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Arab Spring was Used to Expand Control Over Nations*

Arab Spring was Used to Expand Control Over Nations*


By Susanne Posel


Many oil-producing nations such as Saudi Arabia, the US, the UK, Japan and Kuwait have pledged $165 million to fund an intitative of the World Bank that will allegedly prop up countries that have been affected by manufactured Arab Spring uprisings.

Along with the approval of the UN, International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, the Islamic Development bank and the OPEC fund for International Development are supporting the partnership.

The IMF and the World Bank, at a meeting in Tokyo, focused talks on the Middle East and their economies of which recent Arab Springs have paved the way for globalist influence in the region. Kim Yong-Yim, newly appointed president of the World Bank remarked that these revolutions have allowed for the international community to refine their development of such areas.

In burgeoning nations, the World Bank and IMF have traditionally given loans to governments that would be impossible to repay. In exchange, the sovereignty of those nations is compromised as the World Bank demands repayment in natural resources. The succession of multi-national corporations in those countries is evidence of the swindle the IMF and World Bank preformed along with the International Financing Institution that forces a grave reduction of governmental spending with the initiation of austerity against the people of those nations.

The World Bank defines “civil society” as being transformed by what they refer to as perfect opportunities to stabilize the economy of a nation in terms of bringing them to the whims of the international community by way of unpayable loans within a volatile revolutionary setting.

At a meeting held in 2011, the World Bank postulated on how “international financial institutions [can] facilitated citizen empowerment” by way of manufactured uprisings. Through the use of civilian armies protesting against their government, the World Bank sees grand schemes whereby they can manipulate the developing situation and implement public policies that suit their agenda by coercion.

As the IMF and World Bank continue to move under cover of an ignorant populace, their hand in the destabilization of nations goes unnoticed. In the countries they control through economic terrorism, it is abundantly clear how much influence they wield.

As fake revolutions continue to plague the Middle East, their ardent cry for “democracy” imbues the UN and other globalist entities to aid with seemingly friendly support of the transitions taking place.

In 2011, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper asserted that international aid to post-revolutionary countries should be facilitated by the central banks in those countries and announced at a G8 summit that Canada would not be directly offering “financial assistance” to those countries implanted with Arab Springs.

It is believed by globalists that Arab Springs are the “only bastions against extremism in the Arab World.”

The World Bank is focusing on controlling private sector development once these nations are toppled by internal uprisings. Once in those places of power, the international community can assess how a nation is able to hide their wealth and use international mandate to retrieve assets in off-shore accounts or trustee corporations.

The Arab Forum on Asset Recovery which was held on September 11th – 13th of this year, coalesced the Deauville Partners to speak under the organization of Qatar and the US Presidency of the G8 countries.

Through internal meetings held at specified intervals, the assets of nations in need of recovery will be decided based on intelligence provided by the Deauville Partnership in conjunction with Arab Countries in Transition.

In May at Camp David, the G8 Summit recognized the necessity of dealing with the Middle Eastern countries afflicted with Arab Springs and their commitment to maintaining control over their transitions into “democratic” governments so that their grip on natural resources would not falter under the blanket of nation building.

Un Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has made Arab Springs his top priority and is committing the resources of the international community to moving these nations “toward democracy”. Ban said that he encourages the younger generation to rise up against their governments and expressed disappointment at the Occupy Movement for not being as effective as other manufactured revolutions.

Based on the Counterintelligence Program (COINTELPRO), the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) have been infiltrating, surveying, discrediting and disrupting domestic political organizations.

Some of the groups compromised by COINTELPRO are:

• The Southern Christian Leadership Conference


 • Congress for Racial Equality

 • American Indian Movement

 • Students for a Democratic Society

 • National Lawyers Guild

 • Black Panthers

 • The Weather Underground

There is also a long history of pre-meditated social unrest which is manufactured by governments to control the flow of “grassroots efforts” and engage in psychological operations against the general public.

The Occupy Wall Street Movement (OWS) began its career after the US government finished its hand in the Arab Springs that toppled governments in Egypt and other Middle Eastern nations. To make sure that OWS was successful, the CIA imported Ivan Marovic who was an integral component in creating and organizing the Egyptian citizens against their government. Marovic was placed in New York City to assist the burgeoning OWS and provide guidance.

