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13th Amendment Ratified When the Rest of the Population Becomes Enslaved!

13th Amendment Ratified When the Rest of the Population Becomes Enslaved!


It is quite ironic actually that liberty and freedom for one section of the population never quite made 148 years ago in Mississippi, officially speaking, as the ugly head of US past rears its head in US present for the rest of the population as sections of the US Constitution have been invalidated!

It began with the curiosity of associate professor of neurobiology and anatomical sciences at the University of Mississippi Medical Centre, Dr Ranjan Batra after seeing the Oscar-nominated Steven Spielberg movie ‘‘Lincoln’’ in November 2012.

Batra found out that Mississippi was the only state that didn’t ratifying the amendment. The Mississippi vote was in favour of the 13th Amendment, abolishing slavery, but never officially notified the US Archivist.

Batra shared his discovery with colleague, Ken Sullivan who recalled the 1995 vote.

Sullivan went on a paper trail and found the 1995 resolution passed by the Mississippi Senate and House. That resolution was introduced by Senator Hillman Frazier who was disturbed that it was never officially ratified.

Sullivan went further and approached Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann who filed the paperwork on January 30 2013. It was finally officially ratified.

The 13th Amendment reads:

‘Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.’

This ratification comes as the US with a 28% illiteracy rate has,

  • The US achieves the worst global record for the treatment of children
  • The bottom has dropped from under the feet of the middle class
  • 20,000 are in dire need of food
  • The right to education is financially unobtainable for a growing majority along with healthcare, and even if one has access, it cannot be trusted t be used in one’s favour
  • The rights of women and children is on a descending scale
  • One can be arrested and imprisoned or put into a mental institution for speaking the truth
  • FEMA detention camps around the country to change one’s mind
  • Vaccines that disable and even kill are enforced on sections of the population
  • Poisoned foods i.e. GM of foods and crops are making consumers and the environment barren
  • Fluoridated water in the mains supply reduces cognitive ability
  • DHS can confiscate US advances in technology i.e. phones, mobiles, etc within a designated 100 mile border
  • Drones and all forms of surveillance have become a part of everyday life
  • One is labelled and treated as a terrorist for protesting

Commented one visitor to the reporting journal the Daily Mail

“Why am I not surprised Mississippi was the last state? – Alexandra , New York USA — Mississippi is a Republican paradise where with Republicans control the economy and everything else. The policies of that party have been nurtured and allow to flourish. Mississippi is dead last at almost every good thing among states. They rank 51st with DC include in Gross Domestic Product per capita. In fact if all 50 states and DC produced as much as Mississippi the National GDP would be on quarter of what it is today. The majority of the College grads majored in theology. Per capita GDP is just about half of some blue states.To hear Republicans tell it just follow their policies and we would have paradise as the wealth trickles down, but why are the 100 poorest counties in the US all in red states?”

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Egypt: Busy Controlling Smuggled Weapons*

Egyptian security forces seized US-made anti-tank and surface-to-air missiles destined for Gaza early January, and not for the first time, with weapons seized n the way from Libya before Benghazi-gate exposed the Libya CIA base unknown to even Libyan authorities.

Egyptian security officials say they have seized two tons of explosives headed to the Sinai Peninsula from Cairo. The explosives were seized in the main Suez Canal transport tunnel that links Egypt to the Sinai. The truck driver is being questioned.

Egyptian security officials searched a truck driving from Cairo towards Sinai, and found one ton of explosives hidden inside. The contents were seized and the driver taken for questioning.

On Friday, Egypt seized two tons of explosives being transported from Cairo to the restive Sinai Peninsula. Police received a tip-off that smugglers were taking the cargo through the Ahmad Hamdi tunnel under the Suez Canal.

It was revealed that the driver told the police that he was taking the shipment to a smuggler in Ras Sudr, on the west shore of the Sinai. In January, Egypt seized six anti-aircraft and anti-tank rockets in the Sinai Peninsula.

My source from Cairo who requested anonymity stated that the Egyptian security forces have recently had successes in several operations carried out through Sinai Peninsula. They gathered large quantities of the smuggled weapons and ammunition out of the hands of Wahhabi and radical Salafis Terrorist groups.

According to the same source, the state security has threatened terrorists who hide themselves in the desert of Sinai to leave. The source stated that the terrorists are a group of outsiders, “Wahhabis” of Saudi origin, radical Salafis and Muslim Brotherhood elements who infiltrated illegally into sovereign territory of Egypt, in Sinai Peninsula. They all will be killed if they do not return to where they came from.

The sources said that most of the terrorists in Sinai had been eliminated during the Egyptian army Operation “Al-Nisser” “The Eagle” which was stopped following the instructions of the current Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi.

The US had told President Morsi to end the operation after the israelis protested against the presence of the Egyptian army in Sinai. The israelis saw the operation as a violation of the Camp David agreement signed between Egypt and israel which does not allow the presence of the Egyptian army in Sinai.

According to my source, the security demanded that all the terrorists in Sinai steer free of Egyptian territory and return to where they came from, in the same way as they entered Sinai, whether they entered from the Gaza Strip or from other crossing and locations, their only alternative being to face death. They are ALL wanted, surrounded and under the eyes of the Egyptian security.

The Palestinian Hamas figures in Gaza distanced themselves from the terrorist’s attacks in Sinai. The Palestinians accused the Israeli intelligence “Mossad” of helping the terrorists to carry out the attack against the Egyptian army.

Operation Eagle was an Egyptian military campaign in the Sinai Peninsula that was launched in August 2011 to confront the Sinai terrorists. The campaign was aimed against the Islamist terrorists, who had been attacking the Egyptian security forces in the Sinai. Another operation named “Operation Sinai” against the terrorists was continued in 2012.


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