The Original Playstation







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2 thoughts on “The Original Playstation

  1. Today’s children who have access to current electronic-game hardware will grow up violent if they play war games, complacent if they play storyboard games and fat if they play sport games. Being in the great outdoors as a kid is the only place for amusement and stamina.

    • I have to agree with you on this one Joe…

      Working with children whose minds have been locked down by over-consumption of electronic-games and other media has been the most challenging, but rewarding of my experiences. By the age of 4 they are aggressive, unable to learn except through the same media, have no access to their own imagination and creativity, and have no sense of others unless they have also been wired, and even then their relations tend to blow a fuse. The beauty though is peeing those layers away is revealing the child within and bringing that child essence back to life! 😉

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