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Mass Suicide of a People Impending

Mass Suicide of a People Impending


When hope in relief from the current global economic system was raised with the formation of the BRIC countries challenging the status quo as representatives of emerging countries (a strange term), that could replace the U.S-Europe polarization, with it came hope for a fairer world. Unfortunately, that is not necessarily the case as represented by Brazil and their treatment of the Guarani-Kaiowá, an indigenous people not recognized by the globalized world.

If the current situation continues unabated, we might come to remember them as the people who committed collective/mass suicide as the Doctrine of Discovery (the basis of colonialism) continues to be practiced even though it may not be recognized as such.

Their announcement that they will commit collective suicide comes as a result of a long process of humiliation, abuse and deprivation by the Brazilian government, which is summed up by the Brazilian Federal Court’s ruling to evict the Guarani-Kaiowá from their own land in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul.

In the State of Mato Grosso do Sul there exists 100 indigenous reserves and 20 conservation areas, all of which has been plundered since 2010 for wood. This only not fares well for the Guarani-Kaiowá, but as Earth-Keepers, it does not fare-well for the Brazilian environment with the massive eruption in deforestation taking place. This eruption was triggered by a change in the codes of the Chamber of Deputies.

According to Maria Helena Rangel, Coordinator of the Report of Violence against Indigenous Peoples in Brazil, and the indigenous Missionary Council (Cimi):

“There is a direct relationship between the changes provided for in the code and the increase of deforestation. Have people wanting to create facts on the ground in order to receive amnesty. It is an act of vandalism, of barbarism.”

What will they do when there are no trees left to chop down? What will they do when the rain dissipates, and along with it food and water security?

With that violation there have been frequent occurrences of violence against the Guarani-Kaiowá. With that violence comes death, which in global government terrorism is a negligible 34 fatalities in 2011, but in Guarani-Kaiowá terms these 34 lives represents 56% of what is left of them – probably a result of ethnic cleansing, hence why the Federal Court can no evict them.

“We can say that the Brazilian Authorities, the Executive, the legislative and the judiciary, act against the indigenous population in the country. There is a tendency to disregard, belittling and disrespecting the natives in the country,” said Rangel to Agência Brasil .

The problem is not the Brazilian authorities alone, but includes Paraguay.  In the Guarani-Kaiowá statement to the Supreme Court of Paraguay, they shared the following:

The Jasuka Band is one of the biggest hills and more significant for us Pai Tavyterá. In Our Great Grandfather I believe and land development, the first man and everything that exists in the world: animals, plants, waters. The original matter I think, the Jasuka, which is stored, deposited in the sacred peaks of Jasuka Venda, former possession of our ancestors originating in the territory Guarani-Kaiowá.

Over forty years ago, our trust and full occupation of valuable places began to receive complaints, to suffer disposals of all types, strange noises, disturbing of large machines and very strange and cruel human frightened us cornered, and Desmaras with unknown speed all kinds of wildlife that housed our revered territory. Moreover, the same Jasuka Venda became defiled by introducing and developing large tracts of pasture, large numbers of cattle … And the rest, subjected to crop devastation sojales final without visible boundaries.

Given the above evils and attentive to all the worst that we announced in future Consequently, our new and newborn Joaju Reta Pai Association, asked the leading authorities of Paraguay, in our name and committed participation as a people, Sell Jasuka for the office and return to our possession. Thus, we would be in rehabitarlo conditions, to return to that place in their own cultural practices to work effective in restoring the balance right and proper that had global and national been disturbed by the greed and ruthlessness of those new foreign owners Stationery followers. They do not understand or deal with the sacred principle of the word, Ayvy Our enduring legacy of ancestral Great Grandfather originated.

Not long, by 1993, the authorities responded positively to our application. They ordered the return of a good part of that our invaluable Sacred Place Jasuka Venda. Failed to reach even ten thousand hectares, documented in the name of Reta Pai Joaju our Association, through its management We manage relevant according to our own use practices, conservation and, according to national laws, international force. In different instances were fully satisfied.

But that insatiable greed and meanness returned with their threats, their violations incorrigible again to undermine our peace and exercise sovereign rights in Jasuka Venda. The same neighbor adjoining owner without familiar face from just under a hundred thousand hectares of forest destroyed to implement consumer-oriented farms across the border came to pass, to wire up our survey on about 500 hectares, to be dismembered definitive title of ownership Jasuka enjoy in Venda. This occurs because of resolution irregular taken by a local court Amambay Department.

