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Idle No More: New Shift to an Indigenous Reality

Idle No More: New Shift to an Indigenous Reality

By Hwaa Irfan

The Mau Mau of Kenya did not wait for the dawn of a New Age to lay claim to justice. Tortured and brutalized by the British in the 1950s, members of the Mau Mau have literally confronted Britain with its colonial past and present when lawyer Martyn Day departed from London’s High Court with hopeful news. Prior to that Britain threw a disclaimer stating that they are not responsible for the acts of others, despite their continuance to this day.

London’s High Court ruled on October 5 2012 that three living, but now elderly members of the Mau Mau who were seriously tortured (one was castrated) can proceed with their claims against the British government. This means, for the first time ever, victims of British colonialism can due Britain!

“This is an historic judgment that will reverberate around the world,” Day said.

“There will undoubtedly be victims of colonial torture from Malaya to Yemen, from Cyprus to Palestine, who will be reading this judgment with great care.”

Day was welcomed by supporters waiting in expectation outside the High Court, including the 3 non-English speaking octogenarian plaintiffs, Wambugu Wa Nyingi, Jane Muthoni Mara, and Paulo Muoka Nzili who were beaten, raped, and castrated. Joy is joy amongst the indigenous who do not wait to express it! Day’s news back in Nairobi was responded by dance, and nostalgic ballads from the struggle for independence.

Britain of course launched an appeal, which was turned down on October 26.

Connections are not being made, as our colonial global elite clamp down on their citizens around the world stripping hard won rights, and drive thousands into poverty while they gamble with the billions made by the working population – the 95%!

It was in the 1940s that Kenya’s resistance movement, the Mau Mau had gained great support across the nation. Those who died must be turning over in their graves as their country under U.S imperialism take control of Somalia. Under British rule, thousands of Kenyans were driven from their fertile land, and it is Britain that led the recent global bout of and grab in Africa and elsewhere.

Under a pledge of oath, the Mau Mau swore to fight for their independence, and fed into the forests to do so.

By the mid-1950s, 150,000 Kikuyu were detained without trial, and up to 1.5 million displaced, and 30 Europeans killed along with British Kikuyu loyalists who betrayed their homeland.  The kind of treatment meted out by the British was described by one female survivor, Mara. She was 15 at the time and incarcerated at the notorious Gatithi camp. On  the second day four guards pinned her to the ground: one pushed her legs apart and kept them apart with spiked army boots, another kicked a glass bottle of hot water up her vagina.

Another survivor, Paulo Muoka Nzili was castrated with pliers used to castrate cows.

The new puppet government after independence sustained a ban on the Mau Mau and drove the survivors underground. The ban was not lifted until 2003 when most had died.

Since 2009, Katie Engelhart reports they have been trying t get their case heard!

The British lawyer who succeeded in doing so, Martyn Day had this to say:

 “You know, we [Brits] hold ourselves out as being pretty good, fair, decent, honest sorts of people,”

“We look at the Germans and the Japanese and other people who have done really terrible things. We hold ourselves out to be rather different. But actually, one recognizes through cases like this that we have sides to our character that are … not quite as bad, but pretty bad. It’s important that we understand that.”

As many around the world prepared for the dawn of a New Age – the transition from 13 to a new B’aqtun (December 21-22, 2012), many indigenous including the Mayans have been preparing to not uplift humanity, but their own communities as well and that includes rights on a more holistic basis. They are a people who have been faced with what the rest of the world has been experiencing, and has yet to experience.

‘Idle No More’ is the name of the recent round in struggle, which has been taking place in Ottawa, Canada, where the largest student march the world has ever seen took place in 2011-2012. Their mission. . .
“Idle No More calls on all people to join in a revolution which honours and fulfils Indigenous sovereignty which protects the land and water. Colonization continues through attacks to Indigenous rights and damage to the land and water. We must repair these violations; live the spirit and intent of the treaty relationship, work towards justice in action, and protect Mother Earth.

December 10th was the date that indigenous people and allies stood in solidarity across Canada to assert Indigenous sovereignty and to work towards a sustainable, renewable future. The challenge is Desmarai is controlled Canada – the family that owns Power Corporation,  foreign corporations in Europe and China, the French-speaking Quebec media as well as a control over every Canadian Prime Minister since Pierre Trudeau with close ties to the Rothschilds, The Rockefellers, Spanish royalty, The Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderberg Group. However, Idle No More, “….recognize that there may be backlash, and encourage people to stay strong and united in spirit.”

