Four Countries Asking for their Gold Reserves!

Four Countries Asking for their Gold Reserves!

 The rush to empty accounts by concerned Greek, Spanish and Portuguese citizens in 2011/12 is now being followed by countries such as Germany.

It was in October that the Germany federal auditors asked the Bundesbank to make a check on the nations gold reserves, most of which has been held in United States, Britain and France banks unchecked (physically) since the Cold War. The most that the Bundesbank has done has been to as for a written confirmation. Of that, 3,400 tons of gold worth an estimated U.S$190bn has been held in the vaults of the Federal Reserve, which has been giving huge bailouts to financial institutions such as JP Morgan, and printing money since the global economic crisis began in 2008.

Suspicions were first raised when some German lawmakers wants to check on their gold reserves held at the Banque de France in Paris to only end up being turned away according to Deutsche Welle.

However, according to metal expert James Turk, German reserves were depleted through leasing to the broader market by the Bundesbank since 2001. According to Turk:

“Half of the gold they (the Germans) leased themselves.  The other half of Germany’s gold hoard was eventually leased into the market as well through complicated swaps with the US.  But the reality is that as of 2001, all of that German gold was gone.  Meaning all German gold worldwide, which was supposed to be stored in vaults, the vaults were emptied of German gold and the gold was leased into the market.”

“It’s uncertain if any of that leased gold has ever been returned to those vaults.  Meaning, the vaults which are supposed to be storing the German gold hoard may still be empty.”

Now Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Ecuador are asking for a full audit of their gold reserves held at the Foreign Reserve. Ecuador has asked for the repatriation of their reserves. Under the cloud of security the Federal Reserve does not show willingness to cooperate.

To maintain the integrity of any unit, there must be trust. Obviously there is growing mistrust amongst our global governors who seek to eliminate sovereignty, and bring the whole world under its control,  and reasons for that mistrust.

For the growing numbers who have committed suicide in Europe due to the Merkel imposition of severe austerity measures, and for those who have lost faith that change is possible, hold on to your seat-belts because CHANGE is going to happen proving that hope is always present and available!


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