Therefore, we demand that the Supreme Court of the Republic of Paraguay restore our rights violated, so that our people and the whole nation back “to its normal balance, “governed by the law and justice.

The Paraguayan government by decree No. 7685 of November 1.990, hereby HERITAGE Ethnicity CULTURAL the Guarani-Kaiowá the JASUKA SACRED SITE SALES (part of Cerro Guazú) and by Law No. 209 dated July 6, 1.993, expropriated and returned to their rightful owners an area of 7665 hectares, Mensura refund by the Judicial approved by SD No. 489 dated 25 October in the year 1967. Jasuka are the boundaries of Venda: north Ñuapy, on the south and central Paraguay SA Antoniolli the east Aroldo Aguiar and other Farm 514; west Antoniolli.

In 2004 the central business Paraguay requests to the Criminal Court of the Amambay Judicial District by Dr. Jose Valiente Gonzalez Fencing Action Property “raised diligence is not based on the measurement of 1967 judicial or 209/93 law: consequently the request is rejected by the Number No. 506 dated 27 September 2006 and resubmitted if it is rejected again by IM No. 476 of dated 13 August 2007.

In late 2008, he moved the file “Property Holding Action” at the Court The 1st Instance in Civil, Commercial and Labor 2nd Shift by Dr. Carlos Alvarenga Groos, Mr. Justice ignored previous resolutions AI No. 506 and No. 476 and in turn appoints a 3rd Perito; with irregular plane 260 Farm property Central Paraguayconfeccionado by surveyor (on Line 12; in the title reads NW 16 º 45 ‘, measured 905 m while the figure at the NW 16 º 40 ‘and measures 1684 m, thus causes a displacement of 779 m north of the whole farm site 260) and that the expert Mr. Endorses Judge, Mr Justice bases its S.D. No. 122 Date 06 of junio 2009 by which solves the completion of the fence, with this distortion of the data of the title, it causes superposition property Reta Joaju Pai “Jasuka Sell” on the site called Avakua. These and other deficiencies were meticulously identified on the occasion of the visual inspections and leaning to the file, but Mr Justice ignore or failed to recognize Objectively, this anomalous sentence manifests the manifest bias of Mr Justice and, is more serious with this decision removes an average of 400 hectares Pai Cultural Heritage Jasuka Tavyterá Sell, preserved and protected by its association with all of the law, besides being a flagrant violation of indigenous rights enshrined in the NPP 1992, Section 64, Law 904/82 Article 17, to name a few. As a final legal defense to such outrage, the Pai resort to the highest judicial authority in Action Unconstitutional On 14 September 2009, so that the same power that whoever deprives him returns accordingly.

The site Jasuka Sell disturbed and robbed by the decision of Mr Justice is of use residence and monitoring Avaetemiri settled in Avakua, mythological or yvyjekoka milestone where souls dwell in the lofty and significant Guarani-Kaiowá men and in this sense derivations of the judicial measure will entail dire and unpredictable consequences for the Guarani-Kaiowá people. Moreover, the removal of that will come and settled community, composed Pai by 14 families who inevitably would be expelled.

Furthermore, it should be noted that Central del Paraguay, with its approximately 60,000 ha of land, has only an average of 1,500 have forest, a mere 2.5%, but is further notes that in this tiny percentage are also included the obligatory strip protection of streams, some of which are dammed from its headwaters.

Spanish Original

Los Paî Tavyterâ Comunican

El Jasuka Venda es uno de los cerros más grandes y más significativos para nosotros los Paî Tavyterâ. En este lugar Nuestro Gran Abuelo creo y desarrollo la tierra, el primer ser humano y todo cuanto existe en el mundo: animales, vegetales, las aguas. Los creo de la materia originaria, el Jasuka, el cual esta guardado, depositado en las cumbres sagradas del Jasuka Venda, antigua posesión de nuestros antepasados originarios de este territorio Paî Tavyterâ.

