The Trouble with Cholesterol is that You Need It!

The Trouble with Cholesterol is that You Need It!

By Hwaa Irfan

Still imbedded in the minds of many is the popular conviction perpetuated by modern medicine and the pharmaceutical industry is that cholesterol is bad for you – pure and simple, not bad for an industry that still passes off 96% of human DNA as junk because they have yet to decipher it, and then balance the rest of innovative medicine on the 4% that they believe they have deciphered! You know 1 + 1 = 2

Yet, recent findings have found that cholesterol is important to the human immune system!

The Freiburg immunobiologist Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schamel from the Institute of Biology III of the University of Freiburg and team led by Prof. Dr. Balbino Alarcon from the Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain, have had to factor cholesterol back into human health as they began to decipher clues to the mystery in 2011.

Now Schamel’s team along with Prof. Dr. Rolf Schubert, professor for pharmaceutical technology and biopharmaceutics at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Freiburg have found cholesterol to be the key as higher concentrations are present in the memory cells of the immune system. This is because higher concentrations of cholesterol binds This higher concentration of cholesterol leads to the aggregation of receptors, which when activated all at once, makes our immune system more sensitive to a large number of pathogens when they bind to the receptors. In other words, cholesterol helps to make our immune systems more sensitive to attack, and therefore respond more efficiently.

Unfortunately this news is fodder for the untested vaccines that the pharmaceutical industry keeps churning out to inflict on unsuspecting victims for ‘diseases’ that do not cause a serious threat, and results in an upturn in diseases that do cause a threat to human health.

No distinction has been made between bad and good cholesterol both of which works in relation to each other. Besides cholesterol is not a matter of consumption only, a healthy liver produces cholesterol. It travels to where it is required in the body. HDL works to deliver excess cholesterol to the liver where it is excreted, and LDL is stored in cells until needed.

Long discovered by medical researchers that Islamic fasting reduces bad cholesterol (low density lipid), which then increases healthy cholesterol (high density lipids).  What is measured when one goes for a blood test is HDL, LDL, triglycerides and Lp(a), together this group is used to determine one’s cholesterol level.

Heart surgeon Dr. Dwight Lundell after 25 years experience has found that the mantra,  ‘cholesterol is bad for your health’ scientifically and morally indefensible. In fact Lundell found that inflammation in the artery wall is the real cause of heart disease. Isn’t it overdue for general practitioners to update their knowledge bank?


“Cholesterol Boosts the Memory of the Immune System.”

“Good vs. Bad Cholesterol.”

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