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Guilty of Ritual Sex Abuse

Guilty of Ritual Sex Abuse

If ever one is reminded of the saying ‘life is stranger than fiction’ here is one to add to a growing list.

Using pagan artifacts naval man, Peter Petrauske, 72, who claims to be a high priest, and former soldier Jack Kemp, 69, were charged and convicted with ritual sex abuse on girls.

Belonging to a white witch coven in sedate St. Ives, Cornwall, South England, Petrauske and Kemp participated in ceremonies that involved plying girls as young as 3 years old with alcohol, stripping them in front of white-robed men followed by sexual abuse to be given sweets, money and threats to silence them. Prosecutor Jason Beal recounted that children’s wrists, and other unforgiveable acts of torture.

Peter Solheim, whose mutilated body (y his girlfriend) was found five miles off the Lizard Peninsula in 2004. Photograph: PA

The initial charge was unrelated when Kemp was arrested on an unrelated incident that led to widespread rumors in their hometown of Falmouth and victims coming to light. A former parish councillor Peter Solheim was linked to witchcraft in Cornwall.

Petrauske was only found guilty of one count of rape, one count of aiding and abetting an attempt to rape and one count of indecent assault. Kemp was found guilty of indecent assault and indecency with a child.

Defended by female members of the coven, if the act of soul theft they carried out on young girls is true, and does not pertain to false accusations because many are waiting for justice to be done to all victims of paedophilia, one prays that all those involved are found, charged and convicted. As it stands, other charges are under consideration for Petrauske and Kemp.

For what reason Prosecutor Jason Beal denounces that their crimes against humanity were related to their pagan beliefs is on unclear, but disgusted accused them of sexual abuse plain and simple. Petrauske made it clear that he has been a pagan for 55 years, and even possesses an altar in his bedroom as evidence. Should this membership somehow make a difference on the sentence?

The UK Pagan Council lists the following unvetted covens:

  • Vectis Phoenix Coven, Isle of Wight
  • Tubals Forge, Lincolnshire
  • Coven of The Crooked Path, Watford Hertfordshire
  • The Coven of The Sacred Flame, Cheshire
  • Templi Kalendae, Birmingham
  • The Crystal Cauldron, Cheshire
  • Brighton Coven, Brighton
  • Folk I The Wood, Sheffield
  • Coven of Arianrhod, Cornwall Devon,  Plymouth, England
  • Coven of the Mother of the Earth, West Midlands
  • Cauldron of the Allta Cailleach, East Dorset/West New Forest
  • Cotswold Coven, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Not wanting to smear everyone with the same brush, knowingly what that feels like, apparently, they follow different paths. As far as Petrauske and Kemp

‘I am satisfied that you have both had a lifelong sexual interest in young female children,’ judge Graham Cottle told the defendants during sentencing.

‘You were two of the surviving members of a paedophile ring. Together with others whose names have been repeatedly featured in this trial, you were members of a ring that operated in the Falmouth area in the 70s and 80s.


Morris, S. “Cornish ‘white witches’ guilty of ritual sex abuse on girls.”

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U.S. Soldiers Raping Afghan Women*

U.S. Soldiers Raping Afghan Women*

Now again, there will be short-lived interest in the rights of Afghan women, of course attached to Taliban i.e. Muslim oppression. This time round, what the main press seem to have excluded are the rights of the women who have recently been raped, Gordon Duff of Veteran News reports:

The story below is taken from Press TV. It was reported in NO western media. What I can say is that this is a story that is repeated on a nearly daily basis in Afghanistan and anywhere American troops are operating, not just against local population but over 16000 reports of rapes against women serving in the American military.

Real numbers are estimated at around 50,000 per year and increasing dramatically.

With over 200,000 women in the military but about a third under exceptionally high risk “for sexual assault” deployments, escaping sexual assault is almost an impossibility in many commands, meaning that virtually all women are assaulted at one time or another with prosecutions running less than 3%.

First of all, we can blame the command structure, including and especially leadership from the service academies, all ridden with sexual assault scandals or their own. We can look at the highest levels of military leadership where we are seeing one prosecution after another for improper sexual behavior from “affairs” to rape.

What we aren’t speaking of, what is never in print, is that, with the military in its current “burned out” condition, recoiling from its low ebb of hokey “war on terror” jingoism, we are seeing our recruiting patterns “settle in” as they always do.

Our military is filling with criminals, systematically recruited from street gangs, from jails and prisons, a great secret, as we send those unfit for American society to live in Afghanistan and feed off the local population as drug cartel enforcers, social misfits and, as we note here, rapists and murderers.

Worse still, is the environment we create for those who serve with honor.

Years ago, when the Pentecostals took over the chaplain corps in congress with the Church of Satan, followed by penetration of the service academies as “Christian Zionists,” in reality a apocalypse death cult run by Dominionist “American “Taliban” woman haters, the environment for mass rape was ensured.

As for our real military, our sons and daughters who serve their country with honor…

We shame them.

This is not to be accepted or covered up.

The residents of a village in northern Afghanistan say American troopers raped several women during a nighttime raid in the rural community.

The locals said that the incident took place in a village in the Chahar Bolak district of Afghanistan’s Balkh Province where US special forces carried out house-to-house searches, Afghanistan Information Network reported on Sunday.

However, the name of the village was not disclosed as the villagers said they had been threatened by the commander of the US forces with “consequences” in case of complaining about the issue.

During the operation, the troopers separated the men and women of about 15 families and raped several women, the locals said.

Since the beginning of the US-led invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, American troopers have on different occasions abused Afghans.

Last month, a US trooper involved in the mass killing of Afghan civilians in southern Afghanistan in March admitted to his crimes for the first time before a military court in the United States.


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A Top Paedophile Sentenced, Finally!

A Top Paedophile Sentenced, Finally!

A Top Paedophile Sentenced!

2012 has proven to be the year when truth begins to surfaces amidst lies, corruption, and deceit. For former child victims of paedophilia, decades of their lives have scarred by what they have never asked to be party to, and has been defined and shaped accordingly.

When arrests and accusations began, the only names that have been allowed to be mentioned have been of those who have escaped judgement by fate of death. Even those still alive, are elderly, but dead or alive they have all been celebrities.

A senior member of the Honorary Police of Jersey (an island), 77-year old Ralph Cyril Mauger was finally found guilty of 7 counts of indecent assault of three girls (aged 6 -14), and one count of gross indecency from 1998 and 2006 under Crown Prosecutor Sarah Fitz at the Royal Court. The evidence was based on the findings of former Detective Constable Tim Rowe, the investigating officer.

Mauger has been remanded in custody until 16th January 2013 – pending sentencing for child sex abuse.’

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