Evidence of this can be found in the symbolism of OWS. Immediately the icon of the fist was adopted, which was a favorite of Marovic because of its effect on the psychology of the would-be protesters. Another technique of Marvoic is the “mic check” mind-control tricks of having the crowd mimic the words of the facilitator thereby inciting enthusiasm by escalating the momentum of the crowd.

At the most recent UN General Debate , UK Prime Minister David Cameron implored the UN to stay in its support of the Arab Spring movements and that given more time, the globalist definition of democracy would be installed. Supporting Cameron, European Council President Herman Van Rompuy explained that “achieving lasting change takes time.”


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While You Weren’t Looking the T.V. Claimed Your Child

T.V. and Your Child



It is often assumed by parents and even some educationalists that T.V. is harmless. Try convincing them, and they will reject the idea head on. I once had an ongoing ‘debate’ on the issue with a teacher’s assistant, whose only solace at the end of the day, was to have all the children sat in front of a large T.V. screen, with programs they liked. She assumed that they remained quiet and obedient because of the T.V. and with time, and my alternative activities she discovered that it was not the T.V.

These children were highly intelligent, and despite watching their favorite porgrams, they would find a way to leave for the more engaging activities thay were made available.

Everyday at the end of the day, this would continue, but the noise level, and ensuing fights escalated with eavch day, until one day I pulled the plug!

Time stood still, and complete silence and calm descended on the classroom, and the chidren were ready to be organized into more engaging activities.

A process of denial followed, and with it more disobedient children.

One day, the teacher’s assistant faced the reality that the childrens’s behavior was excessively aggressive, violent, and disruptive. She became aware that their behavior was not congruent with their social, and cultural environment, and asked:

“Where do they get that behavior from?”

With one word I answered:

“The T.V.”

And then I added:

“Videos, play stations, vidoe games etc.”

Now she believed!

The T.V. becomes the child’s world, which is vacant of the parents, their primary educationalists. So children learn to answer to the ideas portrayed on T.V. in their lives, and not to answer to those who are not present in their lives because they are too busy i.e. the parents, educationalists.

Also, T.V., video games etc wires the brain to the extent, that such a child cannot learn from the same learning environment that their parents learned from. They must be entertained because the hormone dopamine, has been programmed by the T.V., video games etc. Their minds become addicted to digitial imput, and loses attention quickly with anythign that involves more time, and more thinking. That right, they have lost their own ability to think, their own imagination, and the social skills that cna only be learned from real life experience.

A confrontation ensues between what they have been programmed to be by media, and the information that is directed at them like a full on asssault. But this is where the two sides of the confrontation comes full circle, becuase what will get their attention, are the tools of natural learning, visual, touch, and movement!  If we are not talking about schooling, but education, these basic tools are the means by which a child becomes who they are, self directed learners, and they learn faster and more comprehensively that way.

Unfortunately, education is not education, drawing the potential out, but schooling, a violent assualt on the child’s mind to absorb without experience, or even involvement in the learnigng process. For thos developing countries that take on curricuclum packages from the U.S. and the U.K. in the main,  as a solution, the solution is not in the package which is a part of foreign policy, but in the fertile minds of the child whom we have learnt not to trust.

We have a generation of very intelligent children,  and using their natural learning processes it will not take long to discover that all children have the capacity to learn!

“The Student’s Prayer”

By Umberto Maturana (Chilean biologist)

Show me so that I can stand
On your shoulders.
Reveal yourself so that I can be
Something different.

Don’t impose on me what you know,
I want to explore the unknown
And be the source of my own discoveries.
Let the known be my liberation, not my slavery.

The world of your truth can be my limitation;
your wisdom my negation.
Don’t instruct me; let’s walk together.
Let my riches begin where yours ends.
Show me so that I can stand
on your shoulders.
Reveal yourself so that I can be
something different.
You believe that every human being
can love and create.
I understand, then, your fear
when I ask you to live according to your wisdom.
You will not know who I am
by listening to yourself.
Don’t instruct me; let me be.
Your failure is that I be identical to you.


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Logic is Clearly Vacant Here Along with Rational Debate!

Logic is Clearly Vacant Here Along with Rational Debate!


