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Who and What are You Voting for!

Who and What are You Voting for!

From Alexandra

This clip makes it pretty clear as to what Bain Capital and its CEO were up to throughout the 1990s and it explains the real source of Mitt Romney’s phenomenal success as an asset manager. So much of this information is publicly available, it is shocking that it’s never previously been presented so clearly.

Firstly, Mitt Romney’s close relationship with George Bush Sr. and Dick Cheney are newsworthy — and it’s also newsworthy that these close ties have NOT been in the news.

Secondly, the “Bain Game” played by Romney: when he left the management consulting firm, Bain & Company in 1989 to form his own company, of which he was the President, CEO and the sole stockholder, the name of his new company was “Bain Capital.”

What? He left Bain & Company to form Bain Capital, a corporation with no legal ties to his former boss, Bill Bain?

As the President, CEO and sole stockholder of Bain Capital, Romney could write checks, contracts, audits — he could do anything without ever having to explain anything to anyone about what went on at that company. He had specifically set up Bain Capital in such a way that he could operate incomplete secrecy. Why?

On July 19, 2012, the Los Angeles Times reported that Mitt Romney’s super-secret Bain Capital had managed to pay out the staggeringly unreal average yearly return of 173% to its investors — for over a decade!

Most of the funds which investors put into Bain Capital were channeled through corporations set up in Panama, long known to be a haven of secretive banking — and of cocaine money laundering. The State Department officially refers to Panama as the “Primary repository and conduit for Colombian and Mexican narco-trafficking cartels.”

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Test the Poor until they are Brain Dead, and Educate the Rich!

Test the Poor until they are Brain Dead, and Educate the Rich!

By Hwaa Irfan

Sometimes, a vague picture reveals its hidden mystery in the flicker of an eye – momentarily one has the whole picture, and then it evaporates, in this case amidst years of myth building that the general masses were being educated at all! What actually happens is a lopsided development of the individual, orientated towards left brain thinking, dwindling the notions of the right brain that inspires the human spirit. Left brain thinkers are more malleable after all in the greater globalist scheme of things.

Left Brain

Right Brain

Logic oriented
Detail oriented
Facts rule
Words and language
Present and past
Math and Science
knows object name
reality based
forms strategies

Feelings oriented
“big picture” oriented
imagination rules
symbols and images
present and future
philosophy & religion
can “get it” (i.e. meaning)
spatial perception
knows object function
presents possibilities
risk taking

Forced to make a compromise more than less opt for what we are entrained/schooled for, left brain thinking. This places a person in an abnormal situation, sacrificing the other half of who they are – the holistic self. However, ‘scientists’ try to convince us that the right brain is a default processing of spatial relations, when the left brain or left hemisphere of the brain became focused on physical reality or the 3 dimensional world. What they don’t tell you has become evident in schooling today, the persistent violence, brutal competitiveness, which results in inferiority complexes, and the perpetual feeling of never being good enough! To maintain this pseudo reality, a left brain thinker:

Cannot conceive of anything outside facts and figures, both of which are manipulated daily by the mass media

  • They can only see one side of the argument, like the corporate man, globalists, and the global elite.
  • They can never be decisive as in Europe’s ‘debt crisis’
  • They are always insensitive like most modern day leaders.
  • They are creatures of habit, unable to create alternatives, so there is only one way, their way.

When all of that is programmed via the media, subliminally speaking, we have what we have got, an unoccupied world where people ask for more of the same that does not give a damn about them!

This is the nature of national education, to hone the ordinary individual into a viable product in service the state, which serves the elite. The trouble is in the globalized education system, there are those who break the rules, either as educators or as students, but they do not represent the majority.

In the EU One Government, One Planet scheme of things, meat, real food, education, and private property is for the rich and synthetic foods, constant testing (both formal and informal), herd immunization, and rented accommodation is for the rest of us. Do we not see the evidence now:

  • Downgraded schooling
  • Fewer schools
  • A high price on higher education
  • Homeownership a fragile, but growing reality
  • Organic foods that need less ‘additives’ and manipulation are more expensive than the processed, and synthetic variety
  • The privatization of water
  • Reduced access to alternative health and enforced access to mass immunization for a growing list of diseases we never knew were a threat let alone existed!

In comes education historian, and former White House policy maker, Diane Ravitch, referred to as the “the preeminent expert on education” by Mayor Rahm Emanuel spun a different picture of education that may have put a few smiles on the faces of real educators and pupils alike. At a recent talk at the Chicago City Club, Ravitch ravaged the imperial brainwash and 1uite blatantly told the audience that there is no education reform going on, in Chicago at least, that beating up teachers will only reduce the teaching population, how poverty is the single greatest determinant on how a child will perform, and that real change will begin with serious investment in everything from pre-school to the arts, and better prenatal healthcare! In other words:

“In schools for the rich, children get taught. In schools for the poor, children get tested.”


The only trouble is, it might take a revolution to create the inevitable which is far from the minds of the global elite, and asking for more of the same whether it is Obama, Romney or whoever will not cut it!


Joravsky, B. “Governor Quinn brings Diane Ravitch to Chicago.”

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