Pay It Forward with Kindness

Pay It Forward with Kindness


By Tyron Seeto

Kindness has the power to change people’s thoughts, feelings and actions. It’s good for self esteem, mental and physical wellbeing, and when practised in schools can change the culture and reduce bullying. It often doesn’t take much to create the positive energy that can transform a person’s day… or even a life.

Pay it forward every day because no act of kindness is ever wasted!

During World Kindness Week, friends Lisa Currie from Ripple Kindness Project and Betty Zeritis from Pass It Forward Gifts attended the morning tea for kindness ambassadors hosted by the NSW Governor, Marie Bashir at Government House. Then it was off to spread some joy in Sydney with our friend Tyron tagging along to take some footage. McDonalds, the Strand were incredibly supportive in donating 50 meal vouchers that were distributed to the homeless and visitors at the Wayside Chapel.

On the 18th November 2012, outside Parramatta Town Hall in Sydney, Australia, a group of people, Muslim and Non-Muslim, gathered to challenge the popular association of Islam with violence, and demonstrate the inherent kindness in this beautiful faith. The event coincided with similar worldwide events celebrating acts of kindness during World Kindness Week.

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