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Choosing Free Will

Choosing Free Will


By Hwaa Irfan

lotus-flower-reflections-green1.jpgInflexibility is the path to disappointment; the desire, almost a compulsion to change things to suit one’s self. That inflexibility, not excludes parts of one’s self, but others, because it excludes cooperation, building, nurturance, wisdom, and true understanding. How many circles of emotions do we move in – circles that keep repeating themselves as we switch from competitiveness, impatience, manipulation, desperation, and guilt – all rooted in fear that colors our relationship with ourselves, and perception of reality distancing joy, compassion, patience and honoring one’s self and others.

In the midst of universal change, not global reconstruction, but a universal change that offers the opportunity towards real free will, i.e. free will that encompasses all life, do we find ourselves clinging onto what we have become – addicted to? How many of the protests around the world are but a knee-jerk reaction – a withdrawal symptom to the fear of loss of what in fact was never good for us – did not make us whole,, but subjugated parts of true nature in order to become acceptable to that which in fact is pathological – did not allow us to grow up emotionally so that we could only accept prescribed relations with our selves and others perpetuating patterns of low self esteem, self distortion, and the feeling of never being good enough – a pattern that just keeps on sucking us back into line in order to maintain the status quo?

Questions, questions, and more questions, but do we ever really answer the first question/ask the right question in the first place?

Complacency – this is life – but is it or is it what we have learnt to accept?

Amidst the protests, the increased numbers of suicides, the increased disregard for life, is a real yearning, a yearning of the soul, the voice of which has been silenced for far too long, without vocabulary, and thus without understanding, because we only made tangible the physical: work, eat, buy the unnecessary – a never ending appetite of consumption contributing to forever increasing prices that leads to more demands, more work, and busily struggling to get somewhere without becoming someone into a cul-de-sac of our lives. We look u to see those who “made it” and increase our effort by any means, burying deeper within ourselves that we are in fact not any happier than before.

We keep peddling under the illusion that we are free or struggling towards a notion of freedom that if obtained only leads to become willing partners in our own enslavement.

Gonzalo RojasIf we have been fortunate that journey, that struggle would have come to an abrupt halt via a enforced life changes whether, financial, physical, emotional and/or spiritual, but definitely personal. That fortune serves as a vehicle to bring us back in touch with our true selves, those unspoken voices of our shadow selves that have been silenced by the ‘ideal self’ to realize that despite all the talk of democracy collectively we have never been free. For free will is not the nature of the limited self, the personality/ego, or the mind, but is the characteristic of the silenced part of ourselves, the soul, for only the soul has the wisdom to choose the pattern of its incarnation.

When people protest on the basis of their fears, their imagination, of what they have heard there is no free will because one is only projecting ones perception of reality, and therefore there can be no real change, or fall prey to the illusion of change because the soul is not involved. The soul fears not that which is different, that which is “other”, does not fall prey to immediate self gratification, and not what it limits it – the same soul that has an ‘ahd/covenant with its Creator from the time of conception. It does not fall prey to emotional/psychological blackmail by the ego, or the egos of others, but is free from that limited mind.

The Laws of Nature are but vehicles of the Creator to help us on that journey towards free will = the same Laws that formulated for us the physical body with which to navigate our way through the physical world – the same body that becomes dis-eased when we make that journey without our soul.

“Man in his pure state of nature perceives through his God-given gift primordial nature that the vast realm of the universe, from the minutest particle to the greatest galaxies with their wonderful system of precise laws, points to its origins from the One God. He clearly perceives that all have come into existence by His cut of creation, their functioning, their working – everything that follows their creation – are all of His making.” – M.H. Tabatabai’

When we judge others through the limited perceptions of the mind, we cast a flaw in the greater fabric that unites us that includes ourselves.

That greater Unity we have veiled from our personal reality regardless of having faith or not having faith, because when we out to silence our own personal essence, we silence the essence of everything and everyone else.

Imagine not feeling obliged to follow the opinion of another, of the ability  and will to seek the truth for one’s self, to not be a victim in any form r t judge because we have the ability to see all sides of the picture and all the colours that create that one picture. Imagine what it is to know one’s own true purpose and able to make the right steps, and to be open and willing to learning from the lesson that life presents to us – a life not built on false promises.

Caught in the man-made matrix that free will becomes extinguished permeated with perversions of the truth with greed, anger, and ignorance, but playing a part in the Divine Matrix, life on a higher frequency becomes available.

So why keep clamoring for that which is no longer sustainable?

We have been witnessing every kind of crises possible, as the man-made matrix goes into decay. We have played our part in that process either through compliance, complacency and/or consent. As such, this ‘tsuami’ is bringing to the surface of our personal, domestic and global lives, all our miscreations, in order to allow us to take responsibility, in order to cleanse, but without that leap of faith, and trust in the unfolding, the impact of this ‘tsuami’ will hit us hard.

With trust and faith, instead of doing everything to resist, we will accept the universal influences  that has been calling on us to slowdown, in order to reflect, contemplate, allow for the purging of our lives, and to prepare us ALL to operate at a frequency higher than the one that we have been living at for this is the nature of the Laws of Change/Nature. This means:

Being kind to ourselves, and thus others

depressionGiving voice to the different parts of ourselves and thus others allowing for the fragments of individuality respond to the higher self to heal, and then become whole. But can our patience withstand the time it will take by acknowledging that it has taken many years to create this state of imbalance?

“Let is cease from turning our strengths against ourselves by denying the existence of that which we do not know.” – Fabre d-Olivet.

