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The Case of Genocide in Canada

The Case of Genocide in Canada

For those who are tuned into the universal shift in reality, they will be aware of various wavelengths at play both visible and from within the Unseen. For those who are not, but aware of the steps taken towards a one government world, then the two are heavily interlinked. The reason is because of the thousands of experiments carried out on millions of lives around the world, and in particular in the U.S., which arose out of the Montauk Project, which was the realization that we are not separate from the Creator, and that time past the year 2013 represents a barrier beyond which global governance cannot exploit. The program that NASA has been implementing is an extension of those experiments. They more than us believe in the universal shift/2012/the Harmonic Convergence, whatever one wants to call it, and fear that change, because it means their power grip on the world and all its resources will be compromised.

The global economic crisis was to kick start the move towards a one world economy, the global education agenda to mould children into a communist mass that will respond to the will of the state, ‘free sex’ as a means to keep us dumb and useable, the whittling away of the middle class, as a means the education system as we know it, and access to alternative health as a means to keep us under control, and to maintain good consumers, and the infiltration of the New Age movement with derivatives of the theosophical society with organizations (Bridge to Freedom, the I AM Activity, the SummitLighthouse)  and individuals (using Ascended Masters) that will anchor the spiritual self separated from our Creator by making us believe that we are the centre of our own divinity  through concepts that exploit the Truth while anchoring malevolent beings over our earthly domain. This is easily done, for self navigation within spirituality can be easily exploited. The reason for this is because those sound in their religious and/or spiritual beliefs represent a threat to global governance in terms of a) awareness, and b) bringing God back into our lives.

In the goodness and peace of creation, we greet you all.

We know that our enemy is not flesh and blood, but a spiritual power, older than time, inhabiting people and institutions to bring about their ruin and to prey upon the innocent and the earth itself. Its way is through lies and confusion; its means are conquest, torture and death. It can only be expelled from within us and among us by its relentless unmasking with truth and love. It can only be replaced by a new spirit that establishes justice and enshrines the Natural Law of Peace and Equality among all people and creation.

We commenced this spiritual battle against the thing behind the Vatican three years ago in Rome. The final engagement is approaching. And so we ask you to stand now as one heart and one shield to restore what has been taken from us, and end the oldest lie. – ITTCS Council of Elders

Intrinsic to those who have lost faith in their religions, and have technically ‘found’ themselves in spirituality, many have found what exists within the essence of religions, but many unknowingly are misguided. Much inspiration for spiritual evolvement has come through shamanic practices within traditions of indigenous peoples. But those indigenous peoples are not necessarily factored into the one government world, but are factored into the move towards a one government world. The indigenous around the world have grown in strength, not as a threat, but a perceived threat because of a) their philosophies, b) the growing call for justice, c) their open hearts that seek a better world for all including the earth. That factor is genocide/ethnic cleansing despite all the public agreements made with the indigenous in recent times. For…

It is to the British race, which is sending the light of Christunto the dark heathen races, to whom God is granting mastery of the world. – From The Final Report of the Centennial Conference of the Protestant Missions of the World, London, 1888

Rev. Kevin D. Annett who received his ordination in the ordination as a clergyman in the United Church of Canada has been working avidly to correct our miscreations. In his book Hidden No Longer Annett documents the ongoing genocide against the indigenous of Canada. The dedications reads:

“This book is dedicated to the more than 50,000 children who died in “Indian residential schools” operated jointly by the government of Canada and the Roman Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada – and to those who continue to suffer and die from the consequences of these crimes.”

It is based in part on the testimonies of survivors:

“I’m Irene Favel. I’m seventy five. I went to residential school in Muscowequan from 1944 to 1949, and I had a rough life. I was mistreated in every way. There was a young girl, and she was pregnant from a priest there. And what they did, she had her baby, and they took the baby, and wrapped it up in a nice pink outfit, and they took it downstairs where I was cooking dinner with the nun. And they took the baby into the furnace room, and they threw that little baby in there and burned it alive. All you could hear was this little cry, like “Uuh!”, and that was it. You could smell that flesh cooking.” (Irene is in the photo above)

Now defrocked Annett gives us insight to some of those catastrophic events. While perusing some aspects will seem familiar as a part of recent developments in population management not only in the West:

1850: The indigenous nations of eastern Canada have been decimated by smallpox and other diseases deliberately introduced by Europeans to barely 10% of their pre-contact numbers. Indian tribes west of the Great Lakes remain mostly untouched by this plague, except on the west coast, where Europeans are beginning to settle.

