The Islam You Don’t Know!*

The Islam You Don’t Know!*

Written in response to an article entitled: “Barack Obama Lied about Religions,” was written in response to Obama’s attack on Islam after the “Innocence of Muslims” went viral, minority Muslim protests led to anti-U.S. protests, the assassination of a U.S. ambassador and the burning of what turned out to be a CIA base – the U.S. consulate in Libya.

It must be remembered that Obama is acting on behalf of the governors of U.S. governance, the Council for Foreign Relations, which as a part of the Rothschild and Rockefeller dynasties, the Tavistock Institute, and therefore global governance who wish to eliminate anything that presents an obstacle to their control of us, the providers of their real wealth by setting one up faith up against the other. Psychoanalyst Carl Jung was aware of this when he wrote in The Undiscovered Self (1958):

“The individual who is not anchored in God can offer no resistance on his own resources to the physical and moral blandishments of the world. For this he needs the evidence of inner, transcendent experience which alone can protect him from the otherwise inevitable submersion in the mass. Merely intellectual or even moral insight into the stultification and moral irresponsibility of the mass man is a negative recognition only and amounts to not much more than a wavering on the road to the atomization of the individual. It lacks the driving force of religious conviction, since it is merely rational. The dictator State has one great advantage over bourgeois reason; along with the individual it swallows up his religious forces. The State has taken the place of God; that is why, seen from this angle, the socialist dictatorships are religions and State slavery is a form of worship.”

By Sayyed Mortaza Mirseradji

Many critical questions which are raised about Islam with the intention of calling into question and supposedly undermining the tenets and principles of Islam stem from the ignorance of people or their apparent animosity with this divine religion. Some others are truly unaware and uninformed about Islam and ask questions to learn more, but don’t know how to achieve this end. And there is a group of people who intentionally and willfully want to deliver a blow to the religion and so, use the unawareness of ordinary people, selectively choose some parts of the realities and aggrandize that part and present it as a challenge for and shortcoming in the religion, while it’s evident that their objective is to sow the seeds of sedition. Hereby, we present some basic facts and then try to respond to the witty and astute statements of Mr. Bob Johnson regarding the divine religions in general, and Islam in particular.

The philosophy of the emergence of divine religions has been the establishment of peace and creation of tranquility for the human being.

Colloquially, religion is referred to a set of divine commandments pertaining to material and spiritual affairs, transmitted to the human being by the prophets of God. The philosophy of the emergence of divine religions in the human societies has been creating peaceful and healthy relationships among all the human beings based on what the Almighty God wants the man to be.

Religion marks the difference between the man and the animal. It can be inferred from the verses of the Holy Qur’an that prior to Creation and the descending of Adam, a group of savage and bloodthirsty people lived on the Earth who were gradually brought to extinction and disappeared.

Upon the creation of Adam, whom the Muslims consider a holy prophet, the angels were surprised at God’s special attention to him, because they considered him to be similar to those savage and brutal people in terms of appearance and physical attributes. The Almighty God obviated their ambiguity through entrusting a divine knowledge and religion to Adam; so, religion is the basis of difference of mankind with all the other living things and its prerequisite is wisdom and mind and this is something which the primary mans lacked. As a result, all the religions and holy books which were revealed to the holy prophets, included a complete plan for the material and spiritual affairs of all the human beings and were sent upon the man from the extraterrestrial world so that he may not spend his life like the animals and unintelligent man in barbarity and blood-spilling, but to live a life full of rationality and peace.

In the history of divine religions, some major prophets were simply inspired for a certain period of time or place and this was the Almighty God’s providence and expediency. Among all of the prophets, it was Prophet Muhammad who offered to the human being the last and most complete religion with the direct permission of the Almighty God. Therefore, what is lawful in his religion will remain lawful until the doomsday and what is unlawful in his religion will remain unlawful until the day of resurrection.

Lexically, it is taken of the root of “Salam” in Arabic which means to be submissive to the rule of God. Muslim means somebody who is submissive and obedient to the rule of God, His prophet and the other religious leaders. Since Islam is the last divine religion, there are different rules and laws in it. These rules are manifested in the Holy Qur’an, the tradition of Prophet Muhammad and the sayings and behavior of the holy saints and leaders. The teachings and commandments of Islam encompass a variety of issues. It might be interesting for you to know that in Islam, different subjects, from the medical benefits of garlic and onion to the existence of aliens, rules pertaining to sexual issues, the rights of animals, the principles of communication and socialization, the ways of governing a society and administration of justice, have been discussed.

The Holy Qur’an
Every instrument or tool which the man invents has a special catalogue or manual. The sayings and traditions of Prophet Muhammad in general, and the Holy Qur’an in particular, are examples of methods and correct models for human life; whether material or spiritual. These sources are the manuals of a prosperous and happy life.

Let’s imagine that even a small company has its certain rules and regulations, or a washing machine or cell phones which have their own manuals and guidelines. The essence and nature of human being, from the eyes of divine religions, are so precious and dignified that they cannot be considered insignificant and infinitesimal and left without planning and guidance. So it’s not acceptable that the human being be left without a premeditated programming and direction. Therefore, in the thought of all the divine religions, especially Islam which is the most complete and the last divine religion, all issues concerning the life of man has been planned and programmed by the Almighty God and these plans are transmitted to the man through prophets.

All the prophets are symbols of benevolence and kindness
In the Holy Qur’an, Prophet Muhammad has been referred to as “last divine prophet” and a “prophet of kindness and benevolence for the people of the world.” In his lifestyle and tradition, there’s ample evidence of his kindness and kindheartedness. He was even affectionate and friendly to his own enemies and history attests to this claim.

