A Top Paedophile Sentenced, Finally!

A Top Paedophile Sentenced!

2012 has proven to be the year when truth begins to surfaces amidst lies, corruption, and deceit. For former child victims of paedophilia, decades of their lives have scarred by what they have never asked to be party to, and has been defined and shaped accordingly.

When arrests and accusations began, the only names that have been allowed to be mentioned have been of those who have escaped judgement by fate of death. Even those still alive, are elderly, but dead or alive they have all been celebrities.

A senior member of the Honorary Police of Jersey (an island), 77-year old Ralph Cyril Mauger was finally found guilty of 7 counts of indecent assault of three girls (aged 6 -14), and one count of gross indecency from 1998 and 2006 under Crown Prosecutor Sarah Fitz at the Royal Court. The evidence was based on the findings of former Detective Constable Tim Rowe, the investigating officer.

Mauger has been remanded in custody until 16th January 2013 – pending sentencing for child sex abuse.’

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