1857: The Gradual Civilization Act is passed in the Legislature of Upper Canada, designed to legally eradicate all indigenous nations through “enfranchisement”,in which land title and nationhood are abolished

1859: Roman Catholic missions are established at Mission, British Columbia (B.C.) and in the Okanagan by Oblate Bishop Paul Durieu, who with Jesuit helps craft a plan to exterminate non-Christian Indian chiefs and replace them with Catholic-controlled leaders. This “Durieu Plan” will serve as the model for later Indian residential schools.

1862-3: A major smallpox epidemic among B.C. interior Indian tribes is introduced by Anglican missionary (and future Bishop of Norwich and member of the House of Lords) Rev. John Sheepshanks, who inoculates hundreds of Indians with the disease. Sheepshanks is acting under the direction of the provincial government and the fur trading Hudson’s Bay Company, which sponsors the first Protestant missions among Indians. More than 90% of Interior Salish and Chilcotin Indians – some 8000 or more people – will die as a result of this germ warfare.

1870: The Crown of England establishes a “clergy reserve” system whereby Catholic and Anglican missionaries are given hundreds of acres of land stolen from indigenous nations, especially in western Canada

1873: The Royal North West Mounted Police, the forerunner of the modern day Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), is established as a national paramilitary force with absolute jurisdiction across Canada. Its mandate includes removing all native people onto reservations and clearing a swath of “Indian free” land fifty miles on either side of the westward-expanding Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR).

1876: Under the influence of former Prime Minister, and CPR lawyer, John A. MacDonald, Canada establishes the Indian Act, which reduces all Indians and Metis (mixed) to the status of non-citizens and legal wards of the Canadian state. Henceforth, natives are imprisoned on “reserve land”, denied any legal status or civil rights, and cannot vote, sue in court, own property or conduct any actions on their own behalf. Their status as legal wards of the state remains unchanged to the present day.

1886: The CPR is completed, linking Canada from coast to coast and opening the door to massive European immigration. The same year, all west coast traditional native ceremonies are outlawed, including the potlatch system and indigenous languages.

1889: The federal Department of Indian Affairs is established. Indian “industrial schools” are sanctioned by the federal government, which, in partnership with Catholic and Protestant churches, jointly funds and establishes internment camps for all native children across Canada.

1891: The first medical report of massive deaths in these schools caused by rampant and untreated tuberculosis is issued to the federal government by Dr. George Orton in Alberta. Orton’s report is ignored.

1907: Dr. Peter Bryce, Chief Medical Officer for the federal government’s Department of Indian Affairs (DIA), conducts a national tour of Indian boarding schools to study health conditions. Bryce’s subsequent report to DIA Assistant Superintendent Duncan Campbell Scott documents that over one-half of all the children in these schools are dying because of tuberculosis being deliberately introduced among them by staff. Bryce also claims that the churches running the schools are deliberately suppressing evidence and statistics of these murderous practices.

November 1910: Despite Bryce’s findings, Scott institutionalizes church control over the Indian boarding schools through a contract between the federal government and the Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian and Methodist churches(the latter two being the forerunners of the United Church of Canada). This contract authorizes the schools and provides government funding and protection for them, including the use of the RCMP as the police arm for the schools.

March 1919: Despite soaring death rates in the Indian boarding schools (now called “residential schools”), under church pressure, D.C. Scott abolishes all federal medical inspection of these schools by terminating the position of Head Medical Inspector

April 1920: A federal law is passed making it legally mandatory for every Indian child across Canada seven years and older to be incarcerated in Indian residential schools. Non-cooperative native parents face imprisonment and heavy fines. The number of deaths due to tuberculosis among aboriginal people will triple in the following decade.

Spring, 1925: The United Church of Canada is established by a federal Act of Parliament to “Canadianize and Christianize … the foreign born and heathens”. The church is a financially supported arm of the English Crown, and inherits all the residential schools and stolen native land held by the Methodist and Presbyterian churches

1927: A British Columbia law strips all aboriginal people of the right to hire or consult a lawyer, or represent themselves in court. The same law makes it illegal for any lawyer to assume aboriginal clients.

