Missing: Victim of Paedophilia in Despair – So Close, but so Far*

Missing:  Victim of Paedophilia in Despair – So Close, but so Far*


The Slog has learned that, following a sleepless night and acute upset at the slurs made against him yesterday, Bryn Estyn whistleblower Steven Messham (left) is causing concern, having been missed for eight hours.

“He’s still not back,” one of his housemates told me at 1 pm today, adding “The last message he left was ‘my walk is waiting’. That was 7 or 8 hours ago. Nothing since…who are these establishment types who think they can spy on us and abuse us like we are nothing?”

The source was referring to articles in yesterday’s Mail on Sunday [11 November], and the idiotically insensitive comments of David Toe-sucker Mellor. He tells Steve’s disappearance behaviour is unusual for his friend, who had a bath in the early hours of this morning after being in tears for most of yesterday. The informant added:

“‘my walk is waiting’ sounds quite haunting. Where he is god knows, we wish we did…”


Messham is cast down into a pit of despair.  The people he accuses are so powerful, they now have the BBC jumping around like rabbits caught in the headlights of a car, firing top executives (sorry they resigned!), arranging enquiries, jumping in all directions except one.  No one dares state the obvious that Messham has been duped into agreeing he could not identify Lord MacAlpine.  In fact any reference to anyone in the Tories or in Labour is now never mentioned….just oblique references to child abuse as a global subject, which must be dealt with, of course, but not by the BBC.

Messham is David Kelly.  The BBC Newsnight journalists who tried to break the politico/paedo story are Andrew Gilligans.  Now, just as in 2003, it’s the crackdown.  Of course there are WMD in Iraq.  How dare any mere BBC employee suggest that anyone in the government could be lying?

Paedophiles in 10 Downing Street?   This time there’s no sexed up dossier, just sexed up and tortured children, and one of them, now a man of middle years, desperate to set the injustice of his youth put to rights, has been sold down the river.  Maybe he has taken his own life……  maybe he’ll be OK.    Let’s hope he keeps up his fight.  He has far more friends than he knows.

He should read the blogs, not the corrupt main media, and he’d soon find out what people think.  David Mellor?  I thought he died a long time ago.   His credibility did.  But here’s his chance to make comeback -to prove to the establishment that he’s still useful – as an executioner of a pitiful child abuse victim, who needs exactly the opposite of yet further abuse, which is sending him close to the edge.



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