K’s watchful eye on the pilot scheme, America will now implement monitoring of social media. By questioning the status quo, one is deemed political, and all ‘political activists will be placed under watch as stated by John Cooper QC to The Independent.

“People involved in public protest should use social media to their strengths, like getting their message across. But they should not use them for things like discussing tactics. They might as well be having a tactical meeting with their opponents sitting in and listening.

“For example, if antifascist organisers were discussing their plans on social media, they can assume that a fascist organisation will be watching. Social media sites are the last place you want to post something like that,” he said.

The Independent’s Kevin Rawlinson notes this move comes on the heels of a New York court order which demands that Twitter hand over messages posted by a demonstrator belonging to the Occupy Wall Street movement in America.

“activists are putting themselves at more risk. Police will be following key Twitter sites, not only those of the activists but also other interesting figures. They know how to use them to keep up with rioting and to find alleged rioters.

“In the same way they used to monitor mobile phones when they were trying to police impromptu raves, they are doing the same with Twitter and Facebook, as those who say too much on social media will find, ” commented Cooper QC.

Aware of this move, sessions have been initiated by such people as Australian activist nickname Asher Wolf to teach activists safety online. However  organizing a demonstration can be viewed as being tactical. This is exampled by the cases of Catt who though has never committed a crime, Justice Gross and Justice Irwin of the High Court refuse to remove references to Catt from their  database on the basis that it is an inevitable consequence of attending demonstrations. This is also exampled by a leaflet produced by the City of London Police which refers to Occupy Londoners as terrorists alongside reference to al-Qa’ida.

To Head it all, a former merchant banker for NM Rothschild & Sons, and a lawyer, Lord Neuberger has become the U.K’s most senior judge. Heaven help us all! Sworn in at the Supreme Court in central London. This along with Police Minister, Damian Green’s approval of  unmanned drones to patrol UK’s skies spells out interesting times ahead for British citizens.

While freedom of expression to insult others remains in place, religious freedom remains under attack, and it does not apply to Muslims only! The 2012 spate of changes, was reflected by German lawmakers decision demand for an end to the legality of circumcision for young boys after a Colgne court ruled that it amounts to bodily harm! This was then followed by the German Medical Association recommendation to doctors to stop performing circumcisions for religious reasons until the law is clarified. This affects both Muslims and Jews.

However, the Christian faith has also been attacked in Germany via taxation. It comes from the German Catholic Church which imposes a surcharge on the income taxes of registered believers. Those who fail to pay will be denied a Christian burial. They will also no longer be able to receive sacraments except before death, or work in the church and its schools or hospitals. In 2011, 126,000 people terminated their tax liability by telling the government they had stopped being Catholic. Also a large number left the official Church becuase of the increasing exposure of German Catholic officials accused of sexual abuse. The Vatican approved the decree – a strange turn of events that doesn’t stop one from being Catholic. The huge anti-government protest in Poland currently is also because of the attack on Catholism as exampled by the Polish National Broadcasting Council stripping a Catholic TV station, TV Trwam, of its right to broadcast digitally for free.

The increased policing of society in Western countries, may be due to the changes in liberty taking place, for as those liberties diminish, civilian unrest becomes more likely!

If this is what we want we can react with hot air, and burn ourselves out in the process, or we can focus on what we do want in our personal lives, and as a society. By focusing on what we do want, we take the steam out of what we don’t want, but first in our heart of hearts we must recognize what we do want!


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