1928: The Sexual Sterilization Act is passed in the Alberta legislature, allowing any inmate of an Indian residential school to be involuntarily sterilized at the decision of the Principal: a church employee. At least 2800 aboriginal men and women will be made infertile under this law.

1929-30: The government of Canada relinquishes legal guardianship over Indian children in residential schools to the church-appointed school Principal.

1933: An identical Sexual Sterilization Act is passed in the British Columbia legislature. Three sterilization centres are established in heavily-populated native communities: at the R.W. Large (United Church) hospital in Bella Bella; at the Nanaimo Indian Hospital; and at the Charles Camsell (United Church) Indian Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta.

January 1939: Cowichan native children are used in medical experiments conducted by German speaking doctors at the Catholic Kuper Island residential school on Vancouver Island. Several children die as a result. The RCMP suppresses inquiries into the deaths and the German Catholic order running the school, the Montforts, is replaced by the Oblates.

1947-8: Canadian diplomat (and future Prime Minister) Lester Pearson helps to redefine the United Nation’s Genocide Convention to make it inapplicable to Canadian Indian residential schools. Enabling legislation to allow its use within Canada is blocked in Canada’s Parliament

1946-52: Hundreds of Nazi and SS doctors are granted citizenship and immigration to Canada under Project Paperclip, and work at Indian hospitals and other facilities under CIA and military sponsorship, including the Allen Memorial Institute in Montreal. Their research includes trauma-based mind control programs, sterilization techniques and pharmacological drug testing on native children, orphans, and many others.

1962-71: Thousands of aboriginal children are deliberately stolen from their families under a government-sponsored “sixties scoop” program of aggressively destroying native families and continuing the cultural genocide found in residential schools. Many children die in foster homes and in Indian hospitals where they are secretly sent and experimented on, and their cause of death is concealed

1969: Indian Affairs Minister Jean Chretien affirms a genocidal “assimilationist” policy of cultural and legal extinguishment of native nations in a federal “White Paper” tabled in Parliament.

1970: Widespread aboriginal resistance to the White Paper, and a revolt of native parents at the Bluequills Catholic Indian residential school in St. Paul’s, Alberta –where they take the Indian Agent hostage and demand the removal of nuns and priests from the school – forces the government to begin turning over Indian education to local band councils

1972: In anticipation of the ending of the residential schools, the Indian Affairs department orders the destruction of all personal files of Indian people, including original land and property deeds. As a result, the written evidence of land holdings and genealogy of countless native families is destroyed, disrupting Indian land claims

Summer 1978: Red Power, an affiliate of the American Indian Movement (AIM), occupies Indian Affairs offices in Vancouver and publishes records of sterilizations at west coast Indian hospitals. Red Power calls for an abolition of the Indian Act, reservations and the puppet Indian band councils.

1980: In response, the federal government establishes the so-called Assembly of First Nations (AFN) as a state-funded collaborating body consisting of self-appointed and unelected “chiefs” from across Canada. The AFN refuses to support indigenous sovereignty or any call to investigate deaths and crimes in Indian residential schools.

October, 1989: Nora Bernard, a residential school survivor from New Brunswick, commences the first lawsuit against the Catholic Church and government of Canada for harm she suffered at a school. Nora will be murdered in December, 2007, just prior to Canada’s “apology” for Indian residential schools

Spring 1993 – January 1995: Native eyewitnesses to murders at the United Church’s Alberni residential school speak publicly of the deaths of children at the school from the pulpit of Rev. Kevin Annett at St. Andrew’s United Church in Port Alberni, B.C. When Annett challenges a secret land deal in stolen native land between his church, the provincial government and church-funder, MacMillan-Bloedel Ltd., he is fired without cause and eventually expelled from the church without due process.

February 1, 1996: The first lawsuit by Alberni Indian residential school survivors is brought against the United Church and federal government.

December 18, 1995: The murder of Indian children at the Alberni residential school receives press coverage for the first time, at a protest organized by Rev.Kevin Annett. Eyewitness Harriett Nahanee tells reporters in The Vancouver Sun how she witnessed Rev. Alfred Caldwell kick Maisie Shaw, age 14, to her death in 1946.

