UFO’s: Pure PSYOPS, for Real or Both!

UFO’s Pure PSYOPS , for Real or Both!

By Hwaa Irfan

Having never seen one, at least knowingly, one could say that one is in no position to comment… but the question persists, how does one tell the difference between undeclared technology 40 years ahead of what the U.S. and Russian military have in possession, and the coming to life of 40 years of UFO films!

One observes the most experimented on society, the American, increasingly report sighting UFO’s, and has spread beyond their shores. The most recent (as far as one knows) reports are on flying triangles, a recurrent vision one used to have, but how many of those incidents are to do with a grand PSYOP plans linking into the Doomsday hype, to instill fear amongst the people and have them fall helplessly into the hands of the only ‘tangible’ reality we have all been entrained to since WWII, i.e. global governance. This would make a perfect Big Lie, and would cut the growing manifestations of resistance against the populous, and as such speed up control of peoples under the long term agenda of the global One Government operation. Remember, the bigger the lie, the more people seem to believe it!

Triangular shaped UFO have been reported in the U.S. of course, but they have also been reported in places like:

  • Rendlesham Forest from military personnel
  • Hudson Valley, Canada
  • Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales

With an upshot of reports in the U.K. along with strange sounds from the sky, the earth, and close encounters with earth from asteroids. Not wanting to make fun of those who are serious about what they observed, really, how can one tell?

In this late 1990s interview, Bill Cooper describes a dramatic experience he had while in the Navy, where he and several shipmates observed a UFO shoot out of the ocean and take off into the sky.

He said that the question of whether UFOs are real had been resolved for him but the question of who was driving them remained in question.

“A lot of times, my message is misconstrued as being ‘not spiritual’ or being ‘overly negative.’ I think they miss a lot of what I say. Because my point is that to be a spiritual person; to be a person who really matters, to really keep your power – which is your spirituality – and not become a slave, you have to know what the problems are. You have to identify them. You have to be mature enough and responsible enough to look them in the face and say, ‘I’ve got to do something about this.’

“And unfortunately, a lot of things that I talk about, if we don’t do something about it, it’s not going to amount to a pile of beans whether you’re ‘spiritual’ or not – you’ll be somebody’s slave in the future New World Order…Bill Cooper, U.S Navy

Recent reportage is remiss of Bill Cooper’s explanation.

Malcom Hathorne refutes such notions as conveyed to him by somebody ‘in the know’, host of the American Coast to Coast AM, George Noory’s conviction that these ‘UFOs’ are government projects.

Referring to the silent activities of triangular-boomerang shaped crafts Hathorne refers to a sighting in Rendlesham Forest reported by Sergeant Jim Penniston where the craft was able to maneuver through trees at a very low altitude. Hathorne’s argument is that Penniston have 45 minutes unaccounted for, i.e. lapse in time. And the Hudson Valley incident observed by staff in the 1980s, all of whom had time unaccounted for after observing the craft hover over the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant for maybe 15 minutes.

In Wales, Britain Jon Kelly reports on the sightings of the Davis family in Breacon Beacons, home and training ground of the British Army’s Infantry Battle School, 160th (Wales) Brigade and the kukri-bearing Gurkha Company (Mandalay). Apparently a hotspot for sightings, one wonders how much one should believe Tavistock Clinic-trained educational psychologist, Dr. Simon Griffey proclaimed sighting in 2008, now research director for the Doctorate in Educational Psychology program at Cardiff University. Apparently his unnamed son photographed the lights when the crew of a South Wales police helicopter was unsuccessful in capturing an image. Psychology was a part of the eugenics program of the infamous Tavistock clinic, a psychological warfare research center, i.e. PSYOPS.

Then there is Dr. Lynn Kittei, author of “The Phoenix Lights,” who apparently photographed and video-taped the object(s), would like to see those photographs, and even then would we know what we were looking at!

Reports in the U.S. dropped to one in December 2012, from 86 the previous month according to Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. A November account is given as follows:

5:30 p.m., Katy, Waller County, TX, Case 43835.

