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We’ re in for a Big Sunspot!

We’ re in for a Big Sunspot!


2012 was an active phase in the 11 year cycle for our Sun, which quietened down as we entered 2013. Many of those sunspots, a tame term do impact on human behaviour when directed towards our Earth.

A new report from the National Research Council “The Effects of Solar Variability on Earth’s Climate,” confirms what many previous reports have already confirmed, that solar activity can make itself felt on us down here. There has been a surge in solar activity by 50 times more than expected according to NASA.

The NRC report  confirms that our Sun’s extreme ultraviolet (EUV) radiation, which is strongest as it’s 11 year cycle peaks  can affect  the chemistry and thermal structure of the upper atmosphere trickling down into Earth’s magnetic field.

According to NASA sunspot AR1654 observed on January 10 2013 is one of the biggest, as our Sun gears up for our evolutionary process for 2013. However sunspot AR1654 erupted as a medium-sized (M-class) Earth directed solar flare “to break the recent spell of calm space weather around our planet” as observed by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory on Jan. 11 at 09:11 UT.

All creation possesses an organ for photosynthesis, which in humans is the pineal gland, which kind of explains the depression that some experience from Seasonal Anxiety Disorder. The production of the hormone, melatonin is depressed when exposed to artificial fields as generated by Wi-fi, microwave cell/mobile/ovens, RFID’s etc).

Institute of North Industrial Ecology Problems, Russia found from 1948 -1997 geomagnetic activity showed three seasonal peaks each of those years: March – May, July, and October. With these peaks, depending on the level of awareness and personal development of individuals, those peaks fell in line with an increase in anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and suicide in the city Kirovsk. Biologically, the result is excess production of melatonin – Someone up there knows what is going on down here on earth. However, some scientists believe this desynchronizes our body clock/circadian rhythm hence the feeling of having the rug pulled from under ones’ feet!

With excess melatonin running around in our systems the need to sleep increases. Sleep is a healing mechanism where our subconscious dominates, but when wired to the clock, and deadlines this can lead to a self perpetuated inner conflict! So the magnetic fields from solar flares basically help those who need to tune out of the environmental cues that our circadian rhythm depend upon, and in so doing help those who need to tune into their higher selves, but if one is not ready/open, the conflict expresses itself as headaches, palpitations (anxiety), mood swings, confusion, erratic behaviours and a general feeling of un-wellness.  Correspondingly, on a social level expresses itself in human unrest, uprisings, rebellions, revolutions, violence and wars.

This only serves to emphasize the importance of working on the self in order to trickle through to society in order to expedite real change for as Gil-Scott Heron said The Revolution Will not Be Televised, and to add to that it will not be resemble the illusory promise of freedom never intended by the socio-economic systems we have had to date!



“Solar Activity Causes Changes In Humans And Affects Our Health -Scientists Say”

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