Why Gene Therapy and Designated Genetic Disorders is Tinkering and not Science!

z-dna_orbit_animated.gifWhy Gene Therapy and Designated Genetic Disorders is Tinkering and not Science!


By Hwaa Irfan

2013 marks the 60th anniversary of the discovery of the  ‘double helix’ DNA structure by Cambridge University researchers Watson and Crick viewed as the chemical code for all life. Great discoveries are made and sometimes exploited, especially by elements of global governance at our peril. Politics called ‘science’ had made eugenics all legal and acceptable, and by 1988,  the Genome Office was established at the National Institute for Health, NIH, directed by Nobel prize winner James Watson. The contentious issue of patenting of genes transpired was opposed bitterly by James Watson and resulted in the wrath of his superior Bernard Healy, director of NIH ending in Watson’s resignation.

By 1991 technology had speeded up analysis and by 1993 sequencing was being done by several laboratories using robotic analyzers.  Yet, in 2013 only 6% of our DNA has been understood! The rest has been passed ff as junk DNA, because the ‘scientists’ cannot account for 94%.

So how can any sort of application be made without the certainty required in real science i.e. 100%?

Removing a single core part from one of these systems keeps the entire system from working, and this implies that the system was initially built with all of its parts intact.” – Michael Behe (biochemist).

However, treating the irreducible whole of the human body is precisely what ‘modern science’ has been doing like a car mechanic.

The Department of Energy’s, DOE,  biologists and physicists started Genbank, a computerized repository for the primary DNA sequences of genetic material from all reported organisms at Los Alamos in conjunction with the European Molecular Biology Laboratories in Heidelberg, Germany. DOE involvement made many nervous for it pointed to political interest and sparked opposition. In this case desire was the mother of invention and a body of geneticists and molecular biologists were elected academically to form The Human Gene Organization based in Switzerland to coordinate communication and data exchange across international boundaries.

The Manhattan Institute a right-wing think tank is a spin-off of the Manhattan Project. Created in 1978 by CIA’s William Casey it was financed by Rockefeller and sponsored by drug industrialists Pfizer and Eli Lilly (producers of Viagra and Prozac). Both New York City mayor Rudolph Guiliano and President G. W Bush have a close working relationship with the Institute influencing policy decisions. Many have worked to see everyone’s DNA on a national database.

In their 1994 newsletter, MENSA called for the sterilization of individuals at the time of the anti-immigration Bill in California was debated. Concurrently, the Californian Civil Rights Initiative intended to ban the affirmative action programs for women and US racial minorities. The Democrats and the Republicans were pushing for a ‘welfare program that stereotyped black women as having too many babies as decreasing fertility had been noted amongst their own.

The federal ‘Violence Initiative’ sought biological factors in crime and proposed drugging a large number of young children (mainly black boys) in the name of violence prevention. Charles Murray and Richard Herrnstein’s book ‘The Bell Curve’ mirrored this period asserting that the government should reduce the number of children born to those poor with a low I.Q ,not the rich.

By the late 1990s, backed by the Human Genome Project, psychiatric eugenics became ‘neuro genetic determinism’. The eugenicists had succeeded in providing a convincing although flawed argument for ‘genetic determinism’. Matt Ridley in the British establishment’s the Daily Telegraph argued that environmental factors and family background have little to do with the type of person one becomes. Like computers we are all programmed genetically and Ridley called for the abandonment of “residual moralism” by the “politically conservative”.

In 1995 the London-based charity CIBA Foundation announced sponsorship of yet another closed meeting on behavioral geneticists placing emphasis on the biological origin of crime especially in non-white areas. One can observe a monthly report on some new seemingly scientific breakthrough, a located disease (Alzheimers, alcoholism, schizophrenia, criminality etc) on a newly identified gene reported without context, and repeated by their propaganda  machine, corporate media.

Contrary to desired intentions, the Human Genome Project had proven genetically speaking that there was little to distinguish one racial group from another proving Divine Law over man’s law. This reality does not enter the minds of the influential few who seek to dominate and control all means of production and therefore societies.  It has all been an illusion whether by design or as a result of nurturing irresponsible desires or both.

In social defence (social engineering) – from birth control, repeated caesarean births, sterilization, euthanasia, weapons of mass destruction and non-lethal weapons, genetically engineered crops, chemtrails, and vaccines. In technology – from telecommunications, aerospace technology, sonar technology, radiology, computer sciences and biophysics In the field of health – genetic engineering, stem-cell therapy, cloning, artificial insemination eugenics via the Human Genome Project has been made favourable.

Yet, 60 years on from the discovery of the structure of DNA, the same British university, Cambridge have discovered after 10 years of research that four-stranded ‘quadruple helix’ DNA structures — known as G-quadruplexes — also exist within the human genome.

They also found that G-quadruplexes form in regions of DNA that are rich in the building block guanine, (‘G ‘) that play an essential role in DNA replication – pivotal to cell division and production. What does this say about all therapies, and pharmaceutical products that have been based on much less? Previous, G-quadruplexes were observed forming in test tubes, and cast off as a curiosity, now it has been proven to be essential to human DNA production forming in the DNA itself!

We are more than the sum total of atoms, cells, and bioelectric networks, and in the greater wisdom of our Creator, not a has been revealed to us!


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