Barbarism Rules: Mind Control and Satanism in America*

Barbarism Rules: Mind Control and Satanism in America*

By Gordon Duff

The video below addresses the request for a new trial for Fr. Gerald Robinson, a local Toledo priest convicted of the 1982 murder of a nun at the Mercy Hospital Chapel.

Robinson’s claim that the case, as presented, left out key elements is entirely factual.

Here is what I know as both a local resident and criminal investigator for a local law firm but first we will include the “Wikipedia” story though this potentially wonderful information source is continually subjected to disinformation and abuse.  However, in this case, we can use this source to show, first of all, what was actually reported and, later, comment on what was withheld:

In 1980 Robinson was the chaplain at the Toledo Mercy Hospital in Toledo, Ohio, USA where he ministered to the sick and terminally ill. Sister Pahl was the caretaker of the chapel.

Robinson was convicted of strangling and stabbing Pahl, who was 71 at the time, in the sacristy of a chapel of the hospital where they worked together. The priest presided at her funeral Mass four days after her death. Pahl was stabbed 31 times, including nine times in the shape of an inverted cross. Prosecutors considered that this shape was deliberate and intended to humiliate Pahl in death. Pahl was found covered in an altar cloth, her clothes and body arranged to suggest she had been sexually assaulted, although it was not clear that she had been.

Robinson was questioned about the crime in 1980, but was not charged. Dean Mandros, the chief of the criminal division in the Lucas County prosecutor’s office said that as the priest was being questioned by detectives two weeks after the killing, Deputy Police Chief Ray Vetter, who later testified that he was a practicing Catholic, interrupted the interview (which is not normal procedure) and allowed a monsignor to escort Father Robinson out of Police Headquarters, which “upset the detectives to no end”. Mandros also said that Vetter asked detectives to give him their reports on the case, and that some of those reports were never seen again. A cover-up was alleged.

This is the public story.  However, the Robinson appeal is based on his claim, which has been substantiated through private and unofficial channels.  Robinson’s claim is that other priests committed the crime during a “black mass.”

Yes, we are talking red robes, black candles, an inverted crucifix, just like in the movies.  What police investigations purposefully withheld from the jury, believing it would damage their case, was broad evidence that a satanic cult, an actual “coven” existed within the Jesuit community of Toledo, Ohio, with at least seven local priests involved.

The ritual involved all seven in the killing, each stabbing the aging nun.  At the end of the killing, her habit was raised, exposing her body and her underclothing removed.

Substantive proof was presented to officers that both church and city officials were totally aware of the full extent and nature of the crime at the time, of all involved and, at the behest of the Archdiocese, covered up the crime.

Moreover, dozens of adults came forward, those who had attended Catholic schools in the area or had been involved in church activities.  Many described sexual abuse, bizarre rituals paralleling the murder of Sister Pahl.

The local prosecutor suppressed their stories and local papers removed all traces from their archives.  News team interviews by local stations were erased.

Thousands, watching local network news, heard multiple and quite substantiated allegation of sexual abuse, ritual torture, children locked in coffins with snakes, subjected to every kind of abuse, including allegations of infanticide.

Up to twenty four priests were involved, none were punished other than Father Robinson.  All continued, assaults, rapes, murders, all continued practicing Satanism within the church and, those that survive to this day continue to do so.

There is no reason to imagine that the practices of the past have not been continued within the local diocese by younger priests, no reason to believe these crimes are not and have always been multi-generational.


Within the military, bizarre cults became particularly powerful, Satanists beginning with Michael Aquino at the Presidio, the best known of the cults, Dominionists at the service academies, Colorado Springs, West Point and Annapolis, all Satanist in nature, all interrelated as to issues of ascension of Satan to rule earth after the apocalypse, with one exception, the Dominionists hide behind the veil of Christianity to hide their Satanist beliefs.

The video below discusses technologies we know to exist and relates them to a “moral flexibility” within the military, one that has allowed drone killings, human torture and wide scale treason to become commonplace.

I became aware of widespread Satanist practices within the Christian community through my friendship with Father Malachi Martin, an Irish Jesuit who worked inside the Vatican for years.

However, work in the defense sector has made me privy to technologies that far exceed those mentioned in the video above.

Not just the United States but many nations now, not only possess mind control technologies but use them with obscene regularity.  Where the primitive tech described above is “aimed” at individuals and groups, far more sophisticated technologies, capable of inducing, not just voices, but emotions and even beliefs, has been integrated into mobile communications platforms.

We have absolute evidence of this, can technically describe its use and, if asked, demonstrate how it was discovered and how it works.

The only questions are those who are targeted, how many thousands or millions are subjected to quite genuine “thought control” and what is being induced, what fears, what beliefs, what ideas.

Thus far, we have only discovered the capability in what are called “smart phones.”  However, hundreds of millions of people possess such devices.  We know the individuals who developed the technology, have access to their notes and have recorded evidence of the use of mind control technologies in many nations.


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