October 27, 1998: After the sudden deaths of two natives suing the United Church, lawyers for the church admit that the latter has engaged with the government in a joint cover-up of crimes at the Alberni Indian residential school since at least 1960, and that church officials and staff kidnapped children into that school.

March 1999: In response to the IHRAAM Tribunal and growing lawsuits by survivors, the Canadian government announces an “Aboriginal Healing Fund”(AHF) of $350 million. The AHF, however, does not aid survivors but state-favoured native chiefs, and is used as a hush fund. Recipients of the fund must agree never to sue the government or churches. More than half of it is consumed in administrative costs.

April 26, 2000: Health Canada officials admit that their department conducted involuntary medical and dental experiments on children in Indian residential schools during the 1940’s and ‘50’s, including deliberately denying them dental care and essential food and vitamins.

Autumn 2000: Facing more than 10,000 lawsuits from survivors, the churches successfully lobby the government to enact legislation to limit the scope of lawsuits and assume primary liability for residential school damages. Courts in Alberta and the Maritimes deny survivors the right to sue the churches for violation of their civil rights and for genocide)

Summer-Fall, 2001: Judicial decisions across Canada restrict the claims of survivors and prevent them from suing the churches for any issues beyond tort offenses of “physical and sexual abuse”.

Spring 2002: After a massive and fraudulent public scare campaign by the churches that they face “bankruptcy” because of pending residential school lawsuits, the government assumes full liability for damages, including for compensation payments, despite rulings of Canadian courts that both church and state are equally liable. Many lawsuits are annulled or lumped into class action suits contained and limited by government-allied lawyers like those of the Merchant Law Group

April 2004: After receiving a Spanish version of Kevin Annett’s book Hidden from History, five Mayan indigenous groups in Guatemala issue a “denuncia”, or public demand, to the Canadian government to answer charges of genocide. The government refuses to address genocide in its response, and the Mayans begin to lobby at the U.N. for an investigation into crimes in Canadian Indian residential schools.

Autumn 2005: Eyewitnesses disclose to Kevin Annett locations of mass burial sites near former Indian residential schools across B.C. In response, Annett and survivors form “Friends and Relatives of the Disappeared” (FRD), with supporters in Winnipeg and Toronto. Kevin Annett, Lori O’Rorke and Louie Lawless commence production of the documentary film“Unrepentant”with natives on Vancouver Island. The film is based on Kevin’s work and books, and is the first film ever to document genocide and murder in Canadian Indian residential schools

February 2008: The Harper government declares that, although “enormous numbers of deaths” occurred in Indian residential schools, no criminal charges will be laid against the churches responsible for the schools

October 2008: Documents obtained by reporters through Freedom of Information show that the government’s supposed “Missing Children’s’ Task Force” has never convened, and never intended to publicize any of its research into burialsites or dead children at the residential schools.

February 2010: Widespread exposures of child abuse and cover-up in the Roman Catholic church break into the news. Pope Joseph Ratzinger is found to have organized and ordered the concealment of these crimes and has aided and harbored known child raping priests, in a Vatican document known as “Criminales Solicitations.”  Legal actions begin to have Ratzinger subpoenaed and even arrested.

The papal laws of “Terra Nullius”, or “the land of no-one” is alive and kicking in the world we live in today, and is the basic formula to a One Government World. However, this time round, it includes their own population through education, health, social services being introduced through austerity measures, and economic control via the European Central Bank. We have been entrained over generations to believe we are separate, and through that separateness all forms of bigotry reigns. It is how global governance maintains its continuance, leaving us to slaughter each other, or to turn a blind eye to the slaughtering and exploitation of others, including our own, for they know, what we have forgotten that we are One. It is in this knowledge that our internal liberation begins. The indigenous who have maintained contact with who they are have maintained and teach this oneness in the Greater Oneness, despite the huge crimes that have been perpetrated against them.

Public Announcement and Instructions to Citizen Jurors

Brussels: Monday, November 5, 2012 6:30 pm GMT

The first evidence in the opening case in the docket of our Court is now posted online for examination and a verdict by our Citizen Jurors and the world community.

This first posting addresses the evidence of intentional genocide by the churches and government of Canada, and the Crown of England and the Vatican, according to the first three of the five defined crimes in the indictment. The final two crimes will be addressed in the second online posting of this case, to occur around November 15, 2012.