Hace mas de cuarenta años, nuestra tranquilidad y plena ocupación de aquellos lugares valiosos empezaron a recibir molestias, a sufrir enajenaciones de todo tipo, ruidos extraños, perturbadores de grandes maquinas y humanos muy extraños y crueles nos espantaron, arrinconaron, y desmataron con desconocida rapidez todo tipo de vida silvestre que albergaba nuestro venerado territorio. Más aún, el mismo Jasuka Venda comenzó a ser profanado por introducción y desarrollo de grandes extensiones de pasturas, gran cantidad de vacunos… Y el resto, sometido a devastación final para cultivo de sojales sin límites visibles.

A la vista de males mencionados y atentos a todo lo peor que se nos anunciaba porvenir en consecuencia, nuestra novedosa y recién nacida Asociación Paî Reta Joaju, solicito a las autoridades principales del Paraguay, a nuestro nombre y decidida participación como Pueblo, para que el Jasuka Venda vuelva a nuestro cargo y posesión. De tal forma, estaríamos en condiciones de rehabitarlo, de retomar en ese lugar las prácticas culturales propias para trabajar eficazmente en el restablecimiento justo y debido del equilibrio planetario y nacional que habían sido perturbados por la voracidad e inclemencia de aquellos nuevos propietarios extraños seguidores de papelería. No entienden ni se ocupan del sagrado principio de la palabra, el Ayvy ancestral legado perdurable de Nuestro Gran Abuelo originario.

No paso mucho tiempo, hacia 1993, las autoridades respondieron positivamente a nuestra solicitud. Ordenaron la devolución de una buena parte de aquel nuestro invalorable Sitio Sagrado Jasuka Venda. No alcanzo ni diez mil hectáreas, debidamente documentadas a nombre de nuestra Asociación Paî Reta Joaju, a través de la cual gestionamos su administración pertinente, según nuestras propias practicas de uso, conservación y también, según las leyes nacionales, internacionales vigentes. En las diversas instancias fueron plenamente cumplimentadas.

Pero aquella avaricia y mezquindad insaciables volvieron con sus amenazas, con sus violaciones incorregidas a socavar otra vez nuestra paz y soberano ejercicio de derechos en Jasuka Venda. El mismo vecino colindante, propietario sin rostro conocido de poco menos de cien mil hectáreas de floresta destruida para implementación de haciendas orientadas al consumo allende la frontera, vino a traspasar, a alambrar nuestro deslinde en unas 500 hectáreas, a ser desmembradas del titulo definitivo de propiedad que ostentamos en Jasuka Venda. Esto ocurre a raíz de resolución irregular tomada por un Juzgado Local del Departamento de Amambay.

En consecuencia, reclamamos a la Corte Suprema de Justicia de la Republica de Paraguay restablecer nuestros derechos conculcados, para que nuestro pueblo y la nación toda retornen “a su normal equilibrio”, el regido por la ley y la justicia.



Contexto jurídico

El Estado paraguayo por Decreto Nº 7.685 de Noviembre del año 1.990, declara PATRIMONIO CULTURAL de la Etnia Paî Tavyterâ el SITIO SAGRADO JASUKA VENDA (una parte de Cerro Guazú), y por Ley Nº 209 de fecha 6 de julio del año 1.993, expropia y devuelve a sus legítimos dueños una superficie de 7.665 Has, restitución basada en la Mensura Judicial aprobada por S.D Nº 489 de fecha 25 de octubre del año 1.967. Son los linderos de Jasuka Venda: al norte, Ñuapy; al sur, Antoniolli y Central Paraguay S.A; al este Aroldo Aguiar y resto de la Finca 514; al oeste, Antoniolli.

En el año 2004 la empresa Central del Paraguay, solicita ante el Juzgado en lo Penal de la Circunscripción Judicial de Amambay a cargo del Dr. José Valiente González “Acción de Cercado de Inmueble”; la diligencia planteada no se fundamenta en la mensura judicial del año 1967 ni en la ley 209/93; consecuentemente la petición es rechazada por el A.I. Nº 506 de fecha 27 de setiembre de 2006 y aunque vuelto a presentar es rechazado nuevamente por el A.I. Nº 476 de fecha 13 de agosto de 2007.

