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Stop the Doomsday Hype!*

Stop the Doomsday Hype!*


Guatemala’s Mayan people accused the government and tour groups of perpetuating the myth that their calendar foresees the imminent end of the world for monetary gain.

AFP – Guatemala’s Mayan people accused the government and tour groups on Wednesday of perpetuating the myth that their calendar foresees the imminent end of the world for monetary gain.

“We are speaking out against deceit, lies and twisting of the truth, and turning us into folklore-for-profit. They are not telling the truth about time cycles,” charged Felipe Gomez, leader of the Maya alliance Oxlaljuj Ajpop.

Several films and documentaries have promoted the idea that the ancient Mayan calendar predicts that doomsday is less than two months away, on December 21, 2012.

The Culture Ministry is hosting a massive event in Guatemala City — which as many as 90,000 people are expected to attend — just in case the world actually does end, while tour groups are promoting doomsday-themed getaways.

Maya leader Gomez urged the Tourism Institute to rethink the doomsday celebration, which he criticized as a “show” that was disrespectful to Mayan culture.

Experts say that for the Maya, all that ends in 2012 is one of their calendar cycles, not the world.

Gomez’s group issued a statement saying that the new Maya time cycle simply “means there will be big changes on the personal, family and community level, so that there is harmony and balance between mankind and nature.”

Oxlajuj Ajpop is holding events it considers sacred in five cities to mark the event and Gomez said the Culture Ministry would be wise to throw its support behind their real celebrations.

More than half of Guatemala’s population of nearly 15 million are from indigenous groups of Mayan descent.

The Mayan calendar has 18 months of 20 days each plus a sacred month, “Wayeb,” of five days. “B’aktun” is the larget unit in the time cycle system, and is about 400 years. The broader era spans 13 B’aktun, or about 5,200 years.

The Mayan culture enjoyed a golden age between 250 AD and 900 AD.

The only Doomsday is in the mind of global governance that aims to use all means to push us further into submission, servitude by means of fear!


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KKK Set Alight a 20 Year Old Woman!*

KKK Set Alight a 20 Year Old Woman!*

A 20-year-old African American woman has been set on fire with the letters KKK written on her car. Louisiana authorities are now investigating the possibility of a hate crime.

­The incident occurred on Sunday night when Sharmeka Moffitt was attacked by three men in Civitan Park Winnsboro, Louisiana. The victim managed to call police, telling them she had been attacked and burned by unidentified men in white hoodies.

The woman is now in a critical condition at LSU Medical Center in Shreveport. The victims mother told a local news channel that on “both of her arms, there are third degree burns, down her chest and legs- first degree. Basically her arms are real bad.” Surgery has been scheduled for Tuesday.

Police have also confirmed that the racial slur, “KKK”, was spray painted on Moffitt’s vehicle. The FBI have also been brought into the case to investigate the connection between a hate crime and speculation that the victim was wearing an Obama-campaign t-shirt at the time of the attack, a rumor that her mother denied.

The Ku Klux Klan, often abbreviated as KKK is an extreme loosely formed far-right organization in the United States, which advocated extremist ideology such as white supremacy, white nationalism and an end to immigration. Their views have been historically expressed through terrorism and acts of excessive brutality.


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