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From Earth – Not the Planet of the Apes!*

From Earth – Not the Planet of the Apes!*



The monkey called Lesula [Cercopithecus lomamiensis], from the Congo, is only the second discovery of a monkey species in 28 years.

Scientists discovered a new species of monkey [in 2007] living in the remote forests of the Democratic Republic of Congo — an animal that is known to the locals but not to the outside world.




A young girl of 13 had adopted a Lesula as a pet when a scientist saw it and recognized it as a new species he had never seen before. After testing and comparing to other local monkey species they have confirmed that indeed Lesula is a new discovery. So much of the Earth’s surface has been photographed, digitized and mapped so discovering a new species in this day and age is very exciting.

“We never expected to find a new species there,” says John Hart, the lead scientist of the project, “but the Lomami basin is a very large block that has had very little exploration by biologists.”

Many see this monkey as having very human features.





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