Navigating 2013!

The door to a spiritual journey is always open...Navigating 2013!


By Hwaa Irfan

Many will admit that as 2012 came to an official close that the commencement of New Year of 2013 was met with some trepidation, more so than any other previous New Year. The sand under our feet has been shifting since 2008, but even if one made it through 2012 in a state of denial was challenged greatly by an anticlimax that stated loud and clear “the ground under my feet has shifted.”  Those whose voices have been bullied into silence with the reactionary “conspiracy theory” have become louder and louder as the ‘shit’ quite literally have been hitting the fan, and spreading.

That ‘shift’ has left many feeling as if in a state limbo, because the world has portrayed by  our minds  and perpetuated by the man-made matrix, those who deem themselves our betters, has proven to be unreal, yet those who believe they are removed from that unreality are still fighting their way into what is disintegrating around the world.

As that unreality becomes more real we still have the God-given gift of choice, the gift that we gave away when we subscribed to the unreality. We can choose to subject ourselves to remaining enslaved that those who deem themselves our betters have planned and schemed for us, relinquishing the right to be a human being of body, spirit and soul with a purposeful life full of meaning that is not just about self interest, but the floor is waiting for us to stand in our own shoes. But we can choose to realize this sense of ‘limbo’ is a pause in the process of becoming more than this!

Spending time with a 10-year old boy removed from the Western world observe a potential obstacle as a reason for not achieving a goal, presenting that he has created an obstacle with his mind, then free himself from the perception by declaring from his higher self:

“I am the past, the present, and I am everywhere”

. . . then gets a response that reflects the Divine Breath that was breathed into him demonstrates how much potential we all have. Sworn to secrecy to not reveal this awareness to his mother, the following week, he thanked me in front of for not revealing his secret, and she was unaware that I did – in that moment I understood why!

It means giving space to the parts of ourselves that we deny out of rejection/humiliation, and knowing how to carry that space.

2013 Onwards. . .

That is the space we are invited into, the eye of the storm where our connectedness to our whole self awaits ready for the dawn of our lives. All that those who offer us a way forward to can only be done by ourselves – the protests, the advocates, the leaders, the benefactor, only offer us a way back into what is crumbing before our very eyes, which is disintegrating because it is unsustainability founded on human and environmental sacrifice.  Our Creator has not given us life to hand it over to somebody else, that  life, our life has been given to honor, respect, and to nourish at all levels, and in doing so to honor, and respect all both great and small. In that growing awareness, those who have benefited from our enslavement with our full participation will do everything to distract, beguile, control and entrap us. They will play with our emotions pitting ourselves against ourselves, and against each other as they have always done in order to hide the truth of the power of our inner unity, and common unity.  This power play is heightened during a time when our Earth draws closer to our Sun making our Sun appear larger than usual a phase that began on January 2nd 2013. It also began when the Period of the Leveling began when Pluto entered Capricorn on 26th November 2008, and continues thruough to 23rd March 2023 hence the disintegrating system of unsustainable unreality. That is less than it took Prophet Musa/Moses before his people (those who were ready in body, mind and spirit) could leave the Wilderness before they went astray.

How we are affected, depend on how much we cling onto that unsustainable unreality, and resist our own becoming. That is easier said than done because of the fear factor, and the more we fear, the harder it will be for we have descended far enough into a hell of our own making. All violent emotions, global crises, wars, and forms of cruelty are an expression of that for from seeing us as not the same, but different in expression, mercy and compassion is removed, and “me first” rules.

Despite all that is going on around us, 2013 offers us a fork road, the road of choice, and we have t decide which of the two roads to take to the rest of our lives, and generations to come. It will all seem intense until we wake up from our slavery and make that choice!

We will soon show them Our signs in the Universe and in their own souls, until it will become quite clear to them that it is the truth. (Al-Fussilat, 41/53)


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