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The November Total Solar Eclipse and Redressing the Balance of Power

The November Total Solar Eclipse and Redressing the Balance of Power

The total solar eclipse was visible from parts of Australia, New Caledonia, New Zealand, South America and Antarctica on November 13–14, 2012. I thought it was kind of curious that both Hilary Clinton was in Australia, and the British Royal Family was in New Zealand, at the time of the total Solar Eclipseh. Given the extent that people in power for a long time use astrology, exploit ancient rtituals that we are not supposed to believe in, in order to keep the net they cast over the rest of intact,  I decided to see if there are any connections.

First of all, the New Moon in Scorpio at the time of the total solar eclipse on November 13/14 2012, is in esoteric astrology represents ancient Egyptian Goddess, Hathor, hence the influx of energy related to the divine feminine. Not that Hilary Clinton/ Queen Elizabeth can be refered to as either ‘divine’ or ‘feminine’,  but the Sun to the powerful in royal terms represents royalty/heads of state (which is what Hilary has always had her eyes on), and when it comes to ancient Egyptian practices as reduced to Iluminati and Masonic understanding, occultism is prevalent. If one can recall the title Sun-King as used by  of France, the belief remains strong as represented by the:

  • “All-Seeing Eye” (the pineal gland) on the U.S. dollar – This All-Seeing Eye is repeated again in the lighting system of the London Olympics 2012,
  • The Tree of Knowledge atop a ziggurat is part of the set throughout the opening ceremony of the London Olympics 2012

Descent from the tree of knowledge to the Industrial Revolution (Babylon)

The date of the London Olympics 2012  27 July was the same date this year that “Tisha B’Av”, an annual fast day in Judaism that commemorates the destruction of both the First Temple and Second Temple in Jerusalem, 655 years apart, but on the same Hebrew calendar date.’

One could go, on, as the whole British Royal Family were present at the opening ceremony (very unusual), but it is worth noting that the British Royal family destination during the November 13/14 total solar eclipse, New Zealand has a strong, proactive freemasons who do a lot of work with the Royal Society of New Zealand.

More pointedly, occultists believe they can use the eclipse to increase their power, and wealth on Earth however this is undermined by the heavenly demand to realign with God’s Laws of Nature. The divine feminine is not about material power, but about rebalancing the negative masculine that has ruled the world, including through the likes of Queen Elizabeth and Hilary Clinton.  It is about internal power/will, and is being cast across all of us not the powerful few. However, by being servants and advocates of ourselves and self interests we anchor the negative in our world that is more of the same, which is what the powerful i.e. global elite are aiming for. Because when we are beholden to man, instead of God, it is man’s bidding we do, and as have experienced man’s bidding is the source of our troubled times by whatever name by sacrificing our own worth, and spiritual selves.

However, this is not about the Truth, it is about what certain circles within global governance believe, and apply not in our interest. Esoteric astrologer, Jessica Adams notes the following:

At 21 Scorpio 56 the Scorpio eclipse will exactly aspect the horoscopes of the following members of the British royal family including the late Princess Diana.

HM The Queen – Ascendant 21 Capricorn 22

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall – Asteroid Diana 21 Cancer 57

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge – Saturn 21 Libra 49

Prince Harry – Moon 21 Taurus 20

Princess Diana – Asteroid Psyche 21 Cancer 52 (Exactly conjunct Camilla’s Diana position)

Princess Diana died on a solar eclipse.

Prince Charles married both his wives on a solar eclipse.

Prince William Arthur was born on a solar eclipse, and a rare lunar eclipse the same time the film “The Omen III: The Final Conflict,” was released. His 30th birthday falls on June 21st 2012, the same time as the Summer Solstice, which is celebrated by Wiccans/witches.

A Saros Cycle (known to the Babylonian empire, the Chaldean Empires) is a royal family of related solar eclipses that occurs approximately every 18 years. It can also mean 223-lunar month eclipse cycle. This annular eclipse relates to the annular solar eclipse of 21 May 2012/Rajab 1433. The last Saros (136) occurred, through the reign of 32 English monarchs up to 2009. The total annular solar eclipse of November 13/14 2012, falls under the solar Saros family 133.

The reason why the Royals believe that it is their divine right to rule, is because they claim to be descended from the Judaic Tribe of Judah as portrayed in a book published the same year as Prince Williams birth, Bloodline of the Holy Grail by Sir Laurence Gardner, Chief Royal Genealogist to the Scottish House of Stewart (Prince Diana’s bloodline). If one believes in the literal text of the much mistranslated holy book of the Christians, there are a whole lot of references linked to Prince William; the final result for much of the global population does not fare well (Revelation 13:3, Revelation 13:14, Revelation 17:8, 11, Daniel 11:33-36 etc), but this does mean there is truth in their belief that they are descendents of the royal Tribe of Judah. This firm belief is reflected in Westminster Abbey, the cathedral of the British royals

Referred to as the Cosmoti Pavement, which contains columns of ancient Rome with approval from the Vatican, to the imperial purple stone imported from Egypt. In sacred geometry, the square represents earth, and the circles the heavens/the universe.

