If You Can’t Get their Babies Get the Parents!

If You Can’t Get their Babies Get the Parents!


By Hwaa Irfan

With growing awareness of the methods employed to make Americans take vaccines in response to scare campaigns the lastest of which was whooping cough, employers like Faith Regional Health Services, Newark are now doing the same to those who wish to work with them. In other words, if want work, take the vaccine a horrible decision one is forced to make if one has experienced unemployment in the U.S. in recent times.

Vaccine awareness is not a part of medical training, because it is accepted as a science that never fails, hence why health professionals are less likely to take vaccines than the public in general, because in general they are more informed.

This decision descending from the Colorado Board of Health voted 7-1 that every worker in a healthcare setting will be required to receive the vaccine or find work outside of the healthcae sector, meaning that one will be out on a black list of some sort.

Colorado is not alone in an imposition that if one succumbs, and the vaccines compromises one health, can put one at great risk of either getting the disease one is being vaccinated against, make one vulnerable to another disease, disable one’s ability to find future employment, or can even be fatal if one has one of the long list of conditions that makes one vulnerable.

Rhode Island against the objections of the healthcare unions, and ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), Rhodes has made it mandatory to take the flus shots for the upcoming winter season. It has been made mandatory for all healthcare professional, nursing homes, home-care agencies, and health related industries. Michigan Department of Community Health is on the verge of doing the same. The irony is, is the reason for the objection by Michigan healthcare workers is the only scientific truth that authorities seem to continually ignore, that the flu vaccine does not work! Some of them have taken shots for other feared diseases, but they are not willing to take the flu-shot.

The Congressional Research Service views vaccines as a pillar of U.S. policy. The Food and Drugs Administration has licensed 46 vaccines, for 20 diseases for use by the American public, with more in the pipeline, are people supposed to blindly believe that there is a need to take that long list of vaccines without suffering any serious side effects given the U.S. credibility over GM foods is at an unequivocal all time low. Does one really expect an infant to take 20 shots by the time they are 2 years old – it’s U.S. policy!

Why is it that the Department of Defense, DOD, carries out research and development programs for vaccines, not only against those bioweapons that the U.S. and allies are so good at producing, but also naturally occuring infectious diseases (USA PATRIOT Act (P.L. 107-56). Why is the USAID over proactive in deseminating this policy to developing countries? And why is someone pro-health, labeled anti-vaccines, as if it is a reactionary notion like being anti-Iran?  Many of the people involved in policy-making have a blind belief and can only repeat like a mantra that belief, for the one’s with the answer are the one’s at the top of pushing the policy in the first place despite governmental evidence for an infection that lasts at the most a week!


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