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Britain’s Fundraising on Making War not Peace!

Britain’s Fundraising on Making War not Peace!


There is very little emotions involved, or a flicker of conscience, in David’s Middle East tour, to raise funds for cash strapped Britain by means of selling weapons of war. Obama did it, so why shouldn’t David Cameron after all, business is business! But given the millions that British banks have raised can they not help or is the Libor interest too high!

Besides it would fit right into the EU’s trade policy for depopulating the region, making it more ‘manageable’ would it not, and fit right into the 21st century version of the Nobel Peace Prize. One might add that the International Peace Bureau consider the EU win of the Prize illegal! But that does not matter.

But, just in case Britain should forget, there is a list of groups knocking on the doors of Parliament to remind them. There is:

  • Kenya – Prime Minister Raila Odinga called on David Cameron to acknowledge the truth of their conduct, and to settle for the surviving victims of torture during the 1950s and 60s Mau Mau rebellion against British occupation. Some of those tortured had their testicles removed.
  • Malaysia – The government want an official apology from the British government over the Batang Kali killing  plantation workers and their families of 1948. This follows a September hearing in a London court that held Britain responsible.
  • Indonesia – Activists want the British government to admit to its role with Indonesian death squads, and security forces that led to the killing of Papuan activists as recently as October 2012.
  • Palestine – The Palestinian Return Center demand an apology for Britain’s role in 95 years of Zionist crimes in Palestinian Occupied Territories. The campaign intends to mark the centenary of the Balfour Declaration in which Britain promised Zionists Palestinian land it did not own.

The Balfour Declaration was a letter sent to Baron Walter Rothschild, who was a close friend of the then Zionist leader Chaim Weizmann, on November 2, 1917 promising a homeland for Zionists in Palestine.

  • Jamaica – Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller seeks reparation for the “wicked and brutal” centuries of slavery inflicted on the people.

Even critics in the U.K. raise their eyebrows at Cameron’s Middle-East tour. Green MP Caroline Lucas unlike her U.S. counterpart who has been arrested:

“Unfortunately the UK has a shameful track record of exporting arms and equipment to regimes in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Libya – we can’t now claim to be on the side of peace and democracy while our Prime Minister acts as a travelling salesman for the arms industry.

“It’s time to urgently review our role in the international arms trade. Our economy may need a boost, but we certainly don’t need this dirty money”, Lucas added.

Henry McLaughlin, from the Campaign Against Arms Trade, added: “The Prime Minister claims that he wishes to support democracy in the Middle East but at the same time sells arms to these authoritarian regimes.

“Despite everything that has happened in the last two years, the UK government continues to bolster authoritarian regimes with weapons sales and to spend taxpayers’ money on promoting further deals”, he said adding that “they don’t just approve arms sales, they promote it.”

The trouble is, there will always be someone ready to buy, whether from within the government or external to the government, and this is what Cameron is betting on!


“British PM embarks on Mid-East tour to sell weapons”

“UK colonial past haunts coalition govt.”

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Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Silent on the Persecution of the Rohingya Muslims*

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Silent on the Persecution of the Rohingya Muslims*

The aid group, Doctors Without Borders says its medical staff have been threatened and stopped from reaching violence-hit areas in Myanmar, leaving tens of thousands without essential health care.
France’s Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres) said on Monday it faces “ongoing antagonism generated by deep ethnic divisions.”
The Egyptian foreign ministry has summoned Myanmar’s ambassador to Cairo to protest against the ongoing persecution and killing of Muslims in the southeast Asian country.
“The foreign ministry yesterday summoned the ambassador of Myanmar and conveyed an urgent message expressing Egypt’s dismay after renewed violence against Rohingya Muslims,” Egyptian foreign ministry said in a statement on Monday [05 November 2012].

Violence against Rohingya Muslims should be stopped immediately and Myanmar’s authorities should bring its perpetrators to justice, the statement added.


Myanmar Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi has ignored the government’s massacring of the Rohingya Muslims, an activist tells Press TV.