Further instructions will be issued to our citizen Jurors and other Court officers.

We urge the world community to follow the evidence and participate in the sentencing and enforcement procedures of the Court that will follow the verdict, after the other four cases in the Docket.


The Prosecutors Office of The International Common Law Court of Justice
(Brussels-London-Dublin-New York-Ottawa)


Annett, K. “Hidden No Longer: Genocide in Canada Past and Present.”

“Historic Commencement of The International Common Law Court of Justice: The Case of Genocide in Canada.”

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African Food Security and the Trade Arm of Global Governance*

African Food Security and the Trade Arm of Global Governance*

By William G. Moseley

Corporate interests have hijacked African food and agricultural policy. They are behind a new green revolution for the continent that is pushing a capital-intensive approach with farms, supply chains and expanding international markets. This approach is a step backward to concepts of food security prevalent in the 1960s and 1970s. As a result, Africans will remain hungry.

Up until the early 1980s, international experts had laboured under the misperception that sufficient food supply — a function of homegrown production and net imports — was equivalent to food security. As such, it was argued, the best way to fight hunger was to boost agricultural production, as exemplified by the green revolution. United Nations experts monitored food supply in relation to the caloric needs of a country — known as the food balance-sheet approach — and then assumed that all was well if the two sides were at least equal.

Amartya Sen’s 1981 publication, ‘Poverty and Famines: An Essay on Entitlement and Deprivation’, blew apart this food security idea. Mr Sen, winner of the 1998 Nobel prize in economics, argued that hunger was much more about inadequate financial and physical access to food than the market availability of sufficient quantities of food.

History is riddled with examples of the poor dying of hunger when food was plentiful. Classic amongst these is the famine which wracked the West African Sahel during the early 1970s. While people were dying of hunger in Senegal, Mali and Niger, peanuts — a key sauce ingredient and source of protein across the region — were being exported to Europe.

Mr Sen’s definition of food security, with its attention to access, dominated international food policy circles for about 15 years, from the late 1980s through the early 2000s. Then, after a 20-year hiatus, the global community’s attention shifted back to agriculture. The international consensus on ‘food security as access’ shifted to a technocratic focus on food production as the best way to solve global, and especially African, food insecurity.

Beginning in the mid-2000s, momentum started to build amongst donors, foundations and corporate allies for a new green revolution in Africa as the best way to address food insecurity. Building on the belief that the first green revolution (an international effort to bring hybrid seeds, fertilisers and pesticides to the South) had largely bypassed Africa, the idea was to launch a similar effort tailored to African crops and conditions. Gone was the emphasis on ‘access’ to food.

The problem is that combating household food insecurity involves more than just increasing food production. A food security approach that is sensitive to issues of access targets the poorest of the poor who are habitually the most food insecure. Helping poor households in rural Africa feed themselves in an affordable manner means introducing low-cost, sustainable enhancements to farming. These improvements include intercropping or the mixing of more than one crop in a field, agro-forestry, the blending of trees and crops, composting, and soil conservation measures. These reforms are critical because they enhance soil fertility and control pests without cash outlays for expensive chemicals and fertilisers.

Sadly, advocates of the new green revolution for Africa are not pushing these types of interventions. Rather, they envision a more capital-intensive approach to agriculture involving supply chains, increasingly large producers, agro-processors, expanding international markets, and farming with intensive, and often expensive, inorganic fertilisers, pesticides and seeds. This view sometimes legitimises long-term land leases by foreign entities, so-called land grabs, which are seen as a showcase for new production strategies. While this approach will likely improve agricultural production in sub-Saharan Africa, it will do little to improve household food security for the poorest.

How is it that the donor community shifted, in a few short years, from an access-based approach to food security towards one that emphasises food production above all else? Blame a narrow production focus and international corporate interests. The Group of 8 (G8), the world’s richest democracies plus Russia, launched the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition (NAFSN) last May. This $3 billion commitment by the G8 plus 21 African and 27 multinational companies aims to lift 50 million people in Africa out of poverty by 2022.

The programme’s level of collaboration and coordination with international agri-business is unprecedented. ‘The private sector can increase food availability by not only increasing investment in production but also by linking smallholder farmers to broader markets and creating incentives for innovation that improve productivity,’ according to a United States Aid for International Development (USAID) fact sheet on the initiative.

