Repeatedly Raped, Tortured and Burnt Alive!

Repeatedly Raped, Tortured and Burnt Alive!


When evil forces rise, it just means we who consider above and beyond related practices have not done enough to practice that which we say we believe in. If we have denied compassion, mercy, and inclusion, if we have denied an emotional sense security, like the film character Gollum (Lord of the Rings) we make our choices.

For those who read signs, and believe in those signs, the last Venus Transit/Eclipse in our lifetime, of June 5/6 2012, and the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio of November 13 2012 signified the next phase of the Polar Shift/Harmonic Convergence/the Shift of the Ages i.e. the principle of the divine feminine (compassion, balance, etc). With that comes the resistant force which seeks to maintain control over our worldly affairs, as represented by the occultic global elite, who carryout practices to ensure that we remain locked into this time-frame which is causing so many, so much pain. Rothschild’s Israel, the severe austerity measures, the UN program on the rights of the child and women, and the elimination of the middle class, i.e. meritocracy are all part of that agenda. However, to prevent that agenda from becoming fully manifest, we have to face our miscreations. One fundamental miscreation is the attitude towards women, children and people of colour, which is only just coming to the surface of the public domain of our lives, which began with the former head of the IMF, Dominique Strauss-Khan, and recently the elite occultic practices around paedophilia. When it is faced in the public domain, then maybe it will filter into the personal domain. It is ugly, but no more ugly than being caught on CCTV repeatedly punching a girl, grabbing her by the throat, and dragging her by the hair across a restaurant floor in the Ukraine because she refused the advances of a recently married 37-year old Roman Landik!  As many things come to surface which we do not want to believe, both personally and publicly, but this is a part of our purging, in order to make whole the divided self! In the case of Landik, the restaurant was not empty of customers who just looked on!

Pravdu summarizes the life of 18 year-old Oksana Makar, a Ukrainian, Eastern Europe.

A troubled childhood mostly spent in an orphanage, as the result of drug dealing father and stepfather, and a mother sentenced for a robbery conviction. With only 6 years of formal schooling, Oksana ran away from home aged 11. Survival for Oksana became reduced to stealing, and reportedly prostitution.

The last day of life for Oksana, if one can call it that was March 08th 2012. All that is known about that day, is that Oksana met ‘friends’ Yevhen Krasnoschek, 23, and Artem Pohocyana, 22, in the Rybka, a Mykolaiv pub. They returned to the apartment of Maksym Prisyazhnyuk, 24. On March 9th Oksana was found by a passing motorist on a construction site, noticeable by the fact that she was wrapped in a blanket that was on fire. Other than the blanket Oksana was naked. Oksana had been on fire for a long time. There was irreparable damage to her lungs, and Oksana was beaten and strangled with a cable. Fifty-five per cent of Oksana was burnt, but she was alive enough to confirm some details, including that she was repeatedly and forcibly raped!

That is all we know about Oksana… Mykolaiv community where Oksana is from raised over 1 million hryvnia for the treatment of Makar. Hundreds donated blood. Oksana died on March 29 in a Donetsk burn centre from a bleeding lung. What good the feminist group Femen did by protesting  topless in front of the Attorney General in Kiev is beyond me – they only served to perpetuate the sexual objectification of women – the loss of personal sovereignty. One can only assume good intentions, but that is difficult to conjure up when the mother tried to get Oksana to wave her stump (her legs and one arm was amputated to prevent the spread of gangrene) for a Youtube video.

Pravdu reports:

“even the expert intervention of a Swiss surgeon, paid for by Ukrainian billionaire and member of Verkhovna Rada, Rinat Akhmetov, insufficient to save her.

The trial had been going partly in private since May 24th.  The accused mentioned above have changed their stories many times, including the pleading of insanity which was rejected by the panel of judged led by Judge Elena Selivanov.

Certain Arab neo-liberalists like to believe in the liberties of women in the West, as sexual abuse spreads in their own countries. But they do this without making a link to ownership of the human body which is intrinsic to globalization.

Graham Phillips who did an in depth article  on Oksana, reports on the commonality of male-on- female violence in the Ukraine, where one in four murders is the result of domestic violence. The 2011 law “On the Prevention of Violence in the Family” (The Advocates for Human Rights 17 July 2009; OSI 2007, 21). Before the amendments, the blame was on the victim, after the 2008 amendments unmarried victims were given rights, and the accused are allowed to be held in detention. The Uraine is supposed to sign the EU Convention #210 on the elimination of all forms of violence against women, but where in the West has that made a difference! If one is intimidated into silence, or dead, the law which we have witnessed that is subject to abuse, cannot change the hearts and minds of a people – both men and women to respect personal sovereignty or loyalty, or mutual respect with the argument that a woman has the right to wear what she pleases continuously falls on barren soil.

The scapegoat argument is that Ukrainians suffer abject poverty, so what does that say about the elite and their miscreations. The Ukraine suffers from domestic violence, child pornography, and human trafficking, the latter two which is a preoccupation of certain elements in the global elite. So poverty is not a viable argument! In fact it is in complete contradiction to the state insignia, the Triad (Tryzub) the symbol of unity of spirit, wisdom, and will as the source of individual and national development. That notion was thwarted through communism, along with the socio-cultural history of respecting women. Instead, women were forced to work outside the home, and become socially dependent on a society with a growing prejudice against women. The cooperative, warm, compassionate nature that Ukrainians are known for began to dissipate, and with that the ability to raise children. There are many who say that what has been happening in the U.S., U.K., Canada, France, Germany and Australia is a result of a communist agenda disguised as democracy, as exampled by the U.Ns’ global education agenda. In the Ukraine, it was a product of Soviet social engineering – a society without ethnicity, and religion.

What has been happening in the Ukraine is a product of 3 generations of removal of personal sovereignty.



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