Britain’s Fundraising on Making War not Peace!

Britain’s Fundraising on Making War not Peace!


There is very little emotions involved, or a flicker of conscience, in David’s Middle East tour, to raise funds for cash strapped Britain by means of selling weapons of war. Obama did it, so why shouldn’t David Cameron after all, business is business! But given the millions that British banks have raised can they not help or is the Libor interest too high!

Besides it would fit right into the EU’s trade policy for depopulating the region, making it more ‘manageable’ would it not, and fit right into the 21st century version of the Nobel Peace Prize. One might add that the International Peace Bureau consider the EU win of the Prize illegal! But that does not matter.

But, just in case Britain should forget, there is a list of groups knocking on the doors of Parliament to remind them. There is:

  • Kenya – Prime Minister Raila Odinga called on David Cameron to acknowledge the truth of their conduct, and to settle for the surviving victims of torture during the 1950s and 60s Mau Mau rebellion against British occupation. Some of those tortured had their testicles removed.
  • Malaysia – The government want an official apology from the British government over the Batang Kali killing  plantation workers and their families of 1948. This follows a September hearing in a London court that held Britain responsible.
  • Indonesia – Activists want the British government to admit to its role with Indonesian death squads, and security forces that led to the killing of Papuan activists as recently as October 2012.
  • Palestine – The Palestinian Return Center demand an apology for Britain’s role in 95 years of Zionist crimes in Palestinian Occupied Territories. The campaign intends to mark the centenary of the Balfour Declaration in which Britain promised Zionists Palestinian land it did not own.

The Balfour Declaration was a letter sent to Baron Walter Rothschild, who was a close friend of the then Zionist leader Chaim Weizmann, on November 2, 1917 promising a homeland for Zionists in Palestine.

  • Jamaica – Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller seeks reparation for the “wicked and brutal” centuries of slavery inflicted on the people.

Even critics in the U.K. raise their eyebrows at Cameron’s Middle-East tour. Green MP Caroline Lucas unlike her U.S. counterpart who has been arrested:

“Unfortunately the UK has a shameful track record of exporting arms and equipment to regimes in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Libya – we can’t now claim to be on the side of peace and democracy while our Prime Minister acts as a travelling salesman for the arms industry.

“It’s time to urgently review our role in the international arms trade. Our economy may need a boost, but we certainly don’t need this dirty money”, Lucas added.

Henry McLaughlin, from the Campaign Against Arms Trade, added: “The Prime Minister claims that he wishes to support democracy in the Middle East but at the same time sells arms to these authoritarian regimes.

“Despite everything that has happened in the last two years, the UK government continues to bolster authoritarian regimes with weapons sales and to spend taxpayers’ money on promoting further deals”, he said adding that “they don’t just approve arms sales, they promote it.”

The trouble is, there will always be someone ready to buy, whether from within the government or external to the government, and this is what Cameron is betting on!


“British PM embarks on Mid-East tour to sell weapons”

“UK colonial past haunts coalition govt.”

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