The Myanmar government and its majority population refuse to recognize Rohingya Muslims as citizens and label the minority of about 800,000 as illegal immigrants from neighboring Bangladesh, an impoverished state that has shown no willingness to help the Rohingyas.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Mohamed Ibrahim, media secretary of the European Rohingya Council, from Frankfurt, to further discuss the issue. The following is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Why do you think that we have a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Aung San Suu Kyi, and she hasn’t said anything condemning this situation that has taken place? Why do you think that that is the case?

Ibrahim: This is the systematic plan in Burma. I don’t know why she doesn’t comment on the Rohingya problem, massacre. Actually, she knows very well the situation in the Rakhine state. She’s ignoring the problem, what is actually happening in the Rakhine state.

I think she is initiating in the next election – she will win or needs more seats in the next election. Maybe she needs more support for her government from the people. So, we are a minority. That’s why I think she’s not facing our issues in this parliament.
Press TV: We’re showing video while we’re speaking to you, and actually the more graphic images that we have we could not show. But even with the images that we have been showing, and showing basically how areas have been razed, villages burned down and, of course, we know that Amnesty International recently talked about this situation and showed images of these areas being burned down, overall, though, there seems to be major international silence on this situation that is taking place. Why is that the case?

Ibrahim: This is one of the things we have to see. The international community is engaging to do business inside Burma. We are a minority people. They don’t [have any] interest in our issues, as my information.

What happened inside Burma in Rakhine state did not happen anywhere in the world.

We are demonstrating, writing press releases. They don’t care. They don’t address our issue. Also, they’re giving to the act in the name of the Rohingyas or the violence of the Rakhine state.

They are actually…taking the money in the international community. They don’t give anything to the people who are deserving, who are actually getting the problems.

The Burma community is lying to the international community. They have been planning. They don’t do anything. They don’t hear anyone.
Also…the problem in the international community, we cannot understand them, we cannot tell them what is going on. That’s why we’re demanding the international community to send a…commission with the Rohingya involved.

I think everyone is busy to do the business. They need to focus on how to stop the violence, how to stop the killing.


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The Human Frequency

The Human Frequency

By Hwaa Irfan

The sound emitted by the dolphins, has a frequency of 8 Hz inaudible by humans, but this sonic frequency generates a field that brings the human brain and its biomolecular system into balance.

This happens to be the case with other animals regardless of brain size. A Tamarin monkey, a chimpanzee, share in the frequency of 3-8Hz when it comes to vocalization – the range of lucid dreaming.

The organ systems of the human body each have their own frequency, however, the overall frequency of the human body has been long established to correspond with electromagnetic frequency of our Earth at 8Hz. This means that we have been tuned by our Creator to live not only on, but as many wisdoms of a traditional nature expound, life with our Earth! The heart’s aorta resonates in the range of 6-8 Hz range. In this attuned manner, there is equilibrium, good health and healing abilities, of which we are badly out of tune with.

There are naturally occurring changes in the frequency of our Earth’s electromagnetic field daily, by the lunar month, and in response to solar storms, and coronal mass ejections from our Sun. Traditional practices demonstrate rituals that enhance resonance with our Earth’s electromagnetic field. For instance, the parents of what was once Bali entrained their children to vibrate parts of their body, bringing their bodies into the frequency range of 7.5 – 8 Hz, and the ability to go into a higher state or as exampled by the Kalahari Bushmen healing dance. Today this exampled by Muslim and Jewish tendencies to bob and sway while praying or reading from their respective holy texts. Weller and Weller, suggest the following exercise which has the same goal.

Sit in a chair and move your foot so that it’s resting on the ball of the foot, and you get it at the right angle, your whole leg will start to vibrate at around 8Hz.

If anyone has had a child, who constantly walks on their toes, the above may sound familiar. Disconnected from the slower pace of living, any city dwellers have lost touch with the fact that there is much more to the human body clock than the day-night cycle, and that our bodily rhythms are naturally closer to one lunar day i.e. 24h 50min.

