Canada Clamps Down on Healthy Living!

Canada Clamps Down on Healthy Living!


Healthy living means, greater freedom and less dependency on costly methods that may never return one’s good health. Healthy living also means being able to think and act more clearly, and fewer profits for pharmaceutical companies. Therefore, the problem for the government must be the “fewer profits for pharmaceutical companies” part of the equation.

The U.K. has been more above the board when it comes to ‘reducing’ health choices for the population, but Canada seems to be following in the footsteps of its neighbour America.

In fact it has been going on for quite a while.

According to Canadians for True Health and Social Justice, whose records go back to 1990,  it began with confiscating the salmon oil from the Alive Health Center in British Columbia. So far, the following have been raided/confiscated:

  • $150,000 worth of natural health products that never returned to Marigold Pharmacy, British Columbia
  • $300,000 worth of products were taken and never returned to N.A.F.T.A., Alberta
  • The Canadian Medical Association closed down an alternative cancer therapy centre, Breuss Cancer Clinic, Quebec
  • Dr. Joseph Krop, Ontario was attacked by the Canadian Medical Association for practicing Environmental Medicine
  • True Hope was raided at a cost of $2mn.

These raids were carried out by Health Canada, NAPRA and RCMP.

Then there are the products that have been banned from Canada:

  • Boiron – Flu remedies which were in greater demand than the flu shots
  • New Chapter, which offers immune care products including garlic Liver Force, and Living Sheild Throat Spray
  • Ear candles, which are recognized by the government as a medical device to the extent they made their own version
  • Cell Food
  • Zinc-Carno E, Choline Alfoscerate, Adrenal, Advanced Prenatal, Advanced Whey, PMS Less, Omega Natal, Omega EPA, Cosmaderm, Stimuliv, Omega 3 Vegan, Omega Cardio, Toco 3Nol Max, Nausea Relief, Cran UTI, Bearlic, Cardana, Vit D3 60’s produced by AOR, an Orthomolecular Canadian company
  • Most single homeopathic remedies and all homeopathic nosodes
  • Hylauronic Acid
  • Oregano Oil
  • Amino Acid – L-Tryptophan – 200mg – banned – potency too high
  • Nattokinase
  • Hemp Nuts
  • Citronella and Oil of Wintergreen

    Hylands – Teething tablets… top product for teething! sold for over 20 years and had to be reformulated – and a new label – all of which cost much money.
  • Brochures / Educational Info- can no longer be distributed
  • Essential Oils – must now have a DIN# or Pesticide#

Making isolated attacks on businesses is one thing, especially where they are far apart which slows down the likelihood of an agenda becoming apparent, but banning products is more obvious, and with 2011/12 protests which brought out thousands, the element of fear is slowly being removed.

As such, a Class Action Law suit has been taken out against Health Canada. The complainants are

  • Nick Mancuso as a consumer advocate
  • Marilyn Nelson – National Health Freedom Canada
  • David Roland – Natural Freedom Advocate

The Class Action argues:

1) Dietary supplements and vitamins (“natural health products”) are safe. In the entire 50+ history of the health food industry in Canada, these innocuous products have caused zero fatalities.

2) Consumers are sufficiently protected from possible harm and fraud with respect to these products by the Food and Drugs Act, the Competition Act, Canadian Advertising Standards, and the Criminal Code. The Natural Health Product Regulations are unnecessary in that they do not provide any additional protection to consumers.

3) The Natural Health Product Regulations and the NPN Licensing Scheme are ultra vires (unlawful) in that they contravene the Constitution Act, 1867. Health Canada does NOT have any legal authority to regulate health products, as such.

4) Health Canada has the right to restrict only those products that have been proven to have caused death or serious injury. In the absence of proven harm, dietary supplements and vitamins must be presumed to be safe (i.e., innocent until proven guilty). Health Canada has unlawfully reversed this onus, however, by insisting that suppliers prove their products “not unsafe” before being granted permission to sell them.

5) The oppressive and unlawful NHP Regulations have restricted many thousands of safe and effective products from the market, thus depriving consumers of their freedom to choose valuable health options (in apparent violation of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms).

For more Information contact:
Marilyn Nelson: (905) 509-5885
David Rowland: (519) 341-4684



“Summary of Raids by Health Canada, RCMP and NAPRA across Canada.”

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