This mosaic of sacred geometry was covered (carpeted) when Queen Elizabeth II was coronated on it, and laid to bare for Prince Williams marriage to Kathryn Middleton. Whereas the marriage ceremony of Princess Diana to Charlesat  St. Paul’s Cathedral, which is built on an ancient site of Goddess Diana at Ludgate Hill. Diana died in Paris on an ancient site of ritual sacrifice to the Goddess Diana, now known as the Pont d’Alma tunnel.

The more one explores the connections, the more one is sickened. None of which has been mentioned so far was prior knowledge, and was only triggered by coincidences. Ploughing through questionable material, certain facts become self evident.

According to Arizona Wilder, author of The Biggest Secret and participant (via mind control) of human sacrificial rituals for the elite, the rituals around the Sun, the Moon, and planetary alignments is a means of harnessing their own power. Wilder writes:

This symbolism relates to the ancient Egyptian legends of Osiris (the father), Horus (the son), and Isis (the virgin mother), which later became the basis for the Jesus stories also. The New World Order, the takeover of the planet via the establishment of a world government, world army (NATO), world central bank and currency, and a micro-chipped population, is known by the Illuminati as “The Age of Horus”. The symbolism of the murder of a pregnant Diana, Princess of Wales, with the Egyptian Dodi Fayed, relates to the arrival of “The Age of Horus” [December 31st].

Head archaeologist, Zahi Hawass and the relevant Egyptian authorities were aware of this at the time, though not declared at the time, and as such refused to go ahead, and have the cap – (December 31st ) put on the Great Pyramid of Giza. This initial ceremony which former president Bush was invited to was to take place on August 11, 12, and 13th, 1999, with the 11th marking a solar eclipse!

The rituals which involved sodomy was to open the fourth dimensional energy and to closed the human pineal gland – i.e. the consciousness on the planet, the One Government One World agenda. Those rituals formed part of other rituals which included the marriage of Sophie Rhys-Jones and Prince Edward on June 19th, 1999, and a series of celestial alignments:

  • May 30th Full Moon
  • June 13th New Moon
  • June 21st Summer Solstice
  • June 28th Full Moon
  • July 13th new Moon
  • July 28th New Moon/Eclipse
  • August 1st Lughnasad ritual
  • August 11, 12 and 13th solar eclipse referred to as the Day of Hecate

The Lugh in Lughnasad is a Sun God of the Celts. The ritual occurs around on a harvest day. The ritual is also Wiccan, and calls on the powers of the four elements.

Day of Hecate is August 13. Hecate is a Greek goddess, the bringer of chaos and death.

To cancel out their negative intentions, we need to have positive ones, not rooted in us as the centre of our own divinity – the I AM phenomena, for that is a part of their agenda, but to raise our own level of vibration through compassion, unconditional love for all, joy, and the knowledge that their fears, are about us, meaning that we ALLUSWE are greater united than the small bigoted parts that they have reduced us down to in order that we may not connect to the Creator of ALL-US-WE, which connects all of us – a connection that they do not want to take place!

At this juncture one must stop, and learn to value all that one takes for granted our fellow human beings regardless of status, faith, and/or race, and the earth that we stand on, and all the creatures it supports. With love, don’t take that increase in pay unless you have to, because the increase will trickle through the mechanism, increase prices, and what goes round comes round, and there we are back to square one, with the same system that keeps us begging financially, physically,  spiritually – in all spheres of our lives!


Adams, J. “The November 2012 Scorpio Eclipse”

Barlow, B. “Saros.”

Wilder, A. “The Illuminati Millennium Rituals”

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UN Aiming for Kill Switch for the Internet*

UN Aiming for Kill Switch of the Internet*

United Nations body, International Telecommunications Union (ITU), has asked for the kill switch to the internet, leaving cyberspace subject to political control and constant monitoring. Civil rights groups, big communications corporations including Google and international labour unions are to meet in London today to launch a global campaign and petition titled Stop the Net Grab. Two influential Australians are at the centre of the move – Dr Paul Twomey and Sharran Burrow. They will be joined to launch the campaign by Vinton Cerf, one of the fathers of the internet and now chief Google evangelist.

An article published today, November 12, 2012 in Australian Couriermail states:  A draft of the proposal, formulated in secret and only recently posted on the ITU website for public perusal, reveal that if accepted, the changes would allow government restriction or blocking of information disseminated via the internet and create a global regime of monitoring internet communications – including the demand that those who send and receive information identify themselves. It would also allow governments to shut down the internet if there is the belief that it may interfere in the internal affairs of other states or that information of a sensitive nature might be shared.