Many genuine modern and traditional practitioners who use Vibrational/energy healing techniques have been tested whilst healing, have been found to emit an electromagnetic frequency of 8Hz, but this only seems peculiar to them, because they have made a conscious choice to live with the harmonic energies of our Earth. When that healing energy is transferred to the client, the client will also resonate at 8Hz bringing the body into optimum functioning range. Changes in the tone of the voice will occur, breathing, and the peristaltic action of the digestive system (the sign of which are those growling sounds).

The frequency of 8Hz falls within the alpha brain wave, which is a relaxed state, and a meditative state. A twilight state, we experience this state before we fall asleep – half awake, half asleep. However, most of us experience Beta waves (12Hz), which is below alpha waves when we are engulfed in daily life, and/or solving a problem continually exposed to electric power grids that emit 50-60 Hz. Cancer cells exposed to 60 Hz EMF for 24 hours show a sixfold increase in their growth rate. The brain is sensitive to all incoming frequencies. Deprived of the 8Hz frequency, NASA astronauts experienced migraines, and complete disorientation outside our Earth’s atmosphere, which was eventually compensated for by installing LF oscillators that synthesized Earth’s frequency of 8Hz on board.

The synchronistic relationship between humans and our Earth is known as the extremely low frequencies of Schumann’s Resonance, SR, and in earthly terms this frequency resonates between the surface of our Earth, and the ionosphere – the Earth’s electromagnetic shield, a field that is exploited by the U.S. military since 1959, and such initiatives as HAARP, a system that the EU in general, and Russia are not comfortable with.

Within the Schumann range, is a minimum of 10.4Hz that corresponds to the average value of the Alpha-rhythm. The electrically charged ionosphere is approximately 80km from our Earth’s surface, and reflects the radio waves that we pump out. When the ionosphere is bombarded by HAARP signals, those signals push the boundaries of the ionosphere changing its frequency.

As documented a drastic upshot in mental disturbance takes place, along with anti-social behaviour, psychosomatic conditions, and neurological disturbances occurs amongst those who are out of resonance with 8Hz. The technology behind mind related crowd control can be observed on the streets of France whereby the police use ultrasonic transducers that send out two frequencies during protests. When this disturbance is artificially generated, as in HAARP, which does not have the overall picture of our Creator, then the consequences are deemed dire with an upshot in psychobiological imbalances and diseases. One wonders if there are any detailed unpublished records that illustrate the effect of the GWEN (Ground Wave Emergency Network) transmitters 200 miles apart across the USA that change the  magnetic field with transmissions at VLF of 150 and 175 KHz. Located on fault lines and volcanic areas of the Pacific Northeast, the logic is beyond comprehension. In the work of Dr. Robert Becker (1963), he found 50Hz of electricity depresses the thyroid.

Reason to Be Aware

If others are exploiting information that they know about us, but we do not know about ourselves, we become willing slaves, or participants in their exploits. When one looks at their plans for our development, of which we have not been consulted, one begins to realize how much time, effort, and resources has been utilized to develop these plans. These plans have built into them, knowledge about our capabilities, capabilities that we have not recognized about ourselves, but are recognized by those that are spiritually aware and developed, hence the severe austerity measures. With the promises of a New Age on the horizon, those plans are based on that reality, but to ensure that we do not develop spiritually enough to challenge global governance. For instance, as far back as the 1970s, Dr. Andrija Puharich demonstrated in Proto-Communication II, that 8 Hz could not be blocked by any electromagnetic shielding metal or even a triple vacuum. This means that if we were developed enough spiritually, that we would not even need the Internet to connect across the globe. Energy with a frequency near 7.5 Hz has a wavelength of about 40,000 km, which is the circumference of the earth.

Even if we do not feel inclined to learn about frequencies, from that information we can garner the self knowledge and relate it to our own personal experiences, and realize that there are things we used to do before getting caught up in the rat race that brought out the best in us. With compassion and love in our lives, we operate at the same frequency of the Earth that sustains us, our happiness, our good health, and our peace of mind!


Ghanzanfar, A. “Vocal communication emerges and evolves through coupled oscillations” Princeton University

Miller, I. And Miller, A. “Schumann’s Resonances and Human Psychobiology.” Organization for the Advancement of Knowledge.”

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