Europe’s Population ‘Management’ Agenda in Yemen.

Europe’s Population ‘Management’ Agenda in Yemen.

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In The Spermicide in Your Food!? I toyed with the notion that recent developments: amassing military control via Libya, and other African countries forming a belt from east to west in the name of Al-Qaeda, a S.A.R.S. like virus in Saudi Arabia (that might be bioengineered for Arabs) and geoengineering that some scientists believe would affect Middle East, and North Africa were pincer movements towards population reduction – sounds far fetched doesn’t it, but add to it, Germany’s contribution to population control for Yemen, and what does one  have!

If one was wondering which of the many places one’s nations budget was being employed not to one’s benefit, then look to the global agenda’s population control of developing nations – the countries that use the least of the world’s resources, but supply the world with the most natural resources, which can be encapsulated by the former advisor to Jimmy Carter, and advisor to President Obama, Zbigniew Brzezinski.

“In earlier times it was easier to control a million people than physically to kill a million people. Today it is infinitely easier to kill a million people then to control a million people.

A member of the global governing Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission, and Council for Foreign Relations, the organization that directs global goverment policies like Brzezinski’s notion of genocide has been practiced in many forms since WWII.  What has become lifestyle norms for, many global birth control programs are administered through global institutions like the World Health Organization and the World Bank to reduce targeted populations to help maintain control of a country or region.

A new fund has been undertaken by the UN’s Population Fund (UNFPA) and the German Development Bank (KfW) to make sure population control is applied in U.S-controled Yemen whwere the Arab Spring has had little mainstream media attention.

To this end, €8 million has been given from the director of the German Bank Bernd Schönewald.  In 2010, the German Development Bank put €4.5 million Euros to sell population reduction through TV adds and other dissemination outlets.

Since 2005 KfW Entwicklungsbank has been cooperating closely with the Yemen Ministry of Public Health, hwoever the focus is not health, but says KfW health expert Bettina Zoch:

“We are focusing on the topic of health and the risks that too many births pose for mothers and children, and on the topic that having too many children brings poverty.”

A curious preoccupation to have in the midst of debt crisis that still threatens to prevent a one government Europe, but not so curious when one considers that it is a part of the One Government, One Planet plan to erode the barriers of sovereignties, and reduce targeted populations in certain developing countries.  Even more curious since the dust has not settled yet in Yemen from the time their Arab Spring began in January 2011, one month before Egypt! Yemeni women have been very active since, in the protests as organizers and leaders.

“Women are no longer victims, they have become leaders, they are at the forefront of the demonstrations… The participation of young people, men and women, without any ideological or political background, has made this movement explode”. Tawakkul Karman (Yemeni), activist, journalist, and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.

But since the inauguration of a national transitional unity government in December 2011, fighting continues as it did before the Arab Spring, with a massive upshot in attacks on U.S. installations, with U.S. presence in Yemen. There have been 27 US military and CIA strikes involving cruise missiles, aircraft, drones or naval bombardments which have led to the attacks in US installations,  and American presence seems to have ignored that there is a national transitional unity government with the Pentagon’s elite Joint Special Operations Command, JSOC very present and active as on December 17, 2009 when they launched at least one cruise missile loaded with cluster bombs In South Yemen killing 14 alleged militants and 44 civilians. Those civilians included massacre of 8 families, five pregnant women and 22 children, the youngest just a year old.

What Yemen is in global elite terms is the 32nd biggest oil exporter and 16th largest seller of natural gas, a money spinning natural resource that has been undermined by the ongoing fighting. When Yemen first agreed to population controling its nation, it was under pro-U.S. now deposed President Saleh, but the U.S. has little credibility in the current Yemen, at least so it seems.

The mistake that many Muslim liberalists make in their bid for freedom from dictatorship, is that liberty equals the right to choose when the choice given as in the West is actually a global governance deal to reduce population because they see growing populations in developing countries as:

a)      Strategic threat politically

b)      Less able to control

c)      Using resources that they want for their continued wealth and power

These reasons are not present in the marketing campaign by Koch, to cn.onvinceYemeni’s to have less children – a campaign that has used and will use popular actors to get the message across.

“… developed a contraceptive product line of its own under the brand name Protec. The Protec products are being sold by pharmacies and other private sales outlets and are very affordable, putting family planning within reach of many poor people for the first time. The success is reflected by very high sales figures. From 2007 up to early 2010, 5.5 million Protec condoms, one million monthly cycles of oral contraceptives and 348,000 units of three-month injectables were sold, and 85,000 IUDs were inserted in Yemen.” From the 2010 press release:

“These very good figures are an achievement of the broad education campaigns. The spots are broadcast not only on television and in cinemas. Rural villages hold public assemblies where the educational and health films are shown to hundreds and thousands of women. Theater shows are now being performed in schools to reach adolescents, many of whom have not had any sex education. Hairdressers are being advised on how to approach the topic of contraception and HIV in casual conversation with their customers. In mass weddings with up to 200 couples, the Foundation distributes surprise bags with educational material. Village fairs now include quiz shows with educational questions that are particularly popular because of the attractive prizes.”

The German campaign was successful then, and now they have a chance to do it all over again, with the real intent  expressed by German Development Bank Deputy Head of Mission at the German Embassy Philip Holzapfel

“since resources are limited and if no curve in population growth is registered, it will be difficult for Yemen to extricate itself from a state of humanitarian crisis.”

Come on… are we supposed to believe a country that does not like Arabs (the experience of visiting Egyptians) are that concerned about how Yemen manages its resources for its population!

“As Chancellor Angela Merkel said when president Hadi visited Berlin,

‘One only needs to have a look at the map to understand how important Yemen is.’”


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