Inhale deeply, and take strength from the knowledge that there is something more to all of this than what has been going on for so long. Inhale as one as never done before to light that inner flame that was almost extinguished. Ignite the passion of creation, and one’s place on earth in order to regain one’s physical vitality.

When that flame is lit, and one’s physical vitality is renewed, let that flame extend to the next layer, the emotional plane where ambition, creativity, resolution, and dreams are waiting unattended. Then let that flame warm the inner layer, the mental plane to rekindle the intellect that cannot be touched by schooling, giving birth to one’s center of gravity. Then move on to the spiritual plane where one’s wisdom, understanding, sense of wholeness and connection to one’s Creator, and thus ALL life waits unattended, and if one is observant the prerequisites of unconditional living, compassion, and understanding will serve to make the journey even sweeter than the one we have ended up in!

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Schooling By David DeesStart Them Young: Reviving the Proletariat

By Hwaa Irfan

When one hears reference to improving the education system from the establishment, the pronouncement usually falls on deaf ears – a matter of experience is the reason. Then again, we all have different notions of what ‘education’ means. In the original sense, the Latin, the idea of ‘improving’ education, became totally unrelated once ‘education’ became the tool by which governments use to mold and manipulate students into their image of a good citizen. This has been more so the case since 2005 when via the auspices of UN agencies, the global education agenda has become a means by which to ensure a compliant and submissive labor force, and citizenry in service of the global elite. It has been cleverly phased in, making us uninformed willing partners in the dumbing down of our children.

This is no less evident, when in the recent report it has been found rather than discovered that American children in general have a poor grasp of vocabulary. The report by the U.S. Department of Education’s National Centre for Education Statistics biennial National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), or the Nation’s Report Card, a federal study might have less to do with finding out what is lacking, and to do something about it, and more to do with being a form of a progress report on how well our children are being dumbed down, i.e. made stupid.

This comes in the midst of low English language performance. Though the report is the first in analyzing vocabulary as an issue, there is little that schools can do without the external environment improving its own vocabulary e.g. media.  The report found that:

  • Top 25% of 4th Graders scored 255 points on a scale of 500
  • Bottom 25% scored 177 points

From the point of view of academic learning and achievement, language impacts on all other subjects. How often does a teacher find students struggling to understand a subject, simply because they do not have the vocabulary to understand the subject. How many children will not attempt a task because their unrefined tools of language are ill equipped to tackle the task.  In fact, from the point of view of the children, the subject is defined as difficult in an age when immediate gratification has been entrained into their relationship with themselves, others and the world around them, which becomes very limited.

From a personal point of view, their experiences and ability to express those experiences is thwarted by the lack of adequate vocabulary to explain it to themselves, let alone anyone else. This is what happens when one holds education in a position that once was, by handing over one’s child lock stock and barrel to do the job so to speak.

Then there are those older students, the students that have already gone through the compulsory education system, and have hopes of moving onto higher education, which is not compulsory, and has to be paid for by the recipient. With the real cost of a degree in the U.K. approaching £100,000 as a result of the interest fees that banks are banking on to maintain and increase their profit margins. To pay back the loan one has to be rich in the first place, but not willing to pay it one lump sum. The reality raised by a U.K. government report is the expected life time pay back on the loan, therefore guaranteeing a constant income for the corrupt banking system. The report even considers this to be normal with graduates who get well paid jobs, paying back in a shorter time. That will not be the case for both the middle and working classes in a class riddled society.

  • 70% of the 300,000 students who entered higher education this autumn  will repay £65,000 –  £85,000.
  • Others will end up paying £85,000 – £100,000.

The lowest life time earners happen to be women who will end up paying back over a 30 year period. The only benefit is that the debt outstanding after that period is at the moment written off. This at least will give some idea on how to ‘regulate’ the first 30 years if one lives that long!

It is believed the government rushed through higher fees without thinking about the consequences, but here is one who is not convinced! Even if the uncalculated risk of fewer students taking up higher education, that means more fodder, i.e. proletariats for the establishment. The Independent conveys one case study:

Tamara Hassan, 19, was put off by soaring student debt. Earlier this year, she completed her A-levels at Epping Forest College and began looking at university psychology courses…

“The trebling of the fees was a large part of not wanting to go in the end,” she said. “By the time I came out of university, I would be in so much debt without any work experience and looking for a job that might have nothing to do with my degree, so I started looking at apprenticeships instead. One of my brothers went to university before the fees were trebled, and it took him five years to get a job and he’s still paying back his debt. Another brother didn’t go and he has the best job of all of us so I just wanted to start working.”

Ironically Tamara now works for customer services at Not Going to Uni website. She notes a 60% increase in applications for apprenticeships.

The face of education and work might be changing, but not necessarily in the manner that is ill conceived by the global elite One Government lot. In Islam, one can only be judged by one’s intentions, because in reality, that is what one has control of. As the global elite One Government lot try to centralize and control more, they might find that they are in fact the incentive towards greater independent thinking and a more creative life!

The reverse is what has been happening in the U.S. and the U.K., when one has handed one’s life over to the state, greater depression, increased suicides, and scenarios painted by Andreas Schleicher, special adviser on education at the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), says the U.S. is now the only major economy in the world where the younger generation is not going to be better educated than the older.





Gallagher, P. Revealed: How the Cost of a Degree is Now 100,000″

US becomes a country of ‘downward mobility’

“US students struggle with vocabulary.”

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