 “We noticed the green sphere-like object in the sky and both observed that it was moving back and forth and up and down,” the witness stated. “We both knew this was not a plane. There also was another, smaller object. The pictures were taken between two and four seconds apart, so it was moving at a great speed. There is a small airport nearby, and we are very familiar with the landing and flight patterns, also colors of airplanes. There is a green outline in the clouds, and it looks like a green beam going downward. The object changed shape or possible turned over, and went to the south where it seemed to join with a cloaked, large object, which can be seen in the last photos. It looks like a cloud, but there is a clear outline of a huge disk, and cloud/vapor trail coming from the south/southwest.”

In all reported cases, the craft was described as silent with the ability accelerate at amazing speed, and ‘respond to the thoughts of witnesses’.  Various coloured lights have been reported, with green lights increasingly common. The single triangle report for December occurred in Hobart, Indiana, on December 2, 2012, where the object was described as “sleek and a dark metal color with no windows, no landing gears” in Case 44284.

Shifts in Frequency and Reality

As we go through a universal alignment of planets and constellations – the Shift of the Ages, crises at all levels have been put into motion since 2008, known as the Leveling i.e. to return to Source and the natural Laws that we have fallen foul of I our heavy descent from humanity. With that Leveling, many have been forced on many levels to face drastic changes in their lives the most fundamental of which is our distorted perception of the reality that created socio-economically – the false basis on which we have based our lives. For some this leveling has been met in a state of shock, denial, and belligerence on the part of the elite all over the world – those who have exploited manipulated the general populous to their long term benefit. For the ordinary person, many still cling onto that reality even as the ground shifts under their feet.

Fed on a diet of U.S. apocalyptic and horror-psycho films over decades, it is no wonder one can witness a legalized sex industry, serial murderers, paedophilia, and mind control programs at all levels of American society. Add to that cocktail a huge but justifiable dose of insecurity, we have paranoia on our hands. This is aided and abetted by such reputable organizations as NASA, which refutes the existence of UFOs as they plan to go on a mission to identify time portals yet, some NASA locations are ongoing experimental centers for the MKULTRA program!

However, amidst the above we have quite sane people, and people who have risen above the matrix or are passing through the man-made matrix, which is not only a shift in reality, but also as bioelectro-magnetic beings, a shift to a higher frequency accessing a more wholesome reality.

Sometimes to understand a religious-spiritual precept one not only has to experience it, but also have other pieces of the puzzle called ‘Truth’. A part of that ‘Truth’ in yoga psychology known as the Yantra, is based on visual vibratory signatures. Those signatures manifest in acoustic waveforms that relate to our organ of photosynthesis, the pineal gland. It is the pineal gland that is being made dysfunctional by the fluoridated water we drink, the processed foods, the lack of activity out in the open, and interferences from microwave instruments like the cell-phone/mobile and RFID’s etc.

In Yantra, the pineal gland is also our connection to objective reality, the Divinity or cosmic consciousness which is symbolically represented by the inverted winged pyramid.

It pertains to:

  • The colour indigo
  • The union of the pineal and pituitary gland
  • Perception
  • Light
  • Intuition
  • The ability to spends one life in the service of others

The two wings/petals symbolizes the end to dualism, the left and right brain working in unison, and the meeting of the two nadis, ida and pingala. One’s emotional intelligence is enhanced as well as the ability to recognize Truth, to learn from experiences, and to self evaluate. One becomes more creative, and able to face the challenges presented.

Could PSYOPS be exploiting this, as the One Government agenda exploits all knowledge from different religious and spiritual traditions to direct our obedience under their governance? And/or is what an increasing number of people experiencing being misunderstood and a product of the vibrationary shift in the planet, thus all life forms including us!

 “Self-knowledge is the real knowledge – all other knowledge is a mere shadow of knowledge and will not lead to the realization of the truth.”


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  1. No fluoridated water where I live, but the processed foods and a sedentary way of life are both in full swing. Also, television/media programming (i.e. convincing) is top notch. Thinking as per one’s programming will not invite the pineal gland into action, so no enlightenment possible while we are obliged to obey/accept anything officially sanctioned. A dumbed-down population is easy meat for the New World Government and Most-divine Spiritual Leader(s). Watch ’em go!

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