One non-native participant n 21st had this to say about the 21st:

“That was the most amazing day I have ever been a part of. We Gathered in Peace. We Gathered In Solidarity. We Stood Proud and Tall. We Spoke in Truths. December 21st 2012, to me, will always be remembered as, the Day I stood up, with all of you, in a We rally. We did this. We set the stage for the world to listen and really hear us. Pride, Peace, Solidarity, will forever be in my Heart, and Mind when I look back upon this day. We, the Grassroots, our Leadership & Non Natives shared a stage, shared our ideas.”

That day Idle No More blocked 17 highways outside of Sault Ste Marie causing disruption to those seeking to go about their affairs. In a country that has achieved its sovereignty through invasion followed by various methods of ethnic cleansing like Australia, it is not only the indigenous who are seeking their identity, but the occupying societies as well, and this is fully recognized by those claiming the right to exist. The elite not only alienated the indigenous, but they also alienated those who profited for them, and alienated the environment as well.

That day, First Nations from around the Salish Sea joined in solidarity including drumming, singing and dancing.

Please sign and share with two friends, who you know will sign and share with 2 friends:


“First Nations Idle No More Cause Road Blocks”

Engelhart, K. “Rule Britannia: Empire on Trial”

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Allah’s Medicine Chest: Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis)

Allah’s Medicine Chest: Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis)

By Hwaa Irfan

The Aloe barbadensis plant has been well used for centuries for health, medicinal and skin care. With some 240 species, the name Aloe Vera derives from the Arabic Fus-ha word “Alloeh” meaning “shining bitter substance,” while “vera” in Latin means “true.”

The Egyptians called Aloe “the plant of immortality.” The ancient Greeks regarded Aloe Vera as the universal panacea. Egyptian queens Nefertiti and Cleopatra used it as part of their regular beauty regimes. Alexander the Great, and Christopher Columbus used it to treat soldiers’ wounds

By the early 1800s, Aloe Vera was in use as a laxative in the United States, but a return to its true status occurred in the mid-1930s, when it was successfully used to treat chronic and severe radiation dermatitis.

Aloe Vera has many English local  names including Barbados Aloe as indicated by the Latinized form barbadensis. It is also known as kumari (Bengali, Sanskrit), and Single Bible (Jamaica) for example.

from the Portuguese, it is also known as Corossol epineux (France), aluguntungun (Ghana), Zuurzak (Holland), Sirsak (Indonesian); Zopote de viejas (Mexico), Mang cau xiem, Guanábana (Spanish),   (Vietnam), and Mundla (India).

Native to East and South Africa, Aloe b. this evergreen is a member of the Asphodelaceae (Liliaceae) family of the plant kingdom, thus is classified as a shrub.

As a perennial with strong, fibrous roots, the leaves we are all familiar with are fleshy extending from the upper part of the root. In remote areas of S.W. Africa and Natal, Aloes can grow as much as 30 to 60 feet in height, with stems 10 feet in circumference. Each leaf is composed of three layers:

1) An inner clear gel that contains 99% water

2) The middle layer of latex which is the bitter yellow sap and contains anthraquinones and glycosides.

3) The outer thick layer of 15–20 cells called as rind which has protective function and synthesizes carbohydrates and proteins.

When cut, an opaque cooling gel exudes.

The yellow tubular flowers appear as erect, terminal spikes, and divides into six narrow segments at the mouth and of a red/yellow/purplish colour. The capsules contain numerous angular seeds.

The true Aloe is in flower during the greater part of the year and is not to be confused with another plant, the Agave or American Aloe (Agave Americana).

The main commercial producers today are Africa, Australia, US, the Caribbean, Central America, China, India, South America, and the Asian tropics.  Aloe vera leaf juice comes from the entire aloe vera leaf and grinding them up. Some commercial producers use enzymatic treatment is used (e.g. cellulase) to break down the rind and heavier-weight materials, and then the resulting slurry is filtered, usually with charcoal filtration, to remove any other unwanted materials such as the aloe latex (yellow, bitter tasting exudate that is a powerful laxative). The remainder is aloe vera leaf juice.
Aloe vera inner leaf juice is made by removing the rind prior to processing, and then rinsing away the aloe latex. The remaining, gelatinous inner-leaf material is then ground/crushed into aloe vera inner leaf juice.

The issue with many skin care products that market Aloe Vera content, is even if there is, the content is too little to be of any real benefit to the extent that there is an International Aloe Science Council.