While ostensibly a G8 initiative, the NAFSN is primarily a US-led programme. Given the close links between this initiative and the business community, one could argue that those in American aid circles have learned from China, where development assistance has very tight links to Chinese business interests. The more likely explanation, however, is the rise of philanthrocapitalism in the US, where former and current business leaders, through the strength of their foundations, have increasingly come to influence the shape and direction of US international development programmes. Central to the philanthrocapitalist worldview is a belief that private enterprise is the fundamental agent of progressive change and that business acumen trumps other forms of expertise.

It is also very convenient when a company’s profit motive lines up nicely with an initiative promoting the end of African hunger. This is, perhaps, an updated take on the old assertion that, ‘What is good for General Motors is good for America’ (albeit in the context of a globalised economy this time around).

While nearly 30 companies are involved with the NAFSN initiative (from Syngenta to Monsanto), let us look at the efforts of Cargill, a US-based large agricultural, financial and industrial corporation. It is a telling example of how companies frame issues of global food and hunger. Greg Page, Cargill’s chairman and chief executive, has been particularly active on the talk circuit and in the op-ed pages of American newspapers, articulating his support for NAFSN and similar initiatives. Cargill is a massive company, with revenues of $133.9 billion in 2012, which would rank No. 8 on the Fortune 500 list if it were publicly traded. It operates in 66 countries with some 133,000 employees. Mr Page has described Cargill’s business as ‘the commercialisation of photosynthesis’. In voicing his support for the NAFSN approach, Mr Page outlines the need for free trade, growing crops where there is a comparative advantage to do so, property rights reform, and access to fertiliser, quality seed and mechanised equipment.

In a July 2012 speech in Minneapolis, US, Mr Page compared Zambia and Mozambique. Cargill does a considerable amount of business in Zambia, which allows 99-year land-use permits that can be transferred between buyers and sellers, or transferred from one generation of farmers to the next, Mr Page said. This type of policy encourages agricultural investment, spurring food production in the country, he argued. Last year Zambia produced a million more tonnes of maize than the country could eat — and Zambia is now a ‘net exporter in a continent of food shortage,’ he added.

In Mozambique, however, land-use rights are conferred for half the length of time and permits are non-transferable between parties, Mr Page said. ‘If you look at the soil types, the rainfall patterns and everything else, there is no demonstrable reason that Mozambique should not produce more food than Zambia, and yet in the absence of the right legal frameworks, they’ve not been able to do that.’

What Mr Page fails to understand is that producing more food in the aggregate is not synonymous with improving household food security. While Zambia may now be a food exporter, this does not necessarily mean that Zambia’s historically food insecure groups are better off. Instead, food insecurity remains a major issue for certain segments of the population, including child-headed households and those taking care of orphans (largely due to HIV/AIDS), the unemployed in urban areas, and smallholder farmers in the drought-prone, southern and western parts of the country (where an overreliance on drought-vulnerable maize has made the situation even worse). Furthermore, the Zambian government, because of its market-oriented land tenure legislation, has leased 8.8 percent of its agricultural land to foreign entities, according to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organisation.

These companies and foreign governments are primarily interested in producing food for export. Their interventions have done little to improve household food security amongst poor Zambians.

It is time we realised that, amid all the fanfare for a new green revolution in Africa, and the upsurge in donor and corporate interest in African agricultural production, the best way to address food insecurity for the poor — emphasising access and not production — has regressed. Why? The big money, for input providers, agro-processors and traders, is in building more capital-intensive and market-integrated African farming systems. There is little to no profit to be made from eradicating hunger.


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Life After Hurricane Sandy

Life After Hurricane Sandy


From Alexandra

This clip because gives a good illustration of the shocking vastness of the destruction that was wrought by Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey and New York. As anyone can clearly see, it will take lots of work and lots of time for many communities to be restored.

40,000 newly-homeless Americans cannot wait for the government to help them in the freezing cold. They need OUR help now.

This is why my partners at and I have started HelpAfterSandy.Org, a website that focuses on GRASSROOTS groups of local volunteers who are on the ground now, to help us help them coordinate their relief efforts, in the hardest-hit communities of New Jersey, New York City and Long Island.

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Canada Clamps Down on Healthy Living!

