Shaky Times for Global Elite’s Economics

Shaky Times for Global Elite’s Economics

By Hwaa Irfan

It has been a rough ride for the past couple of years as the global economic crisis began to set in. With revelation after revelation of the extent to which our economic system is rigged to filter all wealth, and earth’s resources from the bottom (us) to the top (them), while more any more people go hungry, homeless and wanton. The irony is that the information has always been there, but many of us were too wrapped up in their clever art of deception (and some still are) to realize that we have been reduced down to our basic human needs to even consider that we are more than what they have reduced us to become , with our permission. The more we become aware of how little we have been in control of our lives, the more we began to reshape our personal lives according to our true essence, the less power we give them to continue.

At the same time, for many the whole realization process has been too overwhelming, too disempowering along with the Big Brother methods that have been put in place to police everything we say, do, and even the money we earn (the cashless society). To those of us still caught in the Matrix, do not ever believe that it is impossible to change things around!

Someone, somewhere, is acting in our best interest along with the heavens at God’s orchestration. 2012 has been just about that, a realignment has been taking place which has brought the flotsam and jetsam of our lives to the fore, both on a personal level, and a societal-global level.

Can we afford to breath with more corrupt bankers caught red handed? Maybe not, for we still have a long way to go, but at least we are being given the choice to continue the lies our lives have been built upon, destroying the human spirit within all of us, and, to face the truth so we may begin to live more honourable lives.

The example was set by the much misunderstood youth of Egypt, and has been ricocheting in many ways around the world.

In terms of the rigged global economic system that standard was set by the people of Iceland with a process that began quietly with the dawn of the global economic crisis in 2008. In their April 09 2011 Referendum they voted to opt out of the global economic system, followed by the formulation of a Constitution by the people for the people. Then Iceland set about arresting 9 corrupt bankers in London and Reykjavik.

More recently with American mortgage owners taking banks to court over Libor, which meant that they were being forced to pay unaffordable exorbitant interest rates set by London, an EU Commissioner was forced to resign amidst a fraud investigation.

Money is running out for our global governors, and they are seeking desperate measures including war to regain their wealth, as well as tie up the worlds’ resources in their favour. This has made the ordinary man, woman and child their enemy, hence the compulsion to silence/disempower all that stands in their way with no promises of the liberties they allowed us to get accustomed to or wanting from the past. The all out push to subjugate the world to their governance under the banner of one government, one planet, has led to billions being pumped into their infrastructure, and severe austerity measures for the ordinary man, woman and child – a shock treatment to subservience. Yet, despite those billions, it is not working with two more banks (First East Side Savings Bank of Tamarac, Florida and  Excel Bank of Sedalia, Mo.,) out of 46 in the U.S. Bank takeovers in the pipeline of course, with the small ones getting smaller/nonexistent, and the large banks getting bigger, more centralized towards the Rothschilds and Rockefellers who have teamed up to buy assets from banks and other distressed sellers, but who is going to be boss!

Yet, despite these moves, the main actor, but not the main player, Rothschild’s has a severe money energy leak!

As bankers (Steven Goldberg, Peter Grimm and Dominick Carollo) were sentenced to 3 – 4 years for defrauding cities and the U.S. Internal Revenue Service in a bid-rigging scheme involving municipal bonds in the U.S., Rothschild is facing his own nemesis.

Nat Rothschild in the front fourth from the right, alongside Chancellor George Osborne, far left, at Oxford University’s Bullingdon Club in 1992!

Nat Rothschild in the front fourth from the right, alongside Chancellor George Osborne, far left, at Oxford University’s Bullingdon Club in 1992!

The untouchable Rothschild Empire in the form of Nathaniel Rothschild has been forced to step down as director of Bumi coalmines in Indonesia from losing investors three quarters of their money according to Daily Mail amidst allegations of financial impropriety and email hacking. The accusations were not just coming from the Indonesian elite family, the Bakrie family, but also from Rothschild installed Sir Julian Horn-Smith, former deputy chief executive of Vodafone. Where money is concerned there is no real allegiance, and that rift is beginning to manifest. To say the least, Lord Rothschild is not too pleased with his errant son, but what can one expect of a child that has been bought, and manufactured by his father and not at liberty to have an identity of his own.

The Rothschild’s and the Rockefeller’s have left a very important piece of the puzzle out of the picture, if there are no consumers for how much longer can the buyers keep buying! If the consumers are all drugged in one form or another, or have their minds capped, depopulated, and human spirit removed, what kind of workforce can one have to perpetuate one’s wealth! The Federal Reserve printing of money for the past two years is clearly not cutting it, as yet another banker, Rajat K. Gupta a former Goldman Sachs (which hides the level of debt incurred by Greece and U.K.) employee, for lack of confidentiality and not corruption, which only highlights how tenuous the situation is for the company!


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