Today is the Beginning of a New Era*

Today is the Beginning of a New Era


December 21, 2012


There is no cataclysmic event, no dark days as predicted by NASA just more violence, hunger, and war, that is, if we choose to hold onto that which is dysfunctional in our lives and not accept that the unification of self, and all life. Instead an ongoing process will continue, sifting the chaff from the wheat, offering greater opportunities through universal influences to work on our jihad an nafs through changes in electromagnetic frequencies from above to below until we learn to accept each other regardless of race, class, or faith raising our own vibrational frequency to that of the universal changes. This does not pertain to the Mayans alone, and has not been foretold by the Mayans alone, but it is up to us to read His Signs as the Earth continues its electromagnetic change most notable of which is the changing of the Poles and the renewal of our Earths crusts through natural disasters which is also in response to our level of consciousness until we change within minus fear, minus greed, minus business as usual, and minus separation…

One Love!


“Today is the beginning of a new era” — Alma Gloria Temaj Morales, Mam Maya spiritual guide from Guatemala

Today is December 21, 2012, the end of the Oxlajuj Baktun cycle, the end of the “long-count” calendar that finishes up a 5,129-year cycle in the Mayan calendar. The ancient Maya people were master astrologers and timekeepers, tracking the stars and planets and developing a cyclical calendar. Today is also the Winter Solstice and the Mayan calendar predicts an alignment of the planets.

In the words of Alma Temaj, “In the Maya cosmovision, time is cyclical. Today, the long-count calendar culminates and planets align. It is not the end of the world,  but the change of cycles, a new era, a new beginning. For us Maya, its the beginning of a cultural revolution that will enable us to  recover our identities, traditions, and cultures. Spiritually, the change in cycles means a renewing of energies. Across Guatemala we are holding ceremonies and making offerings to mark the end of the old cycle and to receive the new era.”




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