Though this article originated from Australia, the threat to rest of the world is the same… Telecommunications ministers from 193 countries will meet behind closed doors in Dubai next month to discuss ITU’s proposal.

The move has sparked a ferocious, under-the-radar diplomatic war between a powerful bloc of nations, led by China and Russia, who want to exert greater controls on the net and western democracies determined to preserve the free-wheeling, open architecture of the World Wide Web.

The battle for control has also seen a cartel of telco corporations join forces to support amended pricing regulations  changes which critics warn will pave the way for significant increases in the cost of day-to-day internet use, including email and social media.

“Unless we act now, our right to freely communicate and share information could change forever. A group of big telecommunications corporations have joined with countries including China, Egypt and Saudi Arabia that already impose heavy restriction on internet freedoms,” said Ms Burrow, the General Secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation. ”So far, the proposal has flown under the radar but its implications are extremely serious. Governments and big companies may end up with the right not only to restrict the internet and monitor everything you do online but to charge users for services such as email and Skype.”


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Gaza the False Flag

Gaza the False Flag

From A.N.S.W.E.R


After getting the go-ahead from the Obama administration in a meeting at the White House on Monday, Israel has launched another major assault against the Palestinian people in Gaza. Israeli troops have been assembled at the border and are poised to invade Gaza again.

In an act designed to provoke a wider war, missiles from Israel assassinated a top Hamas official and killed and wounded many others as its planes and warships have struck more than 20 targets in an ongoing assault. Reports of the bombardment of Gaza are continuing as bodies, including those of children, are being brought to the hospital and morgue.

The ANSWER Coalition joins with people all over the world to condemn this act of wanton aggression and murder, and has issued the following statement:

“All U.S. aid to Israel should be ended once and for all. The people of the United States stand against the government that speaks in our name and sends $3 billion of our tax dollars every year so that Israel can kill and colonize the people of Palestine. The fact that the Obama administration was briefed on Monday prior to the attack shows that these latest crimes are a joint U.S.-Israeli operation. The Pentagon immediately announced after the first wave of murderous assaults today that Israel was its ‘partner.’ Israel may be a partner of U.S. imperialism as it acts as an extension of Pentagon and CIA power in the Middle East. But it is absolutely not the partner of the people of this country who are horrified by its policy of endless war against the Palestinian people and all the peoples of the region.”

Click here to send a letter to President Obama and elected officials to stop funding Israeli war crimes!

The ANSWER Coalition urges everyone to go into the streets and join and organize a demonstration in your area. Let us know about a protest near you by emailing

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Washington Bans Growing of GMOs*

Washington Bans Growing of GMOs*

By Anthony Gucciardi

While some anti-GMO legislation like Prop 37 was shot down through corporation-funded projects and deceptive campaign tactics, one county in Washington state was massively successful in establishing a landmark ruling against Monsanto and GMO crops as a whole. The concerned citizens of San Juan County were able to pass what is known as Initiative Measure No. 2012-4, which actually bans the growth of genetically modified organisms within the county.

And it doesn’t just affect traditional GMO crops.

According to the writing within the legislation, the Initiative actually protects against the growth and cultivation of any genetically modified organism — even animals which have been genetically modified. This specific wording is key when considering that the act of genetic modification is no longer specific to crops. While it is true that crops have been the major focus of GMO cultivation, with upwards of 90 plus percent of corn now reportedly being altered, new disturbing and outlandish biotech projects that twist the genetic coding of more advanced life are becoming much more frequent.

A recent example of such an ‘experiment’ involves the creation of genetically modified cows that actually produce human breast milk. Milk that is intended to feed human infants within the next 10 years or so if certain biotechnology proponents get their way.

I explain in a recent interview with Russia Today how Monsanto attempts to squash any anti-GMO legislation through deep political ties and financial power:

While the Initiative allows for ‘controlled’ use of GMOs by researchers and health care providers only in small and secured environments, it is a landmark in the fight against GMOs on a legislative level. While this Initiative may currently only affect San Juan County, similar Initiatives and propositions may spring up elsewhere in other states and counties. With over 90% of the public in favor of labeling GMOs, it should be no surprise that individuals are actively seeking answers on a political level.

It also shows that Monsanto and fellow mega corporations cannot wipe out each new piece of legislation that seeks to threaten profits in favor of consumer health. While the mega corps were successful in taking down Prop 37 through spending over $45 million in deceptive advertising, illegally using the FDA seal and fabricating a quote, and even posing as voter groups to trick voters into voting against the proposition, they simply cannot stomp out labeling or bans in every county or state nationwide.

As more and more people begin to realize the reality of GMO and how they can devastate both health and the environment, Monsanto will have a lot more to deal with than just a few pieces of legislation.


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