A large group of people in the city of Mecca insulted Prophet Muhammad, threw stones at him and poured down on him the dirty and stinky rumen and tripe of camel and threatened him to death; however, Prophet Muhammad, the apostle of kindness and compassion, never affronted or threatened them and even never took revenge on them when he came to power and this shows his utmost magnanimity and nobility. Abu Sufyan who was one of the pagans of Mecca and an adamant enemy of Prophet Muhammad had always hated the prophet and eve went into war with him. As soon as he left the misery of heresy and embraced the honor of belief in God and monotheism, the Holy Prophet forgave him and ignored his wrongdoing. Abu Sufyan’s wife who was a pagan like him and attempted to kill prophet’s uncle was forgiven by Prophet Muhammad as soon as he turned to Islam and abandoned the useless idols. Even Wahshi who killed prophet’s uncle, sought refuge in prophet and embraced Islam and as a result, Prophet Muhammad excused him.

In the statements and tradition of Prophet Muhammad, paying attention to the destitute, children, women, disable people and hostages were of high importance. During his lifetime, he never oppressed anyone, and was the true incarnation of compassion and mercy. His benevolence even reached to the environment and animals, let alone the human beings that had a prominent position in his transcendent thought.

All the divine religions, especially Islam, are the representation of peace and kindness
In actuality, all the divine religions promote peace and compassion and this claim is validated by the teachings of Islam which is the last divine religion. Pay attention to the following items:

1- The word “Salam” which is one of the Almighty God’s names means “peace and tranquility” and it’s strongly recommended to Muslims to say “Salam” to each other as a sign of greeting. Interestingly, if one meets you and says “Salam” (hello), you will be committing a sin if you don’t say “Salam” in his response. This is one of the subtleties of Islam and a delicacy in the behavior of Muslims who present to each other peace and tranquility as a precious gift, and if someone says Salam to you, it means that you’ll be protected and saved from harm by him.

2- The very name Islam and the word Muslim which come from a common origin are congenial to the word “Salam” which means peace and tranquility. Islam and Muslim are laid in a context of peace and tranquility.

3- There are 114 Surahs (chapters) in Qur’an of which 113 Surahs begin with the phrase “In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate” and in one Surah, the phrase has been repeated twice, and thus the number of Surahs starting with this phrase amount to 114. Which religion has talked about the kindness of the Almighty God in such a delicate way and repeats a phrase which frequently speaks of benevolence and kindness? Unquestionably, the followers of this faith are kind and affectionate to everybody and it’s demonstrated to the people around the world that Muslims are the best minorities everywhere in the world.

4- It’s one of the teachings of Islam that every endeavor which is not started with the phrase “In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate,” will be futile, meaning that along with remembering the name of God, kindness and compassion should always accompany important efforts and endeavors.

5- There are numerous verses in the Holy Qur’an which call on the people and invite them to brotherhood, equality, taking note of each others goodness, doing good deeds, being considerately kind and benevolent to parents, righteous speech, righteous thought, righteous performance, clemency and forgiveness, being careful about each others situation in times of difficulty, etc. and it will demand tens of pages to mention all of these verses.

6- Prophet Muhammad never waged any war to bring Islam to other countries because it’s mentioned in the Holy Quran that “there’s no compulsion in religion,” meaning that nobody embraced Islam with force. This has been demonstrated in the history of Islam, in cases such as Yemen when Prophet Muhammad was still alive. The growth of Islam in such regions as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and especially the African countries has taken place quite peacefully and without any war. It might be interesting to note that Islam was brought to many countries by the merchants, because all of the intelligent and oppressed people of the world relate to Islam very quickly. Verily, Islam is the best worldview. Portraying a savage and aggressive picture of Prophet Muhammad is a real atrocity and a great injustice about the prophet of kindness and compassion, and we will be talking about this issue in the following parts of the article.

7- In Islam, it’s forbidden to disrespect the women and no culture is as elevated and exalted as Islam to explicate the importance of women in creation and their lofty position in such an elaborate manner. We will be talking about this issue in the third part of the article.

8- According to Islamic teachings, it’s forbidden to torture or molest other people. Every unfair and inequitable action and whatever rejected by intellect is denied in Islam. Enmity is unacceptable in Islam, and if two people altercate and continue being at odds with each other for more than 3 days, they will be considered as non-Muslims. Divorce is reprimanded in Islam, because love and companionship are two important priorities. Supporting the children, the old people and encouraging others to studentship and scholarship, almsgiving and earning a living through legal and permissible means and avoiding deception and fraud and thousands of other humanitarian gestures are strongly recommended in Islam.

9- In each division of their prayers, the Muslims repeat the words “compassionate” and “merciful” 6 times and during the whole day prayers, they repeat these words 60 times. The Muslims are immersed in kindness and benevolence and this is even manifested in the text of their prayers.

10- Pay attention to these Arabic words and their meaning:
Maqfirat (salvation), Latif (kind), Rahim (kind), Tawwab (accepting the repentance of the wrongdoer), Kareem (benevolent), Ra’uf (compassionate), Wadud (lover), Wase’ (creating easiness), Wahhab (benefactor), Quds (purity), Ber (goodness), Khayr (goodness), Ihsan (kindness), Salm (peace), Sedq (truth), Tayyeb (pure), Salhiaat (rightful deeds), ‘Elm (science), Hub (love), Ajr (the reward of good deed), Olfat (friendliness), Ne’mat (blessing), Wafi (fidelity), Rushd (intellectual growth), Tafakkur (thinking), Tadabbur (deep thinking), Bast (expansion of earning), Fateh (opener of windows).

Do you believe that these Quranic words and their derivations have been repeated in the Holy Qur’an more than 3,000 times?

11- It’s a famous statement by the Prophet Muhammad which reads, “A true Muslim is someone of whose hand and tongue, the other people are in comfort and protection.”


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