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Psychiatry as Torture of the Mentally Ill

Psychiatry as Torture of the Mentally Ill

By Hwaa Irfan

Psychiatry never has been a science. Under Sigmund Freud, it was a eurocentric exploration into the workings of the mind, as it fits into Western society, and became an ‘acceptable’ the Tavistock Institute’s PSYOPS war agenda in WWI and WII. Psychiatry was and still remains a branch of eugenics, the removal/ adaptation of ‘undesirables’ from mainstream society.  It has been developed by the US MK-ULTRA program along with Satanism in the firm belief that man can be made to do anything for their benefactor. Even the profession of psychiatry is questioned as 2012 became the year that many mental health disorders have no scientific basis, with the labels/categories as non-credible arbitrary definitions updated to facilitate martial law – a long held realization by many professionals of conscious who would have detached themselves from the status ‘psychiatrist.’

The Judge Rotenberg Center, JRC, demonstrates all of the above. It describes itself as:

. . .a special needs school in Canton, Massachusetts serving ages 3-adult. For 41 years JRC has provided very effective education and treatment to both emotionally disturbed students with conduct, behaviour, emotional, and/or psychiatric problems and developmentally delayed students with autistic-like behaviours.”

The JRC came to the surface of media attention in 2012, forcing the non-credible FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) to send a warning letter as late as December 2012, for the use of a behavioural modification device, known as the Graduated Electronic Decelerators, GED.   Created by JRC, the GED is applied to autistic patients.

Approved by the FDA in 1994, the GED is basically a portable electric shock device. The GED is a backpack from which wires run through the wearers clothes attached to electrodes strapped to their arms and legs, which is activated by remote control. The controller activates when the wearer hits, yes, or tries to remove the device in the hands of parents, one wonders what parents would be accused of then!

Social attitudes towards those deemed mentally ill helps tremendously t exacerbated their feeling of being out of it, especially in westernized societies, whereby the modern allopathic medicine has done much to engender this perception. This is as helped greatly that the nature of modern society which proliferates mental instability. The feeing of being deskilled, and ill-equipped is felt mostly by parents, especially in the US where the occurrences of autism has rocketed upwards.

The mother of Andre McCollins like many parents thought they had found the right school for Andre. Diagnosed as mentally retarded when 18 years of age, on October 25, 2002, Andre was given 31 electric shock treatments for ‘misbehaviour.’

The mother mistakenly agreed to such a device being attached to her son believing it would help, but it took 31 electric shocks to get her on the phone. Jennifer Gonnerman reported how the mother asked a worker to put Andre on the phone.

“I’m s-s-s-sorry,” Andre said. “Help me.” She could hear ­terror in his voice; he didn’t usually stutter. When she called back on Sunday, he didn’t say anything. All she could make out was the sound of his sobbing.

When Andre’s mother went to bring back Andre 3 days later, she found Andre not like his usual alert self, but slumped, tethered, non responsive to his name, and catatonic.

It took 3 staffers to help Andre’s mother get Andre into a van, from which she took him to Boston Children’s Hospital where Andre was admitted. This was not the Andre who entered JRC in 2001, 16 years old described in a  psychiatric report as a “well-groomed young man with a pleasant disposition” who spoke of “wanting to get his driver’s license, becoming a police officer, and having a girlfriend.” It also noted, however, that he “expressed a fear of strangers and of being hurt by others.”

Cheryl, the mother went back to JRC, and demanded to see footage from the surveillance cameras, in the presence of her sister, a friend, and four staff members. The bad behaviour that Cheryl expected to see was Andre tied face down to a four-point restraint board, each limb held in place by a locked cuff, and his head in a helmet. Andre was in that position for 6 hours, shouting and pleading each time he got a shock.

The reason given by then director of psychology, Robert von Heyn, was each time Andre naturally “tensing up” his body he got a shock, and that to them is unhealthy behaviour.

Cheryl has been left wanton without the video tape!

What happens when there is a surge of electricity in a household gadget is the same as a surge in the brain which runs on a bioelectric current, so why is electric shock still being used?  Dr. Israel, founder of JRC even testified in court that. . .

 “The program that was designed really needed to be changed.”

On Andre’s daily recording sheet, a staffer wrote, “All behaviours are on ‘ignore’ until further notice.”

It is a culpability that falls on both those who know what they are doing and those who accept! The FDA should close them down, not send warning letters for PR!

October 25, 2002, haunted case manager Allen Gwynn, and Andre after he was taken off the restraint board :

 “He looked like he was gone, like they’d beat him and broke him,”

“It just didn’t seem right.”

Gwynn was eventually fired!

It took Cheryl 10 years (spring 2012) to advance Andre’s case through Lubin & Meyer, a medical-­malpractice firm in Boston which took the case to trial. When the judge saw the video footage of Andre’s treatment, permission was granted to Fox 25 to record it!

By September, 31 disability NGO’s signed a letter from Nancy Weiss of the National Leadership Consortium on Developmental Disabilities followed by a decision to initiate an official investigation into JRC use of electric shock JRC by the U.S. Department of Justice, but the depth and breadth of that has yet to be seen to be believed.

JRC remains open with state funds while Google advertises its vacancies. The founder, Matthew Israel attended a course called Human Behaviour at Harvard in 1950 and became convinced by the communist ­pioneer of behavioral psychology, Burrhus Frederic Skinner. Skinner did not believe in human free will, and refuted notions of intentions, purposes, aims, goals, and other internal psychological states. The perfect NWO psychologist, Skinner believed in social control that would not “free” men but change men. B F Skinner believed:

“It is the autonomous inner man who is abolished, and that is a step forward.”

Israel’s first two projects were inspired by a Skinner utopian novel, Walden Two then founded the Behavior Research Institute on Rhode Island in 1971 using rewards and punishment to change behaviour. Punishment took the form of aversion treatment like forcing a child to sniff ammonia – far from normal.

A New York State official inspection determined

 “Superficially … the program is very impressive,” they wrote in a subsequent report. “Children, who are obviously handicapped, are engaged in activities and are seldom exhibiting inappropriate behaviours.”

“the children are controlled by the threat of punishment. When that threat is removed, they revert to their original behaviours

“the singular most depressing experience that team members have had in numerous visitations to human-service programs.”

Matthew Israel, founder of the Judge Rotenberg Center, in one of the rooms visited by students who behave well with mind control icon Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.  L. Frank Baum, the author of the Wizard of Oz was a member of the Theosophical Society, the beliefs of which are used to shape the UN globalized education agenda as facilitated by Robert Muller and UNESCOs University of Peace. The Theosophical Society is an occult organization, which has other organizations including the Lucifer/Lucis Trust’s – a member of the UN.

An edited form of Wizard of Oz has been used since the 1940′s by U.S. intelligence in their trauma-based mind control program to reinforce programming.

We have some sick people running and ruining our lives!


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