Rape: Challenging the Acceptable

Challenging the Acceptable

It took time to come to the surface after it was suppressed with the antics of former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Khan which ended this year with an out of court settlement.  As sexual violence and abuse reveals a global face, still this barbaric act is treated as a crime just like any other crime both by the public and the establishment.

With some hope, the Indian public response to the brutally fatal, and barbaric gang rape that took place on a 23-year-old student’s return home from the cinema with her boyfriend this December a stronger approach:

 “We strongly condemn this misogynist violence that is truly upsetting. We are all condemning this act and we are very angry. We are all very upset about the place of women in this country.”

“Until the culprits are given the death penalty and their trials speeded up in fast track courts, this movement will not cease,” said another.

If this will make potential perpetrators think before they act maybe we stand a chance to eliminate other forms of modern day barbarism that have become perfectly acceptable!


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  1. In the West, our thoughts and emotions are manipulated by Hollywood movies ; in India, they have Bollywood and Kollywood (Tamil language) which serve the same purpose . Women are more often than not portrayed as sex objects. This year (2012) in New Delhi alone, there were over 600 cases of rape yet only one conviction. What’s wrong with this picture?

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