Boy Scout of America Encyclopaedia of Sexual Abuse 1947 -2005

Boy Scout of America Encyclopaedia of Sexual Abuse 1947 -2005

This is the picture whose childhood, and boy scout years were scarred by sexual abuse. Finally, this young man was able to experience vindication in an Oregon courtroom after a jury found the Boy Scouts of America negligent for sexual abuse by an assistant Scoutmaster in the 1980s. Doctors, priests and teachers were the perpetrators.

Exposed to the public by Los Angeles Times, evidence of thousands of files from 1985 – 1991 were published online by the news agency. Those files contained victims’ names (which should have been changed). Two thousand files had been in the possession of the Boy Scouts of America. Those files which met justice were kept for internal use by the organization, apparently to prevent abusers from rejoining!

However, many files were destroyed…

Most (3,200) files that related to the period after 1991 have not been released which is being sought in various court cases. These files are from 1947-2005.  Of the files released they include records of child molestation by Samuel Becker who was Scouts committee chairman for 4 years. Becker even served time. Scout Leader Gary L. Findlay of Illinois, was convicted of sexual abuse and expelled from the Scouts. Arthur W. Humphries, a Scout leader with 50 years of experience and Scouting awards also molested child.

A quiet resignation was one method employed leaving the victims to suffer in silence. Another method employed was to simply to cover their tracks. 80% of the cases known to the organization no official report to the police took place.

Lawsuits against the organization were filed by victims, hence why these diabolical crimes are seeing the light of day.

At a trial in 2010, it was alleged that the organisation allowed troop leader Timur Dykes to continue working after he admitted molesting 17 boys in the early 1980s. A prominent Wisconsin pediatrician Thomas Kowalski, now 75, admitted molesting two boys while serving as a Boy Scout camp doctor in the 1980s. He voluntarily gave up his medical license after additional complaints of abuse surfaced, but is that enough? The Wisconsin’s medical examining board has launched an investigation in response.

Scouts official Eugene Grant blamed parents for letting their sons go to the man’s apartment for merit badge work and sleepovers. That is what parents get for wanting to encourage their children to be proactive with their lives instead of wasting away behind a digital gadget, games, and internet, and not becoming rounded individuals!

The Boy Scouts of America said they have improved their child protection activities since 2010, but the American faith in what was once perceived as a reputable institution has been broken!

2012 has become that the year that childhood has begun to be redeemed – something that the UN has never been able to do or seeks beyond freeing the child from parental control to become puppets of the state!


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