Is the Scare More Contagious than Fungal Meningitis!

Is the Scare More Contagious than Fungal Meningitis!

After the failure in take up of the recent whooping cough vaccine campaign, hot on its heels has come a well reported meningitis scare, and not just an ordinary outbreak, but a ‘deadly’ outbreak of a rare form of meningitis. This is enough to scare anyone into taking the promised vaccine, noting that any current vaccine is not appropriate for fungal meningitis.

From 7 seven states, and 50 cases, there have been 5 reported deaths (as of Friday 5 October 2012), and that is the only handle on the truth one has right now.

  • How is it that a fungal contaminated steroid was injected for back pain
  • How is it that there seems to be no readily available record of who was injected with the shots
  • How is it that there is no idea if all of those who got the contaminated shot were negatively impacted healthwise.

Bad science follows epidural shots for back pain, to which there is no evidence that such a treatment actually works. As such, the unregulated New England Compounding Center of Framingham, Masachusetts has recalled three batched of a total of 17,676 single-dose vials of the steroid, preservative-free methylprednisolone acetate. However, between July and September those batches were distributed to 75 clinics and other facilities in 23 state, so why now, and how is it only 7 of the 23 states have reported cases. Taken that maybe not all the vials were contaminated, still, the question remains why now before the flu season when the fungal meningitis detected is not contagious despite ABCs coverage which states it can be spread “by saliva, which can be spread by drinking out of someone’s glass or sharing a fork or spoon!”

The drug in case, methylprednisolone acetate was given a list of precautions by the pre-Monsanto FDA in 2009 including other drugs that cannot be taken at the same time, and side effects as follows:

  • Allergic reactions..
  • Cardiovascular..
  • Dermatologic..
  • Endocrine..
  • Fluid and electrolyte disturbances..
  • Gastrointestinal..
  • Metabolic..
  • Musculoskeletal..
  • Neurologic/Psychiatric..
  • Ophthalmic..
  • Other..
  • The      following adverse reactions have been reported with the following routes of administration
    • Intrathecal/Epidural…
    • Intranasal..
    • Ophthalmic..
    • Miscellaneous  injection sites: (scalp, tonsillar fauces, sphenopalatine ganglion): Blindness

Note that some of these side effects fall amongst the reports of fungal meningitis cases. The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, list a series of diseases that methylprednisolone acetate can be used as treatment for, but considers methylprednisolone acetate a short-term palliative for lower back pain noting the controversy that hangs over epidural application with no convincing evidence. A role in treatment for bacterial meningitis is listed, but not approved by the country’s regulatory body, the FDA.

Once again, this is not an outbreak. Only those who recieved the epidural shot risk coming down with fungal meningitis, yet still, the incident only arm serves to highlight the status of modern medicine at a time when many cannot afford medication in the U.S. Instead of regulating raw milk, and making it more and more difficult for the population to grow their own food, and access healthy organic foods, there should be more regulating of the very medicine that they wish to make the population reliant on!



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