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Hurricane Sandy Challenges a Cashless Society!

Hurricane Sandy Challenges a Cashless Society!


One of the systems that the global elite have picked up speed on implementation is that of a cashless society. Recently, in the U.K. that has taken the form of using cell-phones to withdraw cash, and making certain payments with plans to introduce a national I.D. card which will probably be in the RFID form.  In Japan, it has been in the form of using the palms of one’s hands instead of an ATM card with all one’s personal details: date of birth, and ‘biological’ information.  In the U.S. and the U.K. RFID’s (smart cards) have been introduced for personal I.D.  in certain areas, and punishment if one refuses.

One group of people not mentioned in the wrath of Hurricane Sandy are the unemployed, and the homeless.  The homeless who could not get shelter anywhere have had to face Hurricane Sandy head on.


For the not so homeless, but the very unemployed they have had to face living on food stamps with which they cannot obtain food.


Jorge Rivas reports on the lower East Side of New York that consists of multi-story public housing complexes which are without electricity, heat or even water.  With 3 feet of snow falling in West Virginia already one wonders what kind of winter they will face.

For the people on Lower East Side, they are also facing the reality that they cannot buy food with their food stamps. Their cash and supplemental nutritional allowance is electronic (Electronic Benefit Cards), and most shops in their locality also have no electricity and are unable to run the EBT’s through credit card transactions. In other words they can only accept cash!

For all those complaining about the level of looting going on, this is one aspect that has not been factored in.  If global government intends to ensure control over our money through credit cards or RFID’s whether one is employed or unemployed global governance have not factored in natural disasters. Maybe these people are a part of a depopulation exercise, the trouble is, when a natural disaster hits an ATM, a server, or any other means of electronic mechanism along the chain, it will not select according to class!


Rivas, J. “Without Electricity, New Yorkers on Food Stamps Can’t Pay for Food.”

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