Canada Clamps Down on Healthy Living!


Healthy living means, greater freedom and less dependency on costly methods that may never return one’s good health. Healthy living also means being able to think and act more clearly, and fewer profits for pharmaceutical companies. Therefore, the problem for the government must be the “fewer profits for pharmaceutical companies” part of the equation.

The U.K. has been more above the board when it comes to ‘reducing’ health choices for the population, but Canada seems to be following in the footsteps of its neighbour America.

In fact it has been going on for quite a while.

According to Canadians for True Health and Social Justice, whose records go back to 1990,  it began with confiscating the salmon oil from the Alive Health Center in British Columbia. So far, the following have been raided/confiscated:

  • $150,000 worth of natural health products that never returned to Marigold Pharmacy, British Columbia
  • $300,000 worth of products were taken and never returned to N.A.F.T.A., Alberta
  • The Canadian Medical Association closed down an alternative cancer therapy centre, Breuss Cancer Clinic, Quebec
  • Dr. Joseph Krop, Ontario was attacked by the Canadian Medical Association for practicing Environmental Medicine
  • True Hope was raided at a cost of $2mn.

These raids were carried out by Health Canada, NAPRA and RCMP.

Then there are the products that have been banned from Canada:

  • Boiron – Flu remedies which were in greater demand than the flu shots
  • New Chapter, which offers immune care products including garlic Liver Force, and Living Sheild Throat Spray
  • Ear candles, which are recognized by the government as a medical device to the extent they made their own version
  • Cell Food
  • Zinc-Carno E, Choline Alfoscerate, Adrenal, Advanced Prenatal, Advanced Whey, PMS Less, Omega Natal, Omega EPA, Cosmaderm, Stimuliv, Omega 3 Vegan, Omega Cardio, Toco 3Nol Max, Nausea Relief, Cran UTI, Bearlic, Cardana, Vit D3 60’s produced by AOR, an Orthomolecular Canadian company
  • Most single homeopathic remedies and all homeopathic nosodes
  • Hylauronic Acid
  • Oregano Oil
  • Amino Acid – L-Tryptophan – 200mg – banned – potency too high
  • Nattokinase
  • Hemp Nuts
  • Citronella and Oil of Wintergreen

    Hylands – Teething tablets… top product for teething! sold for over 20 years and had to be reformulated – and a new label – all of which cost much money.
  • Brochures / Educational Info- can no longer be distributed
  • Essential Oils – must now have a DIN# or Pesticide#

Making isolated attacks on businesses is one thing, especially where they are far apart which slows down the likelihood of an agenda becoming apparent, but banning products is more obvious, and with 2011/12 protests which brought out thousands, the element of fear is slowly being removed.

As such, a Class Action Law suit has been taken out against Health Canada. The complainants are

  • Nick Mancuso as a consumer advocate
  • Marilyn Nelson – National Health Freedom Canada
  • David Roland – Natural Freedom Advocate

The Class Action argues:

1) Dietary supplements and vitamins (“natural health products”) are safe. In the entire 50+ history of the health food industry in Canada, these innocuous products have caused zero fatalities.

2) Consumers are sufficiently protected from possible harm and fraud with respect to these products by the Food and Drugs Act, the Competition Act, Canadian Advertising Standards, and the Criminal Code. The Natural Health Product Regulations are unnecessary in that they do not provide any additional protection to consumers.

3) The Natural Health Product Regulations and the NPN Licensing Scheme are ultra vires (unlawful) in that they contravene the Constitution Act, 1867. Health Canada does NOT have any legal authority to regulate health products, as such.

4) Health Canada has the right to restrict only those products that have been proven to have caused death or serious injury. In the absence of proven harm, dietary supplements and vitamins must be presumed to be safe (i.e., innocent until proven guilty). Health Canada has unlawfully reversed this onus, however, by insisting that suppliers prove their products “not unsafe” before being granted permission to sell them.

5) The oppressive and unlawful NHP Regulations have restricted many thousands of safe and effective products from the market, thus depriving consumers of their freedom to choose valuable health options (in apparent violation of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms).

For more Information contact:
Marilyn Nelson: (905) 509-5885
David Rowland: (519) 341-4684



“Summary of Raids by Health Canada, RCMP and NAPRA across Canada.”

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