Chemical Properties differ according to the plant component, and area grown. They include:

  • 5-P-coumaroylquinic acid
  • Aloe-emodin
  • Aloin
  • Apigenin 
  • Caffeic acid
  • caffeoylshikimic acid
  • Chlorogenic acid
  • Coumaric acid
  • Ferulic acid
  • Feruloylquinic acid
  • glycosylchromone aloeresin B
  • Isoorientin
  • Isovitexin
  • Kaempferol
  • Luteolin
  • Lutonarin
  • Pectic acid
  • Quercetin
  • Saponarin

A research team from the University of Belgrade School of Medicine found Aloe-emodin slows down the process of skin cell proliferation that accompanies skin cancer with human skin after radiation treatment.

A research team from South Korea’s Gachon University of Medicine and Science found Aloe-emodin slows down the growth of human liver cancer cells. Aloe-emodin stimulated a genetic change within the cancerous cells that not only halted their expansion, but induced cell death of tumour cells.

In 1994, the US Food and Drug Administration approved Aloe Vera for the treatment of HIV as it stimulates the production of white blood cells.

In 2010, researchers from the China Medical University found Aloe stimulates the production of melanin and other protective factors that protect the skin from radiation and the progression of tumorous cells.

Aloin and emodin act as analgesics, antibacterials and antivirals.

The Anthraquinones in the latex acts as a potent laxative by increasing intestinal water content, stimulating mucus secretion and increasing intestinal peristalsis.

The Mucopolysaccharides help in binding moisture into the skin. Aloe stimulates fibroblast which produces the collagen and elastin fibers making the skin more elastic and less wrinkled. It also has cohesive effects on the superficial flaking epidermal cells by sticking them together, which softens the skin. The amino acids also soften hardened skin cells and zinc acts as an astringent to tighten pores.

The juice has become established as an effective colon cleanser, also cleansing the liver, kidneys, spleen, and bladder. Also, Aloe barbadensis is an…

 Anti-carcinogen  slows down progress of cancer, and kills cancer cells.

Alterative – cleanses the blood, and corrects presence of blood impurities

Antispasmodic – leaves, relieves spasms

Antiemetic – reduces vomiting

Anthelmintic – expels/destroys parasitic worms

Anti-Inflammatory – Reduces inflammation/swellings by helping the body to overcome the problem

Antiseptic – contains 6 antiseptic agents: Lupeol, salicylic acid, urea nitrogen, cinnamonic acid, phenols and sulphur.

Bechic – Relieves of coughs

Calmative – Calms the nerves and skin

Carminative – Promotes the discharge and flow of bile from the gall bladder into the small intestines helping to disinfect the bowels.

Chemoprotective – Protects healthy tissues in chemotherapy

Cicatrisant – Closes wounds and forms scar tissue

Cytophylactic – Increases leucocytes to fight infection

Cytoprotective – protects healthy cells against harmful agents

Depurative – purgative/purifying

Diaphoretic – Promotes perspiration

Diuretic – Increases the secretion and flow of urine

Emmenagogue – Stimulates the menstrual flow

Expectorant – Causes and eases the bring-up of phlegm/mucus/sputum from the respiratory tract

Febrifuge – Reduces temperature

Haemostatic – stops bleeding

Hepatic Strengthens and tones the liver. Increases secretions in the liver.

Hypotensive – abnormally low blood pressure

Insecticide –  Repels insects

Odontalgic – Strengthens the teeth

Orexigenic – Induces the desire to eat

Pectoral –  Helps chest infections

Stomachic –Tones and cleans the stomach and improves the function of the digestive tract

Vulnerary – Prevents bleeding and cell degeneration

Vasodilator – Dilates the blood vessels

There are 8 known enzymesin Aloe barbadensis Bradykinase helps to reduce excessive inflammation when applied to the skin topically..

In Jamaica, the leaves have been used as a natural soap that lathers with salt water as well as fresh water. Aloe Vera is classified as bitters in Jamaica. All herbs that are classified as bitters have a bitter taste and have strong healing properties. As a health drink, the leaf’s gel is soaked in coconut water which is electrolytic. Aloe, b. is also used to return to balance the flora of the intestinal tract, for ulcers, colds and flu, ulcers, gastroenteritis, constipation, diarrhoea, and to improve the condition of the skin and hair.

In Ayurvedic medicine, Aloe, b. is used in the treatment of eye disease, tumours, enlarged spleen, liver complaints, nausea, bronchitis, and skin disease.