The Chancellor, George Osborne’s anti-austerity measures will have sucked £76bn more out of the economy than he expected by 2015, according to the International Monetary Fund.

TUC general secretary Brendan Barber said:

“The chancellor has repeatedly used the IMF as cover for his austerity strategy, despite warnings that deep spending cuts in the midst of a global turndown would make a bad situation worse. Now that the IMF has admitted spending cuts could hit the economy at least twice as hard as it previously thought, the government has all the evidence it needs to change course.” Read on >>>

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The Desecration of Childhood

The Desecration of Childhood


By Hwaa Irfan

After a read Trans Formation of America, which was a while ago, the autobiographical details of a MK-ULTRA victim of pedophilia denied me much needed sleep and pervaded my mind. The answer to a question as to what was happening to the disappearing children, the frequent cases of pedophilia, child sexual abuse at all levels of society, and at the top like the case with U.S.Billionaire Curtis Johnson was always there, but like many, it is an answer one does not want to know. What is behind the taking of children from their parents, when the reasons are always questionable treating the parent-child relationship as insignificant. Frequent reports would hit the mainstream, there would be uproar, disgust, vilification, but it would only die back down again, to resurface as one out of many cases that did not.

If there is one single reason for a society to feel completely and utterly ashamed of itself, it is the increasing lack of concept of childood. When this all started one cannot say, but a year after his death, the lifelong deeds of the aging English DJ, Jimmy Saville is still reverberating amongst British society, especially the English, and at the moment the pendulum swings from denial to blame. One citizen cried:

“The cover-up, if that’s what it is, was cultural, and that’s what we can’t get our heads around. It wasn’t just one person, it was everyone who gossiped, everyone who suspected and did nothing. Everyone who heard the rumours and said “don’t mention them”. But we, the public, need a convenient scapegoat.”

It does not sit well, to know that those we look up to, respect to some degree, enjoy the company of, if one is unfortunate, will submit to them as our betters, and our leaders could participate in such a thing, but Pluto rises, and with that rise has been coming all kinds of disclosures including those we do not want to know about.

A mother will look at her child differently, maybe not as how she seems her child, but how others, with less integrity will look at her child, and may even begin to realize that the sexual objectification of her child is no longer possible, and will throw out all the clothes that she can afford that makes her child look available. The women’s lib argument that a woman should be able to wear what she wishes is an argument without responsibility.

For those who do not know, Jimmy Savile was a liftime pedophile, and a necrophile, who as a hospital porter, and an aging DJ was sold to the public as the people’s favorite, as a T.V. presenter for good deeds and Top of the Pops. The trouble is Jimmy Savile’s secret was not quite secret, but was known by the corridors of power at the BBC, and with that was known by other British celebrities, some of which, like Gary Glitter, an aged rock star, was a pedophile.  Savile is said to have procured victims for Edward Health, former conservative M.P while survivors of the Haut La Garenne Jersey childrens home recall Heath as a frequent visitor.

The trouble is that this unforgiveable act goes deeper and wider than Jimmy Savile, and Edward Heath casting a long shadow across those who govern us. Whatever invesitgation is carried out will not reveal the truth to its public, the people who have right to choose who should govern them, and then dare to tell them how to raise their children, and spend millions of taxpayers money to massacre children in their foreign policies, through war, drugs, foods, vaccines etc. The 100-year secrecy on documents into the Dunblane killings in Scotland, in volving 16 primary school children, points to pedophilia. The same applies to George Farquhar who was sectioned (placed in a mental institution) by the Royal Edinburgh Hospital because he accused Lord Cullen, the same man who maintains the ban on Dunblane documents of a Masonic cover-up of paedophiles in Scotland’s elite.

Past reports have been removed, for example

MP aide facing porn charge,,2-2002400885,00.html

Child porn arrests ‘too slow’

But then there is the 1999 international investigation by the British National Criminal Intelligence Service carried out an of child pornographers and paedophiles (Operation Ore). In 2003, an investigation involved senior members of the much loved Blair administration involving young boys from an orphanage in Portugal, but Blair slapped a D-Notice/gag order under the security of the Gulf War.

