Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Silent on the Persecution of the Rohingya Muslims*

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Silent on the Persecution of the Rohingya Muslims*

The aid group, Doctors Without Borders says its medical staff have been threatened and stopped from reaching violence-hit areas in Myanmar, leaving tens of thousands without essential health care.
France’s Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres) said on Monday it faces “ongoing antagonism generated by deep ethnic divisions.”
The Egyptian foreign ministry has summoned Myanmar’s ambassador to Cairo to protest against the ongoing persecution and killing of Muslims in the southeast Asian country.
“The foreign ministry yesterday summoned the ambassador of Myanmar and conveyed an urgent message expressing Egypt’s dismay after renewed violence against Rohingya Muslims,” Egyptian foreign ministry said in a statement on Monday [05 November 2012].

Violence against Rohingya Muslims should be stopped immediately and Myanmar’s authorities should bring its perpetrators to justice, the statement added.


Myanmar Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi has ignored the government’s massacring of the Rohingya Muslims, an activist tells Press TV.

The Myanmar government and its majority population refuse to recognize Rohingya Muslims as citizens and label the minority of about 800,000 as illegal immigrants from neighboring Bangladesh, an impoverished state that has shown no willingness to help the Rohingyas.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Mohamed Ibrahim, media secretary of the European Rohingya Council, from Frankfurt, to further discuss the issue. The following is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Why do you think that we have a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Aung San Suu Kyi, and she hasn’t said anything condemning this situation that has taken place? Why do you think that that is the case?

Ibrahim: This is the systematic plan in Burma. I don’t know why she doesn’t comment on the Rohingya problem, massacre. Actually, she knows very well the situation in the Rakhine state. She’s ignoring the problem, what is actually happening in the Rakhine state.

I think she is initiating in the next election – she will win or needs more seats in the next election. Maybe she needs more support for her government from the people. So, we are a minority. That’s why I think she’s not facing our issues in this parliament.
Press TV: We’re showing video while we’re speaking to you, and actually the more graphic images that we have we could not show. But even with the images that we have been showing, and showing basically how areas have been razed, villages burned down and, of course, we know that Amnesty International recently talked about this situation and showed images of these areas being burned down, overall, though, there seems to be major international silence on this situation that is taking place. Why is that the case?

Ibrahim: This is one of the things we have to see. The international community is engaging to do business inside Burma. We are a minority people. They don’t [have any] interest in our issues, as my information.

What happened inside Burma in Rakhine state did not happen anywhere in the world.

We are demonstrating, writing press releases. They don’t care. They don’t address our issue. Also, they’re giving to the act in the name of the Rohingyas or the violence of the Rakhine state.

They are actually…taking the money in the international community. They don’t give anything to the people who are deserving, who are actually getting the problems.

The Burma community is lying to the international community. They have been planning. They don’t do anything. They don’t hear anyone.
Also…the problem in the international community, we cannot understand them, we cannot tell them what is going on. That’s why we’re demanding the international community to send a…commission with the Rohingya involved.

I think everyone is busy to do the business. They need to focus on how to stop the violence, how to stop the killing.


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