Nutritional Content


  • Calcium
  • Choline
  • Chromium
  •  Copper
  • B12
  • Folic acid
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese
  • Potassium
  • Selenium
  • Sodium
  • Vitamin A (beta-carotene)
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Zinc


The commercial variety of Aloe barbadensis, has been known to cause reddening, burning, stinging, with allergic reactions in sensitive people to the anthraquinones content.

In balance He gave us everything we needed, but as for what we want!


 Grundman, O. “Aloe Vera Gel Research Review.”

Surjushe, A.  Vasani, R.  Saple, D.G. “Aloe Vera: A Short Review” Indian J Dermatol. 2008; 53(4): 163–166.

doi:  10.4103/0019-5154.44785 PMCID: PMC2763764


Allah’s Medicine Chest

Criminalizing the Occupy Movement

Occupy BerlinCriminalizing the Occupy Movement


From A.N.S.W.E.R

FBI documents just obtained by the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund (PCJF) pursuant to the PCJF’s Freedom of Information Act demands reveal that from its inception, the FBI treated the Occupy movement as a potential criminal and terrorist threat even though the agency acknowledges in documents that organizers explicitly called for peaceful protest and did “not condone the use of violence” at occupy protests.

The PCJF has obtained heavily redacted documents showing that FBI offices and agents around the country were in high gear conducting surveillance against the movement even as early as August 2011, a month prior to the establishment of the OWS encampment in Zuccotti Park and other Occupy actions around the country.

“This production, which we believe is just the tip of the iceberg, is a window into the nationwide scope of the FBI’s surveillance, monitoring, and reporting on peaceful protestors organizing with the Occupy movement,” stated Mara Verheyden-Hilliard, Executive Director of the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund (PCJF).  “These documents show that the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security are treating protests against the corporate and banking structure of America as potential criminal and terrorist activity.  These documents also show these federal agencies functioning as a de facto intelligence arm of Wall Street and Corporate America.”

Ella’s Song

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Public Confidence in British Banks Drops Drastically*

moneyblackholePublic Confidence in British Banks Drops Drastically*

Hundreds of thousands of customers have moved their current accounts out of the big 5 banks in 2012 as public confidence in the British banks sector collapsed in the wake of a string of scandals.

These figures come following a report from the Banking Commission whose investigations ‘…revealed a culture of culpable greed, far removed from the interests of bank customers, corroding trust in the entire financial sector.’

According to evidence received by Move Your Money, building societies, credit unions and co-operatives have all reported a sharp rise in new business over the past 12 months. 500,000 people moved in the first half of this year.  In the last quarter Building societies report a 78,000 increase in savings accounts. The Cooperative Bank has seen a jump of 43% in new accounts in the last year and Credit Unions have seen 20,000 new members.

Whilst a recent YouGov poll shows that as many as 14 million people could switch accounts in 2013 as new regulation and comes in which makes switching accounts easier.  Almost one in three of UK high street bank customers said that they would be very or fairly likely to switch providers if the process of moving their primary current account was made easier.

“Public trust in the big banks has collapsed.  The reputation of one of our leading industry’s is in tatters.  Ultimately customers are on the front line of the battle to save British Banking, by moving their money to banks which are fair and transparent they are forcing banks to think twice about the way they behave.  Cultural change doesn’t come from Whitehall or the boardroom, it comes from people realising the power of what’s in their pockets. ” said Laura Willoughby MBE, Chief Executive of Move your Money.


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Bizarre weather Conditions Wreaking Havoc Across Europe

Bizarre weather Conditions Wreaking Havoc Across Europe

Being snowed in can sometimes be a much welcomed weather event, because it offers the opportunity to be a human being and not a machine programmed to facilitate the daily grind

Terra Daily reports on the bizarre weather sweeping across Europe that has led to 550 deaths

While the warmth of southwest France creates summer holiday conditions, the big freeze hit the French Mediterranean island of Corsica where snow is up to one metre thick in the higher villages.

In Italy, there has been an attack on the legacy’s of the Roman Empire via the Colosseum. The Colosseum has been experiencing damage with partial collapse, with complete collapse of the Church of the Capuchins’ roof, and the Church of the Holy Cross.

Montenegro’s capital of Podgorica was brought to a standstill by snow 50 centimetres (20 inches) deep closing the airport and halting rail services to Serbia because of an avalanche. 60,000 people have been cut off! Yet, in Catania on Italy’s Sicily coast, beach temperatures have been climbing as high as 22˚C in some places.