But it does not change what has been done which to some is one of the faces of ponerology – the institutionalisation of satanic practices like free sex to make it acceptable, and applicable in population control, which raises the nafs to the level by which it controls you while they are free to do whatever in your name as exampled by the so-called misguided neo-liberalists-cum activists in Egypt, so busy caught up in reacting to an entity that has no control, i.e. the Muslims Brotherhood, thus destabilizing the country in favor of the old regime, and global governance.

Pedophilia in the MKULTRA Program

If one has grown acclimatized to the word “pedophile” with frequent media usage, then all it is, is when an adult has sex with a child. If one’s concept of ‘childhood’ got lost in the process, it is understandable given the sexual objectified images protrayed by such media giants as Walt Disney. If one is mistaken into believing that children today are like that then one should speak to a child who sexually objectifies themself, and learn the source of the problem in societies like the U.S. where freedom of expression means pedophile groups can believe they are being robbed of their right to trick-or-treat for the upcoming Halloween satanic ritual.

Once there is something pervasive and ongoing such as drug and human trafficking, all the well-meaning activists have to know that the pervasiveness of these crimes is rooted in the top = the elite of society, which benefits – in this case financially,  and as a part of population control management.

The same applies to pedophilia.

One such victim, was Cathy O’Brien and her daughter, it was a former Department of Defense contractor, Mark Phillips, who was able to save the mother, but not quite the daughter. Both were victims of prostitution at the infamous Behmeian Grove, pedophilia by her family, and top U.S officials. The abuse was systematic, an experiment, intended to educe her to someone who could totally controled. As part of the attempt to reclaim herself from years of ordeal Cathy wrote the Trans Formation of America. Why she gave it that title? In Cathy’s own words:

“It is my patriotic respect for the principles of truth, justice, and ultimately that freedom on which America was founded that compels me to expose the world domination motivations of those in control of our government, commonly referred to as the Shadow Government.

By taking back America NOW, we can maintain the integrity of our country’s history and future by detaining its destined course of being recognized world wide for the mind-control atrocities unleashed on humanity that literally begin where Adolph Hitler left off. Hitler’s version of world domination that he termed in 1939 the “New World Order” is currently being implemented through advanced technologies in, among others, genetic mind-control engineering by those in control of America.

Senator Daniel Inouye, (D. HI) commented about the operations of this secret government before a Senate Subcommittee and described it well as,

“…a shadowy government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fund raising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of ’national interest’, free from all checks and balances and free from the law itself.”

Read Trans-Formation of America before it is too late!

“While I am free to speak my mind, Kelly, now 17, is not so fortunate. Kelly has yet to receive rehabilitation for her shattered personality and programmed young mind. The high tech sophistication of the Project Monarch trauma-based mind-control procedures she endured, literally since birth, reportedly requires highly specialized, qualified care to aid her in eventually gaining control of her mind and life. Due to the political power of our abusers, all efforts to obtain her inalienable right to rehabilitation and seek justice have been blocked under the guise of so-called “National Security”.

“As a result, Kelly remains untreated in the custody of the State of Tennessee-a victim of the system—a system controlled and manipulated by our abusive government “leaders” – a system where State Forms make no allowances to report military TOP SECRET abuses – a system which exists due to federal funding directed by our perverse, corrupt abusers in Washington, D.C. She remains a political prisoner in the custody of the State of Tennessee to this moment, waiting and hurting!

“Violations of laws and rights, Psychological Warfare intimidation tactics, threats to our lives, and various other forms of CIA Damage Containment practices thus far have remained unhindered and unchecked due to the National Security Act of 1947 AND the 1986 Reagan Amendment to same which allows those in control of our government to censor and/or cover-up anything they choose. Now, with our country free from outside threats as a result of the fall of the Soviet Union, our “free press” is reportedly no longer encumbered by censorship. This fact alone should free us to pursue justice, but it has not. Please ask why.

“Hence the purpose of releasing this book at this time. After seven long years of being unjustly and painfully separated from my daughter, while our abusers have had full access to her through a corrupt and manipulated system, it is my fervent hope and intent to solicit help from you in the form of advice, expertise, and public outcry concerning this very solvable problem.”

