The UN is Asking for U.S$40mn for Haiti!

The UN is Asking for U.S$40mn for Haiti!


By Hwaa Irfan

When Hurricane Sandy hit the U.S. it was in the aftermath of the wake in the Caribbean. The worst hit was Haiti which experienced floods and mudslides caused by the hurricane that killed 54 people and destroyed 27,000 homes.

It is almost laughable that the UN is asking the world, (though that is pretty difficult when mainstream media cannot be bothered to throw light on the plight), to contribute U.S$40mn in aid to Haiti, when two years after the shattering 2010 earthquake, half a million people are still homeless, 60% of the resulting rubble remains where it fell, 6,000 people have died from an outbreak of cholera not of their own making, the UN refuses to apologize, and refuses to go, a 2011 election ensued with the president desired by the people was ‘prevented’ from returning until 2 days before the elections, with the candidates decided by Bill Clinton, and Monsanto is busy trying to render the agricultural land useless by donating 475 tons of hybrid vegetable seeds, by the U.S. Agency for International Development.

The money raised after the earthquakes did not trickle down to the people, but was used to finance

While within the first 15 days of the earthquake mining explorations were taking place an estimated U.S$20bn worth of gold has been found in an area owned by Majescor, Eurasian Minerals and Newmont Mining with all roads leading back to the the most powerful family in Canada, the Desmarais family, and then to the Rothschilds, and the Rockefellers. Geological surveys have been going on since:

  • 1970s – U.N. Development Program
  • 1980 – Bundesanstalt fur Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe, Germany
  • 1980s – U.N. Development Program and the French Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minière
  • 1990s – Canadian mining companies

Within the first 15 days in the aftermath of the earthquake Canadian exploration firm, Majescor Resources acquired all of the shares of the only Haitian firm holding full permits for a promising chunk of land in the northeast.

So where will the U.S$40mn in aid the UN is asking for be actually spent, IF they get a penny! The US$179mn port to be built with US help does not ‘sound’ like a possibility, but not when the U.S. is not even feeding the hungry, and the homeless on its own streets.

However, there is a difference between asking for aid, and getting it unless self interest is present. That self interest can only be around the gold, because Haiti’s agricultural sector was pretty much destroyed prior to Hurricane Sandy after 30 years of USAID and Haitian governments in the pockets of global governance via the UN, and its ambassador, Bill Clinton undermined local markets as is the pattern to service not the people of Haiti, but countries far from its shores.

The people have not been too pleased with the UN and have repeatedly demanded they leave the island. From the realities, of ‘aid’, the UN source of the cholera outbreak which ‘experts’ seem unable to control, thus increasing fatalities, to contamination of Haiti water supply exacerbating the cholera outbreak and fatalities with the only real solution coming from Cuban Medical aid. Amidst forced vaccination campaigns against cholera, when clean water would do, a Clinton rigged presidential election, and the audacity to try to force GM foods as a means of solving hunger the Haitians have had enough even before Hurricane Sandy landed on their shores.

As pressure mounts from Haiti’s Convention of Political Parties, headed by former senator Turneb Delpe, more lives will be lost in the guise of many names, but their just cause will see the light of day. Haiti’s Convention of Political Parties demand:

1. The repeal of all actions taken, all decisions taken by the President in violation of the law or the Constitution;

2. Compliance with rules that characterize a democratic society;

3. Establishment of an Electoral Council that is consensual, honest and credible;

4. The organization, in a timely manner, of transparent elections to strengthen institutions;

5. The development, after the aforementioned elections, of the declaration of constitutional amendment in accordance with the procedure outlined by the 1987 constitution for an amendment;

5. Reaffirmation of national sovereignty and the departure of foreign troops;

6. Establishment of an independent commission to investigate the use of funds received unduly from international calls and money from abroad, the use of Petrocaribe funds and funds managed by the presidential family;

7. Termination of all persecution of any kind whatsoever of opposition figures, journalists and human rights activists

8. Evaluation, monitoring and enforcement of appropriate decisions to meet, as soon as possible, the main demands of the population, especially those of teachers, police, dismissed employees and assembly workers.



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