Southern Germany has joined France with 20˚C (68 degrees Fahrenheit) .

Rumania has had to limit electricity demand to industrial consumers, with an upshot in demand from households They have even had to stop exporting electricity In 2011 Rumania exported 2.4 billion kilowatt hours. 86 have died thus far from freezing temperatures with heavy snowfalls that have trapped many in their homes, and have completely buried some homes. 156 main roads have become impassable and 225 towns and villages have been completely cut off! 30,000 people have been cut off!

Austrian province of Vorarlberg has been cut off due to avalanches that have closed road and rail connections

Near Belgrade the freezing over of the River Danubehas led to hundreds of boats being smashed and sunken, and the sinking of a floating restaurant The River Danube, and important transport route has become blocked by ice, from Austria to its mouth on the Black Sea.

In Russia 90 people have died, 57 in Poland, and 83 in Ukraine since mid-December with temperatures as low as -50˚C in eastern Siberia.


What hasn’t turned to ice remains water causing serious floods in parts of the British Isles. . .

Those who can, simply pack their travelling-bags and trot off to drier climes.

So far, 15mm of rain fell across the south-west of England and south Wales, with more on the way. With rivers Severn, Trent, Avon and Thames in danger of breaking their banks, and risks of landslides threatening to add to the chaos!

What is not being said is how much does the Pole Shift affect weather conditions, with a reported speed up in the melting of ice at the Antarctica, and greedy Australia threatening to drill for oil there!

In 2011 some ‘experts’ were warning of increased weather chaos as a result of the ongoing magnetic polar shift, which is a not an overnight process




“Snow News”

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Iran Sells Clean Fusion-Based Electricity Across South Asia‏

Iran Sells Clean Fusion-Based Electricity Across South Asia‏


From Alexandra Bruce

I saw a bottle of wine in the store the other day that was being marketed as “Conspiracy Chardonnay.”

It has finally come to this: corruption around the world is so rampant that it has caused the “conspiracy” concept to become a hot marketing ploy.

So then, what if Iran’s nuclear energy program is advanced and non-polluting – and so abundant that they are selling electric power to half of the Middle East, as Gordon Duff says here?

And what if the real problem that the US has with Iran’s nuclear program is that its clean energy technology will collapse the entire hydrocarbon fuel industry – and all of the industries powered by antiquated, environmentally-destructive means?

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Turkey Okays approval of Israel’s status in NATO: Report*

Turkey Okays approval of Israel’s status in NATO: Report*

Turkish students hold a poster with photos of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan (L), US President Barack Obama (C) and German Chancellor Angela Merkel looking like Adolf Hitler, during an anti-NATO protest on December 21, 2012 in Ankara.


NATO has reportedly agreed to increase Israel’s participation in its activities in 2013 after Ankara eased its opposition to the move following the alliance’s approval of the deployment of Patriot missiles to Turkey.

Citing Israeli officials, Jerusalem Post reported on Sunday that “the approval had come as Turkey’s request that NATO station Patriot missile batteries along its border with Syria was granted, leading them to assess that NATO was using the deployment as leverage to induce Ankara to thaw its relations with Israel.”

Israel, a NATO partner participating in seminars, exercises and training courses, has been requesting to increase its role in the military alliance but it was met with an objection from Turkey, a full NATO member.

“At the last minute – and I think it was dependent on the Patriots – it was approved,” said one Israeli official on condition of anonymity.

The Israeli official also said that Israel’s approval for participation in the 2013 work plan and other traditional NATO activities “is not a total solution” to tensions between Israel and Turkey.

The report added that Israel is seeking to improve its status in NATO, but Tel Aviv fears about the opposition of Turkey which enjoys veto power as decision-making in the alliance is conducted by consensus.

NATO officials have been pushing to improve the Israel-Turkey ties that were soured after the Mavi Marmara flotilla incident in 2010, according to Post.

“We would like the issue to be resolved sooner rather than later,” a NATO official said on condition of anonymity. “For the time being we’re trying to find ways to keep the conversation going with Israel.”

NATO has approved of Turkey’s request for the deployment of Patriot surface-to-air missiles in its territory.

The agreement emerged from a meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Brussels on December 4 despite strong opposition from Russia, Syria and Iran.

On December 14, US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta signed orders to authorize the plan to deploy Patriot missile batteries and about 400 troops to Turkey following the announcement of a similar move by Germany.


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