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A Herbal HIV-AIDS Treatment that Works!

A Herbal HIV-AIDS Treatment that Works!

By Hwaa Irfan

When I read about Gambian President Yahya Jammeh’s herbal remedy for HIV-AIDS it brought a smile to my heart – one of hope in a world dominated by power hungry politicians and their network of self interests. Reinvoking the traditional African concept of a leader who is the servant of the people would come as a very bitter pill to swallow for most politicians today, including Jammeh himself. How many of our world leaders actually have any skills that can be of direct benefit to members of their civilian population!  Too much for the likes of CNN which throws false hope over the idea, for if it is  false hope, it is one that President Jammeh (Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr Yahya Jammeh) will have to live down. This comes at a time, when the West’s focus on African health comes in the form of population control as a condition for trade, and ‘specialized’ medical technology to address problems such as HIV-AIDS.

It is not the first time that cure claims have emanated from the the continent that the bioweapon has been aimed against, the proponents of which have been silenced by the might of the Western pharmaceutical industry. But the Gambia is a country I recall with very little Western medicine on the shelves of their pharmacies, and only nature to turn to.

And so it is that since 2007, 68 people have been SUCCESSIVELY treated through President Jammeh’s Presidential Alternative Medical Treatment Programme demonstrating the might of nature over the pharmaceutical industry, which in some cases have proliferated the spread of HIV-AIDS as in the case of South Africa.  Keeping the recipe secret – naturally,  the 7th batch of sufferers of both HIV and AIDS were discharged over the weekend. It was marked by a ceremony held at the State House marking the 5th year (plus 8 months and two weeks) since the treatment began. At the ceremony Jammeh  told the attendees:

President Jammeh, making the remedy himself

“The objective of my medication is to get rid of the virus that the patients are infected with and I have made it very clear since the start of my treatment programme. Five years ago, the West were saying that it would take twenty-five years to get a cure for HIV/AIDS but two years after I started the treatment, when we posted the results on the Internet, some people also claimed to have the cure for HIV/AIDS and their medicines also eliminate the virus from the patients’ body and today I have no doubt if I face any HIV/AIDS patient in critical condition, I can assure you that by the grace of Almighty Allah he would walk and go about his business as normal”As such, a long awaited initiative, which has been undertaken in such countries like India, is on the horizon for Gambians, the full integration of natural medicine in the countries health system.

 “Because our salvation is when we go back to our natural pharmacists [forest], we will use western medicine as complementary to natural African medicine. In my treatment where my medicine cannot treat any disease, no western medicine can cure it,” Jammeh added.

 “I am very grateful to the Almighty Allah and I am also grateful to the first batch of the treated HIV/AIDS patients because if they had not come forward and had listened to the prophets of doom, then the treatment wouldn’t have been possible because they were told a lot of things discouraging them from appearing on the television, which means they are committing suicide by coming to a treatment that they don’t know anything about.

Those who said that HIV/AIDS is not curable may be right because if you don’t know God and you believe that you descended from frog and you are not created by the Almighty Allah or you came to this world through evolution then you would not know that anything that happens in this world good or bad, Allah knows about it and has solutions about it. There is no disease that the Almighty Allah doesn’t know about and there is no disease without a cure.”

There goes African humor…

 “Who am I to expect that everybody would praise me. But I thank Allah just as the Prophet Mohammad (SAW) prevailed and establish Islam which is the strongest religious today so have I also prevailed to cure HIV/AIDS to the point that 68 are being discharged today,” he added.

“This is the biggest jackpot we have ever won. As far as HIV is concerned, nobody can claim to know everything about it. The more you treat HIV/AIDS, the more you learn about it. I am not talking about those so-called professors who sit in the laboratory and call themselves HIV/AIDS experts when they don’t know anything about HIV/AIDS.

“It is sad that some of us Africans if God were to stand somewhere and call us to a meeting, some of us will still go and answer to the whites. What would I gain by claiming to do something which is so sensitive to humanity, painful to Africa for which every African today if you are going to the West they look at you and the first thing they think of, is whether you are HIV positive, such an insult to Africa”, he further stated.

Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Fatim Badjie

Jammeh admitted that the first and second batch was the most challenging

“We had a tough time with them. I used to spend 24hrs with them and some of them will even refuse to take medicine,” he said.

Jammeh thanked Allah, Gambians, non-Gambians and other institutions who have been sponsoring the treatment programme.

 “May Allah reward you for your good deeds. It would have been very difficult to have the huge number of treated patients with different diseases without your support and I want to take this opportunity to thank all those who have come to attend especially those who went through the treatment program.”

Of those discharged Alhaji Beyai informed the gathering

“I want to tell you [the gathering] that the President’s treatment programme has efficacy in the treatment of HIV/AIDS. This is what I want to assure everybody and to ascertain that the treatment is effective and I would like to urge all and everyone present here, within and outside The Gambia who are not sure of their HIV/AIDS status to please come and join the president’s treatment programme.”

The World Health Organisation and the United Nations response has been of course one with alarm especially as patients are required to stop taking their anti-retroviral drugs, which according to them makes the patients prone to infection. However, fortunately, Jammeh is a notorious chaaracter, which in this sense, refuses to back down on a treatment that is offered free of charge, to greater dismay of pharmaceutical giants.

“As far as HIV is concerned, nobody can claim to know everything about it. The more you treat HIV/AIDS, the more you learn about it. I am not talking about those so-called professors who sit in the laboratory and call themselves HIV/AIDS experts when they don’t know anything about HIV/Aids.”

What can be said about the herbal remedy is that several herbal creams are applied and consumed over a number of weeks, along with prayers from the Holy Qur’an. If anyone knows about the healing energy of sound in meditation, then it will come across less like African witchcraft and more like using healing energy or Vibrational Medicine as it was once called. To assist the process, patients have to stop taking alcohol, tea, coffee, and haram activities that lower the vibration like sex, and theft.


But the stereotypes of Africans still persists, as reflected by global governance media, CNN’s coverage.

“… a 3-year-old AIDS patient named Suleiman receives his daily dose of medication — a murky brown concoction of seven herbs and spices served out of a bottle that once contained pancake syrup.”

What is the color of health? It beats what they put in our vaccines, and then make it a criminal offense not to take it! Yet, CNN could not ignore Fatuma, the mother’s response who has also been taking the treatment:

It’s amazing,”

“Two weeks ago, I was very ill, weak and couldn’t eat without vomiting.”

CNN repeatedely uses the word “concoction” as in a witch’s brew in reference to the herbal remedy, and try to disqualify the results by referring to the UN envoy Fadzai Gwaradzimba, who was rightly kicked out of the country in February 2012 by demanding that patients should continue their UN recognized treatment and that the concoction should be “assessed by an international team of experts.”

Modern medicine despite all its innovations, is dependent on natural resources to develop their medicines. All around the world, herbal medicine was the first form of medicine, and when all esle fails remains to provide solutions. In recent years, countries like the U.K. and Australia have attempted to make forms of natural medicine illegal, especially forms of Traditional Cinese medicine, and homeopathy, because these forms cannot be patented and therefore profited from or controled! They put good health back in the hands of the people!

Ousman Sow, 54, said he’s been HIV-positive since 1996 and had been taking anti-retrovirals for the past fours years until he volunteered for this program.

Four weeks later, he said he’s gained 30 pounds and feels like a new person.

“I am cured at this moment,” he said.

Asked if he had any HIV symptoms, he responded, “No, I don’t. As I stand before you I can honestly tell you I have ceased to have any HIV symptoms.”

Patient after patient gave similar statements to CNN. But it was difficult to verify the authenticity of their testimony. The government claims to have scientific evidence, but it did not provide any to CNN.

Jammeh refused to speak to CNN for this report.

That is not surprising. The only thing to prove is the correctness of what one does to one’s self and to those one claims responsibility for, not to the likes of those who will do anything to disqualify one’s good deeds to those who do not at the heart of it have good intentions.

In the tiny African country of the Gambia with one hospital the Presidential Alternative Medical Treatment Programme has also treated infertility according to one of the physicians Dr. Mbowe as well as diabetes, and hypertension.  Nature always provides us with hope even when we mess up badly as we have done in all spheres of life.


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