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A Whole Medicinal Tree Now Privatized by Pharmaceutical Companies

A Whole Medicinal Tree Now Privatized by Pharmaceutical Companies

By Hwaa Irfan

The last five years of preparing the ground for total control of natural medicine hence our health through:

  • Cutting of access to homeopathy, and traditional affordable medicines
  • Making unproven vaccines appear to be a necessity, that make us more ill, and therefore more dependent on Big Pharma

Comes to light in many ways, but not as far as patenting a whole tree depriving humanity of its natural medicinal benefits, couldn’t come any smoother than patenting a natural medicine that has yet to be known to the masses.

This is what the controversial U.S Food and Drugs Administration has done recently.

Croton lechleri known locally as Sangre de Grado (the dragon’s blood tree) is a flowering tree of the Euphorbiaceae plant kingdom is native to northwestern South America. The parts used are the bark, resin/sap by the local medicine men, or curanderos.

It has been used to:

  • · heals wounds
  • · kills cancer cells
  • · stops bleeding
  • · prevents tumor growth
  • · kills bacteria
  • · stops mutations
  • · kills germs
  • · kills fungi
  • · kills viruses
  • · relieves diarrhea
  • · reduces inflammation
  • · relieves itching

It has also been used traditionally internally for ulcers: mouth, throat, intestines and stomach; as an antiviral for upper respiratory viruses, stomach viruses and HIV; internally and externally for cancer and, topically, for skin disorders, insect bites and stings according to the Raintree database.

Croton lechleri  mainly grows in upper Amazon region of Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia, and has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties.

Noted for its low toxicity, Croton lechleri the FDA has classified it has the drug, Fulyzac, and without any consultation with the original users, what has been given as God’s many gifts to man through nature, the FDA in the same light as the ‘Doctrine of Discovery’ has given sole rights to Salix Pharmaceuticals, which will be sold by Napo Pharmaceuticals, San Francisco as Fulyzac (crofelemer). They will make big bucks at our expense by selling extracts from the plant as Fulyzac as a treatment for the diarrhoea – a common adverse effect of harsh HIV drugs — not even selling it to cure HIV itself!

Following the trail created by agri-pharmaceutical companies with GM foods and crops, i.e. con the consumers out of their hard earned money, make them ill with something else, and then produce another drug to cure or more accurate act as a palliative for a disease they caused in the first place!

There is seems to be no stopping their greed for more wealth and power at our cost, depriving those who led the way to establishing its medicinal properties the indigenous peoples themselves!


“Sangre de Grado”

Stevenson , H.  “FDA Gives Sole Herbal Product Rights to Big Pharma”

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