The Male Energy Field

Animated compassThe Male Energy Field


By Hwaa Irfan

To say it is a little disconcerting to discover that a the bodies of a 5,9, and 11 -year old have been discovered at the bottom of a well is a huge underestimation in terms. In fact, it is sickening because they were raped before meeting their premature death. Sisters who were reported missing on, of all days, February 14th, did not return from school.

Even in the so-called liberated West, the problem with sexual violence against women and children continues without end, and has become more barbaric as if it is a social norm. Is it enough to contribute the upshot of this social disease to the transparency of a fraudulent democracy that is raping not only men of the illusion that they were ever in control of their lives, turning everyone into economic slaves, or thieves? Somehow, that picture does not include the elite (secular and otherwise) amongst whom; paedophilia remains a closely guarded secret at the cost and ruination of millions of lives yet to be lived with the callous acts of leaders over the affairs of man playing a hand no doubt.

This upshot in sordid acts of crime across cultures, and countries hint at some other force at play, and by this, one is referring to the universal changes, the Great Levelling that says enough is enough of our inhumane descent, it is time to return to our own sacredness.

For this Great Levelling to take place, it means all our miscreations have to come to the surface, all our skeletons have been making themselves visible in our respective lives, in one form or another. Whatever choice we make from that personal revelation will determine, the foundations upon which we continue from here on in living in the truth of what we have accepted.

What we have accepted is the conditional abuse of male power at every level, as women and as we as men. Women are not free from that conditional abuse of male power or merely victims, because as victims we at some point in our lives, have accepted that power whether as subjects, or as abusers even if that abuse is the expectation of what we want our children to be instead of allowing them to be. As the yin and yang symbol explains quite clearly, and is echoed by the male-female hormones, each exists within the other, that is, we possess both male and female energies.

The male energy is our aspect of the Divine, which is outward, directed into the world:

  • Goal-oriented
  • Competitive
  • Individuality
  • Separate from the Creator

The female energy, the incoming universal force is taking place to redress the imbalance of the aeons of individuality, separateness, conditionality. It is inward, nurturing, reflective, and arises from the Primal Source when balanced. When balanced, it does not differentiate, or separate, hence its ability to nurture. Our benefactors know this, hence why they have been pushing the same gendered agenda, and allowing women into the army, because this upsets the apple cart in their favour.  In balance, the male energy within women, helps to manifest the feminine which is a creative force.

However, as the perpetrator of abusive power meets the rising tide of change, it seems to be fighting its last great battle in the same way that it has been for aeons, through oppressive, conditional power as the female energy outlives its state of denial for denial has its limits. The Great Levelling is asking for transformation of that negative male energy field.

Yet, we stand witness to ruthless, barbaric male energy that does not want to change and will destroy everything with it until it accepts its divine feminine.

{It is He who created you from a single person and made his mate of like nature in order that he might dwell with her (in love). When they are united she bears a light burden and carries it about (unnoticed). When she grows heavy they both pray to Allah their Lord (saying): “If You give us a goodly child we vow we shall (ever) be grateful} (Qur’an 7:189)

For as Jamal A. Badawi explained:

“Both genders are recipients of the “divine breath” since they are created with the same human and spiritual nature (nafsin-waahidah)”

Which way we go depends on which energies we allow into our energy field, the conditional, abusive, competitive, vengeful negative male energy, or the unconditional, nurturing, creative, we are a one feminine energy, able to create more sustainable lives, communities, societies, thus world where everyone belongs.



Rahman, M. “India: three girls raped and murdered, aged 5, 9 and 11.”

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