A fines del año 2008, se traslada el expediente “Acción de Cercado de Inmueble” al Juzgado de 1ra Instancia en lo Civil, Comercial y Laboral del 2do Turno a cargo del Dr. CARLOS ALVARENGA GROOS; el Señor Juez ignora las resoluciones anteriores A.I. Nº 506 y Nº 476 y a su vez designa un 3er Perito; con el irregular plano de la Finca 260 propiedad de Central Paraguayconfeccionado por su topógrafo (en la Línea 12; en el titulo se lee NW 16º45’, mide 905 m mientras que en el plano figura NW 16º40’ y mide 1.684 m, con lo cual se provoca un desplazamiento de 779 m al norte de todo el polígono de la finca 260) y que el perito del Sr. Juez hace suyo, el Sr. Magistrado basa su S.D. Nº 122 de fecha 06 de junio de 2009 por el cual resuelve la realización del cercado; con esta distorsión de los datos del titulo, se provoca la superposición con la propiedad del Paî Reta Joaju “Jasuka Venda” en el sitio denominado Avakua. Estas y otras deficiencias fueron meticulosamente señaladas en ocasión de las inspecciones oculares y arrimadas al expediente, pero el Sr. Juez ignoro u omitió reconocer objetivamente; esta anómala sentencia patentiza la parcialidad manifiesta del Sr. Juez y, lo que resulta mas grave, con esta decisión despoja un promedio de 400 has del Patrimonio Cultural Paî Tavyterâ Jasuka Venda, conservado y protegido por su Asociación con todas las de la ley, además de constituir una flagrante violación de los derechos indígenas consagrados en la CN 1992, Art. 64, Ley 904/82 Art. 17, por citar algunos. Como última defensa legal ante tal atropello, los Paî recurren a la máxima autoridad judicial en Acción de Inconstitucionalidad en fecha 14 de setiembre de 2009, a fin de que el mismo poder que lo despoja sea quien lo restituya como corresponde.

El sitio de Jasuka Venda perturbado y despojado por la decisión del Sr. Juez es de uso, residencia y vigilancia de los Avaetemiri asentados en Avakua, hito mitológico o yvyjekoka donde moran las almas de los excelsos y significativos hombres Paî Tavyterâ y en este sentido las derivaciones de la medida judicial acarrearan funestas e impredecibles consecuencias para el Pueblo Paî Tavyterâ. Además, sobrevendrá el desalojo de esa comunidad asentada, compuesta por 14 familias Paî quienes indefectiblemente serian expulsadas.

Por otro lado, debe señalarse que Central del Paraguay, con sus aproximadamente 60.000 has de tierra, solo dispone de un promedio de 1.500 has de bosque, es decir apenas 2,5 %; pero, se advierte además, que en este exiguo porcentaje también están incluidas las obligadas franjas de protección de arroyos, algunos de los cuales se hallan represados desde sus nacientes.


In 2009, the Guarani-Kaiowá, Brazil drew up a charter for the return of Kurusu Amba, which has obviously been ignored:

“We, the Guarani-Kaiowá, community Kurusu Amba, Amambaí municipality, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, came through this manifesto to tell the public about national and international means of communication in general as follows:

That on January 20, 2007 we made an attempt to return to our traditional Tekoha is currently located where the farm Madama, taking as reference the Federal Constitution, which guarantees our fundamental rights in Article 231. Days later, a violent action of the farmers have been murdered Xurite Lopes, prayers and historic leadership of our community. With it killed the living memory of indigenous land Kurusu Amba. That same year, 08 July 2009, was killed by gunmen leadership Ortiz Lopes. And this year, May 30, was also murdered Osvaldo Lopes. All these crimes were the absolute impunity. Full letter >>>

In support of the Guarani-Kaiowá of Mato Grosso do Sul, the Indigenous Missionary Council (CIMI) stated:

We reaffirm our commitment to the indigenous people of this state, we support their historical resistance, patience, wisdom and deep spirituality, which have allowed them to overcome centuries of war, oppression and extermination. With them we learn to build another world possible, necessary and best for everyone, walking toward the firm definitive Kingdom. Full statement >>>

But such sentiment falls on the deaf ears of the one government, one planet global elite which is for making all commoners subjects of the state, and that state based in Europe, have activated the Doctrine of Discovery making all of the Earth’s natural wealth serve their interests. As such, the Guarani-Kaiowá of Brazil have been forcibly made to stay on their land to not live in relationship to that land, but like the Palestinians have been denied access to water, food, education and health. The National Health Foundation for Indigenous People has not acted in the interest of the Guarani-Kaiowá citing security issues with the Guarani-Kaiowá living on reoccupied land.