Before anyone blames the mother, her father was a pedophile, and her mother was a victim, of pedophilia.  Cathy was a victim from when she started weaning. Cathy and her brothers were victims of her father, and uncles, who would go out into the countryside for “camping” trips i.e. gang rape the children. Cathy was also farmed out to her father’s freinds as income. As such, Cathy developed Multiple Personality Disordered/Disassociative Disorder. Those with MPD have a a visual accuracy, and photographic memory 44 times greater than the average person. To prevent imprisonment,Cathy’s father was introduced into the MK-Ultra Project Monarch program, which was ‘collecting children at the time’. Cathy was introduced to MK-ULTRA through former president Jerry Ford, via Uncle Sam O’Brien.

What happened to her daughter?

I could not prevent the traumatic mind-control abuses Kelly endured due to my own victimization, yet she is depending on me now to expose the truth and enlist the help that the Juvenile Court has restrained her from seeking. I dedicate this book to Kelly, and all others like her, and to every American unaware of the mind-control atrocities prevailing in this country.

What Americans don’t know is destroying them from the inside out. Knowledge is our only defense against mind control. It is time to WAKE UP and arm ourselves with the truth, restore the constitutional values of freedom and justice for all, to retroactively enforce the 13th Amendment, and take back America!

How many more of our children are going to be abused, raped of their own identity, self, worth, self resepct, and self appreciation. How many of these children will grow up to become sociopaths in one form or another. How many will grow to become parents who commit incest on their own children. How many of of these children will grow up never able to participate in the very life they have become frightened of! If our present is worse than our past, what if the children of the past, have become the adults of today running our lives! Cathy’s father and mother were products of multigenerational pedophilia

“My father’s brothers and sister were all sexually and (occult) ritually abused just as he was”, with relatives connected to the top who were also pedophiles.

“My brother, now 37, remains psychologically locked into those traumatic childhood years and is obsessed with Disney themes and productions to this day. His house is decorated in Disney memorabilia, he wears Disney clothes, listens to my father’s instructions on his Disney telephone, and maintains “When You Wish Upon a Star” as his favorite song, which has locked his children into the same theme.”

To be controlled by fear…

This is not some psycho-babble mega-movie, but a reality for the few that is about to become a reality for the many. Cathy served as an experiment that would wear down political opponents leaving them open to suggestion.Ponerology is the name given by Polish psychiatrist Andrzej Łobaczewski. Coverign many disciplines it aims to explain social injustice including ethnic cleansing, policed states. It is the science of the study of evil, using evil/satanic (‘poneros’ from the Greek to mean evil) practices to achieve political ends.

“Once the process of poneric (evil) transformation (to a pathocracy) … has begun and advanced sufficiently, they perceive this fact with almost infallible sensitivity: a circle has been created wherein they can hide their failings and psychological differentness, find a world where they are in power and all those other, “normal people”, are forced into servitude.” – Andrzej Łobaczewski

One of Cathy’s ‘handlers’ was T.V. show presenter Alex Houston and CIA operative, an evil man who had her regularly impregnated and aborted by Houston himself. Houston applied the latest “technology” as it was referred to which came from Alabama’s NASA mind-control training center. Cathy became Houston’s wife, while Houston remained her main ‘handler.’ The country-music industry not only provided a good cover, but had a role in CIA “covert operations.”

The powers that be know how to manipulate a mind, and hence a population with industries from education, film, to marketing as tools. That is why we cannot explain some of what is happening, because it comes out of the minds of those who have an entirely different perspective on life. They live in a different world, where anything that gives them more power, and more money is done without a second thought. They derange the mind of a person so that thet can have commitment to nothign and no  one, making the ideal citizen with few ideals. To a psychopath people are things that when their purpose is done, they become disposable. They know more about the power of the mind then anyone one of us, unless the human spirit rises to awaken to its true potential if we were to Occupy our hearts and Occupy our minds as God intended!

The information has been out for  a while now,  not because the fear factor is less, which it is not, but becuase all systems are in place, and taking affect becuase we do not know the capabilities of our own mind, becuase they have dragged us down to our basic desires. Once we can rise above those desires, no longer be controlled by those base desires, the world and the souls of thousands of children past and present can begin to heal, and breathe again!


“BBC Permits Employees to Operate as Pedophiles.”

Seenan, G. “Call to Lift Veil of Secrecy over Dunblane.”


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