No More Lessons on Holocaust in Jordan*

No More Lessons on Holocaust in Jordan*

Jordanian teachers say they would refuse to teach Holocaust studies at schools run by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA), as it would harm “the Palestinian cause.”

The Executive Committee of UNRWA teachers in Jordan said in a statement on Monday that the subject would not be included in this year’s curriculum taught in schools run by the UN agency in Palestinian refugee camps.

“We condemn this decision, which equates the butcher and the victim,” the statement said, calling on the UN agency to introduce courses on the Palestinian “right of return” to their occupied lands and the history of 1948 war with the Israeli regime.

The UN agency runs 172 schools in 10 refugee camps in Jordan, providing education for more than 122,000 students. The association of UNRWA staff approved a ban last year to instruction of Holocaust studies in schools run by UNRWA. However, the teachers believed that the ban was still binding.

“We shall monitor the curriculum being taught under the title ‘concepts of human rights’ [which is] aimed at reducing [Palestinian] students’ awareness of the right of return,” the statement added.

“Teaching UNRWA students about the so-called ‘Holocaust’ as part of human rights harms the Palestinian cause… And changes the students’ views regarding their main enemy, namely the Israeli occupation.”

Since 2009, the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has strongly opposed teaching Holocaust to children at UN-run schools in the besieged Gaza Strip.



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