In 2007, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office in Mato Grosso do Sul signed the Terms of Adjustment of Conduct, TAC, whereby the Court designated Guarani-Kaiowá ancestral land. That agreement  was made with Federal Public Ministry, the National Indian Foundation (FUNAI). This goes against the Brazilian Constitution which gives indigenous peoples the right to their land and the responsibility of the Union to demarcate them.

What the Brazilian authorities see as an obstacle to their development now, will be the death sentence of Brazil in the near future.

Appeals can be sent to:

Federal Minister of Justice

Exmo. Sr. José Eduardo Martins Cardozo

Esplanada dos Ministérios, Bloco “T” 70.712-902 – Brasília/DF

Fax: + 55 61 2025-7803

Salutation: Exmo. Sr. Ministro


Federal Human Rights Secretary

Exma Sra. Ministra Maria do Rosário

Setor Comercial Sul – B, Quadra 9, Lote C, Edificio Parque Cidade Corporate, Torre “A”, 10º andar, Brasília, DF CEP: 70308-200

Fax: + 55 61 2025-9414

Salutation: Exma. Sra. Ministra


And copies to:

Conselho Indigenista Missionário, (CIMI – local NGO)

CIMI Regional Mato Grosso do Sul

Av. Afonso Pena,

1557 Sala 208 Bl.B 79002-070 Campo Grande/MS BRAZIL

If it is not too late! By fighting for someone else, we develop the courage to fight for ourselves!


“Official Public Guarani-Kaiowá Communication To Supreme Court Of Paraguay.”

“Urgent Action Needed For Guarani Kaiowá Y’poí Community In Brazil: Gunmen Threaten Community.”

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Wells Fargo Sued U.S$190mn, and Bank of America to Follow!

Wells Fargo Sued U.S$190mn, and Bank of America to Follow!


By Hwaa Irfan

There are times when there is a big difference between Obama’s actions. This difference pivots on  a massive contradiction between the man who wants the rich to pay their taxes, and the man who is effectively enforcing martial law. This difference may be rooted in the man who would be president, and the man as president who fronts the Council of Foreign Relations (a one government, one planet vehicle centred in Europe) policies. So what does it mean when Obama follows in the footsteps of Iceland, by hunting down the bankers responsible for the inceptions of the economic collapse in 2008! He is clearly not looking to return on the Democratic ticket, or even presidency!

In a cross-agency effort organized by President Barack Obama, to indict those responsible for the 2008 collapse, one of four pillars of the U.S. economy (JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and Wells Fargo), Bank of America is being accused by the U.S. government of the kind of fraud and recklessness that cost the American tax payers dearly, and along with their subsidiary, Countrywide Financial Services are being sued for U.S$1bn.

A private bank, Bank of America has been integral to the very fabric of the American banking industry, for that is what it is. The seeds of a cashless society were sown by the Bank of America, California, which innovated the bank credit card, and the Bank Americard, which will give central banks, and ultimately the European Central Bank control over our personal money. Bank of America exhibited this when it decided that 1.2 million personal accounts were not important, of which 900,000 belonged to government employees to speed up the argument and transfer to a cashless society.

Bank of America came under the spotlight in 2009, in a questionable acquisition of Merrill Lynch & Co – encouraged by the Federal Reserve and the Treasury. Merrill Lynch was boosted into the league of the big American 5 investment banks with capital from the Rockefellers before becoming a part of Bank of America. The Rothschild own 60% of Bank of America.

The accusations against Bank of America include:

  • Underwriting standards for mortgage loans
  • Processing as many mortgage loans without regard to creditworthiness
  • Using nickname “the Hustle” (which is indicative of what they are) to remove any “tollbooths” that might have injected doubt over the loan process

In U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara statement,

“As alleged, through a program aptly named ‘the Hustle,’ Countrywide and Bank of America made disastrously bad loans and stuck taxpayers with the bill … Countrywide and Bank of America systematically removed every check in favour of its own balance — they cast aside underwriters, eliminated quality controls, incentivized unqualified personnel to cut corners, and concealed the resulting defects.”

But who’s going to compensate the mortgagees, and the account holders!

Bharara is clearly on a mission having recently sued another of the big players, Wells Fargo and Co. for U.S$190mn. Wells Fargo and Co, along with Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, and Citigroup own oil giants Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch/Shell, BP and Chevron Texaco with others including Barclays.



Meléndez, E.D. “US Sues Bank of America for $1 Billion, Asserting Fraud And Recklessness”

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