Bankers and Feds Living-off the Grid or Preparing for an Event!*

Re-balkanizing America

Bankers and Feds Living-off the Grid or Preparing for an Event!*


By Stuart Wilde

There are stories on the Internet of high-paid Federal employees and Wall Street bankers quitting their jobs and setting up in remote locations in the Ozarks, and in underground government locations in Colorado. The US government is building underground bunkers at a record breaking speed.

Military families have been told to store 10 days of fuel, water and food and to have guns and ammunition to hand. Financier George Soros sold all his equities and he bought $130 million in gold, a couple of months ago, he may have bought more since that transaction.

What do they all know? Is it financial collapse? I don’t think so, because the Federal Reserve can create trillions to hold the system up. Maybe the dollar collapses under the weight of all the new dollars. An insider at the Department of Homeland Security was quoted as saying, the collapse of the dollar is already a done deal. It’s to make way for a global New World Currency, controlled by the elite Read on >>>

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